Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh, I am bohemian!

I just realised something. I am very touche when someone suggests that I don't have my priorities right. It just ticks me off, because hello, I have been a straight A student all my life, ok? Obviously I am doing something right. And just 'cause I don't seem to be working as hard as certain people, doesn't mean that I am not.

I know what I am doing.

But of course.
I don't blame people for thinking that.
I went to Chadstone again today. My forth time this week. Third time in 5 days. And I was there yesterday.

But I needed to accompany Smalls to find her birthday outfit for tomorrow! Uber cool theme. ;)
So it's justified!

My really, really cute earrings, it's in a shape of a flower.
Given to my by Teeny before I left, and one of the very few pairs of earrings I have with both sides intact. T____T

While waiting for Smalls in the changing room.
It's obvious who has steadier hands right! :P

What I lacked in height today, I made up with my tall bun, HAHAHA.

Jaclyn Wong, the next time you wear 3 inches heels, INFORM LA!
So that I don't look like a short doofus next to you. T____T

Another TV-series-poster worthy moment.
Jac, me, Smalls, Jocelyn.

Three random things:

I am drinking juice now (with pulp!), and I'm stroking my cheek absent-mindedly-- I think subconsciously I have faith that drinking juices make my skin beautiful.

Should I wear blue or yellow tomorrow. Or a lighter shade of blue with silver. Decisions, decisions!

The skin in between my toes itch slightly now, because of the stupid thongs I wore today. Aaah, summer outfits, the things I do for you! And hmm. Thinking of it makes it feel itchier. -_-

And some camwhore pictures of myself, haven't done this in a bit:

And yes, my Photobucket is out of bandwidth again. GERAMMMM!


mustardqueen said...

AHH!! luckily it's still in pair!! iF not I'll murder you and shape you to a flower!!! hahahaha then you'll die pretty!! HHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA :P

mizzvickz said...

hahaha u need to open 10 photobucket albums and keep rotating ;P

why don't you use blogger to upload?

Anonymous said...

darl,remember to bring back the white top that i want to buy from you:) do send of a clearer pic of the top yea? hallie

WilZC said...


3 years in melbourne...
and ive been to chaddie...

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: HAHAHAHA, that's 'cause it was the first time I wore it! :P I swear to god, my ears got pelincir, all my earrings, confirmed got one side will drop off... T___T Like when I was wearing this pair that day, I was so careful (even while trying on clothes and stuff), but reached the time to go home, while waiting for transport, each side of the earring fell off consecutively and drop on the road! -_____________-

victoria: Hahaha, I am very gravely considering that now! And I prefer not to use blogger to upload, 'cause you can't control the size of the pictures (there're only 3 size settings), and sometimes I want my pics BIGASS! :D

hallie: I said that I MAY consider selling it. I am not sure I am... Most likely not! :)

wilzc: Haha, I am a shopaholic over a chadstoholic... :P AND WHY YOU HAVE BEEN THERE SO LITTLE TIME!!!????

Rebel said...

It's been a while since I've commented here eh. I like the shopping experiences that u blog about.

Anonymous said...

did u bring back anything to sell that fits UK10?


revel in me said...

simplecheryl: Hahaha, but all my shopping experiences are just camwhore pictures of my friends and I! :P

hallie: Haha, yupppps, I think I might have! But I don't think I can bring back EVERYTHING that I have in melbourne.. T___T