Friday, November 09, 2007

Pet peeves.

Bah, I wanted to blog yesterday, but there was something wrong with my internet connection... I hate it when I feel like blogging, and I can't!


Today I purposely woke up to go for my Tae Box, and when I got to the gym, the class was cancelled! This is the second or third time it has happened! WHY LIKE THAT! Don't they know that my Gold Coast trip is next week, and I only have another 1 week to exercise away my tummy! -____-

Obviously I have a lot of pent up grumpiness. And you know what ignited it all?

Yesterday, the day before, after my exam, I took the bus home, and I sat next to an ex-hall mate, who has just finished a paper too.
We started talking about Honors and grades, and I asked her how easy it is for Science students (obviously, she was a Science student) to get High Distinctions (equivalent to 80% and above) in exams. She told me that it was not easy per se, but it was doable.
So I replied, that I think Science papers are easier to score in, as compared to Arts, and Business.

And you know what she had the nerve to reply me??!!!

She said: "Oh, that's the difference between you and me; I think business is crap."


I just replied coldly, "Oh, is it. I beg to differ. I have been a pure Science student all my life, up till university level." And only did she shut up.

So you know how hard was it for me to keep my cool, when all I wanted to do was to pour hot wax on her face and pluck off all the facial hair on her chin that were billowing in the wind!!!!!


I hate it when students from other courses (usually Science-related ones) look down on Humanities and Arts students. And it is one thing to feel that other courses are easy, but quite another thing to call another course CRAP.
And I have been a Science student all my life before this, it IS true that it is harder to score in exams for Business. I am not saying that the course is harder, admittedly, the workload is less heavy compared to Engineering or Medicine, but it is not easy to score. In Science, all you need to do is know your facts. But in Business and presumably Arts, you have to persuade, you have to convince, and it is all very subjective. A very good example is that, when I was in Science, I only need to put in 60% of effort, and getting 70 and above is almost a granted; whereas in a Business course now, I'd put in 100% of hardwork, and getting a 75 is something that I need to be thankful for.

And I chose to do Business because I feel that it will leads to me where I want in life; I didn't want to be peering down mud samples for eternity. Take that, you man beard woman!

And don't even get me started on some of my friends. I KNOW that they think they are more superior just 'cause they are in Biotechnology or Engineering. The smirk on their faces when we Business students lament about our coursework! Oh, I just feel like giving them a tight slap! Just 'cause we are not in Engineering doesn't mean that we are of a lower intelligence than you! For your information, when I was doing Physics in pre-u, I was consistently the 2nd or 3rd highest in exams in my class (sorry, the guy who got the highest is really a genius, impossible to beat.. T___T), and all the guys would be trying to copy MY answers in class tests ok! STOP THINKING THAT WE ARE STUPID.


And since I am on a roll here, let me go on with people who irritate me.

I can't stand people who claimed that they are shopaholics.
It's all fine and dandy when you really are a shopaholic, but I find that some people proudly call themselves shopaholics, whe all they do is buy one top per month or something like that!
I am a member of a couple of shopping communities, and some of these people, when they post up shopping posts of what they bought, they post up stuff like one top from Giordano and Padini, and get this, a vacuum cleaner???!! And they said that they are so satisfied and they are such naughty girls for being shopaholics.


I call these girls shopaholics-- Sophia, Sofia, Jac. And maybe myself.
Mind you, I am extremely reluctant to call myself one, but there was once I told Smalls that I don't consider myself a shopaholic, and she told me that she knows of a lot of people that would. -_______-
But yea, these girls have GREAT taste, and the amount that they buy would shut all these shopaholic wannabes up. I mean, seriously? You call yourself an "excessive shopaholic", and you only buy an average of 2 tops every 2 weeks? Window shopping DOES NOT make you a shopaholic ok!

And oh my god, another stereotype that is being used too vastly is BIMBO.
I am not sure why, but being a bimbo seems to be a glamorous term nowadays, everyone seems to be claiming that they are one.
And I have no qualms against people doing that, heck, sometimes my friends and I have fun pretending to be bimbos (though I suspect we do have a bit of bimbo blood in us :P), and yes, I guess from the exterior, we do look like bimbos.
But what makes me roll my eyes is people who dresses like they came from the 90's (hello, Above jewellery is SO yesteryear), wear 2 inches thick spectacles, hate the color pink, buys clothes from Giordano (I am sorry, I really have something against the brand -__-), and THEY CALL THEMSELVES BIMBOS.
Cough splutter dies.
My sister is a bimbo! She thinks Milan is a separate country, she has nails that are 3 inches long, she refuses to go out without makeup, if there's something she likes, and it comes in pink, she'd always pink the pink over the other color, and her idol is Paris Hilton.
That's a bimbo, you who wear last century's crosses on black cords, ARE NOT.

And another thing I can't stand is people who speak in fake accents. Or pretend that they are white.
I know of a girl (she's a M'sian who was born in country X but resided in Malaysia after that), who speaks in a perfectly Malaysian accent. But when she is around people of importance or that she wants to impress, she speaks in X-country's accent.
Do you know how fucking annoying is that? And your accent sounds fake ok? Why do you have to pretend to be something that you are not????
And oh my god, don't even let me get started on people who worships white people. So much so that they think that they are one of them. It's sad, from our view, where we are looking at you, with our head quirked to one side.
If you're a Chinese. Be proud of it. If you're in Indian, that's the FACT. Be proud who who you are, and for your roots, for goodness sake.

Hmm. Judging from all my pet peeves, it seems that I hate people who try to pretend to be something that they are not. Interesting.

And OH.. There's one more thing that really gets on my nerves. And makes me ill.
It's ugly people who camwhores.

I have nothing against ugly people, but please don't post pictures of you making act-cute poses or dressed skimpily! It makes me feel queasy, as if I was on a rocking boat in the middle of a turbulent sea for seven days. I just feel nauseous.
And if you are not good looking, please don't go around exclaiming that you are so gorgeous, and how you are the envy of everyone. And don't post 101 camwhore pictures of yourself, with the captions "Beautiful ^_^" underneath! Ugh, barfville.

Hmm. I think I am done ranting. I am SO getting my period soon! -__-


Anonymous said...

omgomg u just said everything i've ever thought of in my life! i was so excited to comment i nearly typed in the name box wtf.

ya i fucking hate ppl who slag off my degree just because its a humanities one, and who ask me why am i wasting my brains on arts when i can do science. hello, you may know every single scientific fact in the world but rest assured i will beat you in any general knowledge quiz and know more about history, politics, linguistics and culture than u ok T______T

and i hate being called a bimbo i don't understand why people revel in it (revel in me wtf wtf). very nice ar to be called dumb! and ppl call me bimbo with a smile somore i hate them i am graduating with honors from an original female ivy league college la what u know T_____T

yaya and ppl who call themselves shopaholics when they're not! like the person i once tried to push off the maison podium wtf she said in her blog tht she's such a shoe-holic cos she bought 2 pairs of shoes in 2 months WTF.

im ok with ugly ppl who camwhore la cos they can't help their looks wat wtf. but what i cant stand is ugly ppl who THINK they're hot and look at u like ur beneath them urghhhhh. or or ugly ppl who talk at the top of their lungs about boys who think they're hot just today at lunch i heard someone who was wearing what looked like 3d glasses say that i wanted to make her eat my fist wtf.

and yalah ppl with accents no need to say la. everytime i come home im damn conscious of not slipping into american ok i don't get why this ppl wanna pretend! stupid is stupid ok no amount of pretending can change that.

p/s: i fucking hate giordano too

Anonymous said...

Arr.... my dear, no need to worry. that girl surely hasn't face the outside world yet. (in terms of searching for jobs i mean)
Degree is just a syarat for you to get a job. but people will really evaluate you during the interview session.
I've known a friend who got 3.8 but still couldn't fine a proper job. She used to look down on me (i took social sciences too, although i used to be a science student).
But now i got a high paid secure job and she is still searching for a job. huhuhu
(Perhaps she only knows how to study but doesn't have any other soft skills).
so after that incident, i never let other people look down on me again. Even when that person said he graduated from harvard, and my degree is just from a local university. I will still stand proud and think that i'm equally smart too. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate ugly ppl who camwhore and think they're pretty too~! urgh..really cant stand to see their pics lor..

and i hate girls who walk like they think they're so they'll be staring up ahead while they walk..they think the world revolves only around them isit..and you know, they think evryone is staring at them while they walk omg damn annoying!

then there are those who talk like a know rite when they do that screeching 'cute' voice when they talk..walao if talk to bf then fine la but if they talk to everyone like that all the time T___T there's this girl in my class who talks like that, sumore trying too hard to talk in an american slang..

*sigh* i can go on and on with these kinda ppl..

btw, ur post no pics~! hahaa..

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, why are u sooo bitchy my love? ;) I thought we only do that behind people wtf! =Pp

And why are u announcing to the whole world that i'm a bimbo? *secretly proud wtf* And no, I jst thought Milan is IN Paris! :D And Rome is a separate country! (You sure it's not meh? T_T)

And to those people who are self-proclaimed shopaholic, please go and eat shoe! PUH-LEEZE, i don't even dare to call myself a shopaholic albeit i once bought 2 weeks's worth of clothes in a day (14 dresses damn proud, must show u one day wtf!), it annoys the hell out of me! -___________- But then again, we've abit warped mentality lah wtf, when we hit the mall and get back with 3 dresses, we'll beremo cos tak cukup quota wtf! =P

And and and i remember a girl once wore a BACKPACK to uni and she called herself a bimbo in front of moi who brings a cute lil Gucci bag which can only fit my pink pencil, how am i suppose to be proud to be a bimbo anymore? ='(((

And and and, Medicine is really very hard!!! *pats own head* ='(

P/s: YOU ARE A SHOPAHOLIC WTF! =P If you're not, then the whole world must strip off their title wtf! ;)

Anonymous said...

omg, one of your BEST entries, EVER !

i totally diss average-looking girls (let's just be nice aights?;)) who're forever taking act-cute pix ! it's alright if you play around with angles and things like that to hide your flaws/enhance your nicer features, but some people just can't stop attempting to pull off the whole cutesy jap/taiwanese girl look, UGHHH !

mizzvickz said...

sometimes, an ugly person wouldn't know that they are ugly right? lol. becase if they knew, they wouldn't be so shameless to call themselves "beautiful". haha.

mustardqueen said...

okla... em... *points at jing* she keeps taking pictures of herself trying to show cleavage wtf!!! hahahahahaha

And and I'm very proud cause I dun call myself a science student and I'll be proud even if i'm a sweeper cause I have ur swarowski broom!!! hahahahahah

And basically these people are just not original... AHAHHAHAHAAhahah.... talking bout originality im still pissed off at my header wtf!! hahahaha

But seriously totally agree with Victoria... I mean, who doesn't think she's like the most beautiful/miss universe quality herself?? remember u said u look like shu qi?? hahahahahahahha i cannot forget bout that...

Sorry la this is damn 7 long but i cannot stop...

cut it short... I'm original and that's final... :)

Anonymous said...

omg you hold so much of anger my dear. chill down a bit kie. hahahaha i am a science student and i get shits from art students if you want to know. i know this girl who likes to condemn my degree so much that i feel like slapping her. hahaha. i think is an individual thing, all degrees make the same, all of us still need to do assignments, we all have test, we need to go lecture, share the same level of stressness when it comes to assessments, we all still need to put in efforts to score good matter what degrees you hold, at the end of the day, what most importantly is to have great deal of communication with other people/strangers. hehehehe. i know few of my course mate, when it comes to communicating with other people, they relli fail big time lor, cakap satu kali, hurt people 10 kali those kind of attitude. can die wei. science student is quite stupid actually but dont blame them lah coz they are only exposed to lab not human, bwahahahahaha...

hahahahaha why you hate giodarno so much? hahaha sayang, i think you say it out loud because of the hormone lah. lemme tell you something we are lucky because our parents have got the wealth to shower us with pretty clothes, pretty bags, pretty shoes, many crystal as well as diamonds, there are so many unfortunate people out there would kill to buy giordano---> an adult with basic pay 1k. how to afford expensive brands when they dont even have enuf to eat. i am not trying to condemn you but my heart sim tia leh when you you picked giodarno + padini as one of the unpleasant examples. hehehehe. sorry if ive offended you, i am sure is the damn hormone that causes all this angry ramblings... good luck with ur exams if you still have one..

dont eat anymore supper or chocolates or deserts i am sure u will have a flatter tummy by next week. hehehe hugs hugs!

revel in me said...

To everyone: Haha, I am so amused, everyone's comments are blog entries by themselves! :P

aud: Why are we so alike! <3333 And HAHAHA I think I know which said shoe-holic you were referring to! ;)

jo: What you said it's so true! It's soft skills all the way in the real world. And I know it's kind of mean to say this, but serves her right for looking down on people! grr!

sarah: Oh my goodness, those girls who use act-cute voices with guys! UGHHHH, SO DISGUSTING.

And haha, why did you point out that I have no pics! Are pictures such a trademark of my entries! :P

jing: HAHAHAHA damn funny, the description of your so-called bimbo friend in IMU! :P

And hee, I am sure you know who I was referring to in the entry! *wink* :P

anonymous: Haha, I knoww! I am actually okay with average looking people, or even erm, less than good-looking ones strutting their stuff, 'cause I am very big on confidence. But if you look like a baboon's butt, and you're so cocky about it, it just makes me sick!

And the Japanese/Taiwanese thing only works if you look like them! :P

victoria: And isn't that the biggest crime!!! Haha. No la, seriously, it's one thing if you are average looking, and you think you're pretty; but it's another thing to be NOT good looking, and yet still act like you're a goddess. The blindness of the whole situation is just... laughable.

mustardqueen: But jing is hot, y'see!

And I don't get what's the connection with originality. -___-

And shu qi! HAHAHA! That was a bloody joke la! How many times I told you not to share our embarrassing stories here... T____T

But yea, I think it's sad if the person is ugly but still thinks she is gorgeous! I have a chinese proverb for this, tell you on msn! ;)

yee: Haha, nah, I don't have much anger towards the whole thing! It's just the way I rant. ;) And yea, I agree with you! That all students from different courses should just respect each other, and acknowledge the fact that each course is inherently different, and that it's impossible to compare. I was just pissed because my friends looked down on other courses unnecessarily, and without proof too.

And haha, I myself can't explain my detest for Giordano! And please don't misunderstand me! I am against Giordano/Padini not 'cause they are cheap brands, but just 'cause style-wise, they are a bit... off. I have no qualms against buying cheap clothes, I shop at flea markets, I wear RM10 things (my cheapest buy is actually AUD1!!!), I am not a snob when it comes to clothes. But there are plenty of other places to shop for cheap clothes as well, like bazaars (the curve is good!), sungei wang, bangsar... It's more the style of the brand that I am against. :)

And haha, pray for me that my tummy will GO AWAYYY!! <333

Anonymous said...

Man, think this is one of ure longest posts (and no pics too!!), with longest comments.

I'm afraid I'm two of ure pet peeves! I DO have fake accent...Anth says its my British accent. But I only use it on non Asians in class..and believe me right, you actually get heard more and respected better, if it sounds like u speak like them. Those Canadians so look down on us, u need to set them straight! And of course I always talk with a crisp accent when dealing with those stupid chinese sale assistant bitches (who probably can't string two full sentences in English!), who are so fucking arrogant, and wont help you merely coz ure not yellow enough! Just blow them away with super posh language! (PS not being racist, just stating my experiences!)

And of course, my being a Med student and all that, I sometimes do look down on those doing arts and stuff. Which makes me a hypocrite too, because I WAS going to do law/accounts remember? Of course, I know those courses aren't easy, and its true Science is just facts, but seriously, its the AMOUNT of facts you need to know. ANd what I learnt last year, no longer applies, because its always changing! I dread the fact that because of science evolving, I'm going to have to keep learning for the rest of my life, whereas, I doubt accounting methods have changed that dramatically in the last 20 or so years? Elude me if I'm wrong here...hehe..I think people who do Science generally feel much better about themselves, because ART students are always OOhing and AAHing about how hard Science/MEd/Engineering is! I took a Archeology class, and languages class (all humanities), and when they find out I am studying medicine, they look at me like I'm a freaking genius! BUt like one of your friends commented, ure not just intelligent coz of the degree u posses, but how much general knowledge blah blah blah you know right?

Other than that - Thank god, I'm NOT a shopaholic (can u hear Anth's sigh of relief? He thinks I'm gonna bankrupt him soon!), and NOT a bimbo!! Hahaha

Anyways, how did ure exams go? *hugs*

Anonymous said...

How very derogatory.
Then again, maybe it's because I'm ugly.

Anonymous said...

Did you call me hot? *gasp and wave ala Ms Malaysia* :D

And and and, i cannot help it that i'm 'act cute'! T________________T I'm really cute, REALLY! *blinks* :D :D :D

Eh, gossip more on MSN wtf! Love love!

Anonymous said...

Wait, is it a good thing? If it's not, i retract my comment.

But yeah, business is definitely wayyyy harder than sciences. I have friends who are taking organic chem and all that and they're getting A+, some even getting 100%s, but with the first year accounting class, the average of class was 57% and that's just disgustingly low.

And also, people often mistakenly say that actuarial science is a science class, but it's more of a business class than it is science. The science part is just the math and statistics that's involved, but in reality, most actuaries take business classes to apply to the case studies and what-not. It's way easier for one to just sit down with the paper and proof theorems and do pure math, but it's another thing for you to apply the theorems into real life. And actuarial is one of the toughest courses in the world. Id say, you people who worship a Science degree, eff off and go work in a lab where thats all you'll be doing with your life. No point of you having a general science degree in Biochem but looking down on people who're making the money. i.e. look at the richest people in the world. They're all business people who owns corporations, not people who works for a corporation.

Oh, I have an accent *shy shy*. But cannot help it laaaa.. been away for too long. It's coming back cos of Jing tho. haha. I slipped in a few "la"s and "meh"s while talking to some white folks and they gave me the weirdest looks ever. haha

Anonymous said...

well, to reiterate, key word in one of the sentences "worship". Sorry

Anonymous said...

'Id say, you people who worship a Science degree, eff off and go work in a lab where thats all you'll be doing with your life.'


You die lah you!! You better not direct THAT to people who frames up their pink stethoscope in the office and insist on Armani lab coats! ;PPPPP

And and and your accent is sexy, your Malaysian accent damn China man wtf, don't let my friends hear that, memalukan wtf, HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! =P Love you!

miss vanity said...

i think the whole worship a particular degree thing is due to those aunties ... u know those aunties who ask you what your studying ?!? If its not law,med or some bombastic sounding thing you get the looks of horror and pity... and then from there its like this whole vicious cycle of which degree you study is the best.

p/s : i damn shy to admit but my idol is Paris Hilton also -> her clothes damn nice lah & i bet shes one smart girl. who else can be famous for being famous ? :P

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA love your post is so hilarious and witty I love it. ;) And omggg I'm so not a shopaholic really - and ya I understand what you mean about Padini and Giordano ahhahahhaha wtf.

It's not about the price - cause Gossips or Baci is blatantly cheaper than Giordano and/or Padini - it's the fact that it's sooooo the norm to see a KL girl decked in Padini or MNG spag top and ugly jeans hahaha. I am going to burn in hell.

And I'm doing a Law degree, therefore we humanities kakis should stick together ya - fuck people who think we're not as brainy as them, we use the left side of our brain as opposed to their stupid right side (or is it the other way round I'll never know wtf) heheh <3

Anonymous said...

i feel exactly how you feel about ugly people camwhoring, dressing up and posing like milan models wannabes?

Do YOU think youre actually beautiful? Take a look in the mirror. And lie to yourself. Get your fucking period already.

revel in me said...

ran: Hmm, I do understand where you're coming from, if you're referring to speaking in an accent when you're in another western country, I am forced to do so in aussie too, else, the people just wouldn't understand you.

And for your information, accounting standards to change drastically. Ever 2-3 years, there would be huge overhaul, and there are always ever-changing issues. So yea, what I learned in my first/second year, do not apply today. And I didn't say that arts/humanities courses are harder, I was saying that they are harder to score in. I would think this is probably something that you could understand-- I would say, (book)smartness-wise, we are almost on an equivalent level, in school we always get roughly the same marks/averages. But in Medicine now, you can still score As and all, and with the same amount of work that I put in, to get 80% is really super hard. And arts students don't claim that science courses are hard, science students do them themselves.

My exams will end next week, I can't wait!!! What bout you? :)

PS: chor min has stopped complaining about the fact that I am a shopaholic, haha!

jade: This entry wasn't meant to be derogatory or malicious in any way. I am just very against people trying to be or act like something that they are not. I am very big on people being who they are, staying true to themselves. :)

And regarding ugliness, my definition of it extends to two areas: interior exterior. And no matter how I portrayed myself in this entry, truth is, I place much more importance on beauty on the inside. And from the way you spoke up here, I highly doubt you're ugly inside. :)

jing and sam dang: Wah, you all treat my blog as your LOVE FORUM ar! -_-

jing: Haha, yea, 'cause you're hot, you can get away with a lot of things! <333 Eh, see you on msn! :D :D :D

sam dang: Oh my god, you're doing actuarial science? I wanted to do that, but my dad was so against it. :(

And I get what you mean, that people from Science classes score so much higher than business students. Heck, I have engineering friends who get 90plus, if not 100%. And what makes me mad is that these people just treat it as it's 'cause they are smart, hence they score; whereas business students are stupid, thus the low scoring/passing rate. But yup, my sentiments exactly, the real people who make it out there are the business savvy ones, and we will see who has the last laugh.

And haha, obviously you will have an accent, you have been in canada for quite some time! :) I won't shun you, I promise! HAHA! :P

miss vanity: Hmm, the whole thing probably started from those aunties, I am not sure, but one thing is for sure, this mentality has seeped into everyone's brains, it's like an etched fact that everyone worships science students, and business students are stupid. Bah.

And haha, I don't like Paris Hilton , but I do have a certain respect for her for her getting to where she is. A different respect altogether, what with all the crotch-shows and nip-slips, but hell, that woman is nice to look at!

sofia: Haha, you're SO a shopaholic la! :P And yea, exactly, I was against the STYLE per se, not the price. M'sia still has some catching up to do. :(

And it's the left brain!!! BIMBOOOO!! Hahaha!

anonymous: As mentioned in one of my replies to the comments, my definition of beauty extends to the interior and the exterior.

I am an obedient daughter, a caring sister, a loyal friend, a loving girlfriend. As a person I am compassionate, optimistic, cheerful and entertaining. To me, I am beautiful. And regardless of that, when I look into the mirror, I can honestly say I like what I see. And as sad as it is, I know for a fact that not many girls could say that.

Adeline said...

hey girl =)

I'm a pharmacy major but I'm doing a scholars programme in my university which is singapore's closest version of a liberal arts college and I think both humanities and sciences are equally difficult! It's really a matter of which you are more suited for.

As for the business part, the only thing I complain about is the huge difference in contact hours per week. I have about 33 hours I think and my friends in business have 15 hours =(

Anonymous said...

anonymous: have some balls and use your name. Dont go insulting her, mind you, at her own blog saying shit like that. Have some balls, have some confidence. Tell us who you are and we'll compliment you saying how good you look. Come on now, you can do it. You have got nothing to hide. You're perfect right?

And oh, if you can, re-read the blog post with a thicker pair of glasses than you already have on. But you're prolly feeling the heat cos ur one of those who exclaim to the whole world saying that you're so beautiful and also you're one of those who loves to camwhore but know for a fact that you look like ur bum. You're probably feeling as though its a wake up call and a little slap back to reality that you are in fact butt ugly, but sour at the same time because you didn't find out about it yourself (or you have found out, but just don't wanna accept it) but you found out through someone else's blog.

Now, I want you to write up your own entry about how beautiful you look and how everyone else looks like shit. See how many positive response you get, because really, if you read through all these comments here, they're pretty much all positive but yours. Hmmmmmm, what does that say? Does that really mean that she's ugly? or does it mean that people dislike her? or does it really mean that you're just a lifeless cunt who feels obligated to tell people in their own blog to look herself in the mirror and tell her to lie to herself, when in fact thats what YOU need to do. Oh, did I hit a nerve somewhere? Maybe you're having your period. I'm sorry. Really. But I suggest that your fucking period to go away because it's pissing people off and it's making you delirious about how you actually look.

So, come on, tell us who you really are, because we won't be mad at you. Heck i'll even invite you to my house for dinner, cos no-one else would. But because I'm nice, I'm willing to sacrifice a little. Have a great day, and yeah, get some confidence while at it.

Anonymous said...

Jing, what have you made me? lol. Love you too!!

Anonymous said...

Love forum wtf, HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH! =P A caring sister, che, BELANJA KL HILTON AR! =PPPPPP

And to the bitter person who has no identity wtf, i do think she's beautiful!! *cue for Buli to go AWWWWWWWWWWWW* :D Poor you, must be holding some sorta grudge against her cos you belong to one of the pet peeves she blogged huh? So are you ugly, 'shopaholic' or fakely-accented now? *pats back encouragingly* :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

An Anon reader of your blog...

An interesting post, just want to leave abit of comment

Science vs Arts - I have my degree in both science and humanities (business) and i can say both are equally hard. Though yes science are based on facts...but when something new is discover (i.e SARS virus) we need the scientist to deduct, reason and take a course of action which is similar to business - only that in the business world it is more volatile. Lets just say humanities and science go together - scientist need funding for the 'major discovery' and it is the businness ppl that will give them that.

Shopaholic - ppl are limited to what they know... so maybe in the group of common friends, she or he spends the most on buying clothes hence shopaholic of the group. Like you, alot of your friends called you a shopaholic but you deem yourself not... cause you know there are alot of others who shops more than you out there (being in a shopping community is fun - I myself is in a few)

Ugly ppl taking camwhore - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Accent and worshiping whites - yes a pet peeves, though i did once ask a friend of my mine why she did that - reason they understand her better.. well go figure !

Anonymous said...

An Anon reader of your blog...

An interesting post, just want to leave abit of comment

Science vs Arts - I have my degree in both science and humanities (business) and i can say both are equally hard. Though yes science are based on facts...but when something new is discover (i.e SARS virus) we need the scientist to deduct, reason and take a course of action which is similar to business - only that in the business world it is more volatile. Lets just say humanities and science go together - scientist need funding for the 'major discovery' and it is the businness ppl that will give them that.

Shopaholic - ppl are limited to what they know... so maybe in the group of common friends, she or he spends the most on buying clothes hence shopaholic of the group. Like you, alot of your friends called you a shopaholic but you deem yourself not... cause you know there are alot of others who shops more than you out there (being in a shopping community is fun - I myself is in a few)

Ugly ppl taking camwhore - beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Accent and worshiping whites - yes a pet peeves, though i did once ask a friend of my mine why she did that - reason they understand her better.. well go figure !

Suet Li said...

got nthg to comment wtf cause everyone said everything edi. but u go girl! now where's my mama tom yam wtf

jmeei said...

But I don't camwhore also...

-Ugly Jam wtf

Anonymous said...

....since when being a shopaholic & a bimbo is a good thing?

anyways, about the degree thing, i think different ppl are good with different kinds of knowledge..being a lawyer simply means that they are only or especially good with law, doctors - means that they are good with medicine & human body, accountants specialize in accounting and most of their knowledge are just based on what they major in..that's all!

different ppl are just good with different stuff...and every course/subject has their own difficulty and we seriously cant come to a conclusion whether which is tougher than the yeah =)

im doing architecture and some ppl's jaw just drops when they hear me doing that but MY JAW drops when i hear ppl doing finance/accounting/arts etc coz i just CAN NOT understand all these debit credit stuff hahahahahha.

anyways, i think u look like someone i know. but i just cant think of who is it! but definitely not shuqi. HAHAHAHAHAHA i dont think shes pretty anyway =D


Anonymous said...

Dear Hui Wen,
Your blog entry reached me even though I am faraway. I just want to know that perhaps when you are an undergraduate, you tend to argue over which degree is more difficult. It is not your fault - you are young and have yet to experience life outside school/uni. I was a science student my entire life. I was offered medicine in a top medical school in London but chose to do economics even though i won the top score in Biology and Chemistry in A levels in Singapore. I went to the London School of Economics. Truth to be told, i found economics disgustingly difficult. I hated accounting. But i compare myself to my sister who graduated from the King's College London Medicine School (one of the top schools). We can say all we want about science being memory work and scientists having no general knowledge. But do we take into account the IMPORTANCE of their knowledge? It is very difficult applying medicine to real life. Now i am an investment analyst and i earn as much as my sister who is a doctor in London. But how can my job compare to hers? She has to study so hard and save lives? Every fact she learns, she has to learn it so well because people's lives depends on it. As one of your readers so rightfully said, it is which line suits you. I look back at my studies now. Yes, accounting was tough and my job kills me but in business or finance, you can trip and fall - someone will show you the way and you can get up again. But as a doctor, you cannot afford to make mistakes. I just hope that after graduating, you and your friends like aud realise that every profession or degree deserves respect. As for ppl who look down on your degree, i believe that they will learn once they start working.

Also, I dont think it is very nice to diss others for what they believe in. If they think they are beautiful, who are you to blog about them posting pictures of themselves? Nobody complains about u doing that , right? That said, I do think that u do have the freedom to write whatever u wish.

good luck

Alexandra Ho.

revel in me said...

adeline: Haha, I totally agree that Humanities students' workloads are much less! And yea, I was just demanding for more respect for all courses. :)

sam dang: Thanks! :) Haha, jing has really made you into a bitch huh! Hahaha! :P

jing: Eh, caring doesn't equal to being generous HAHAHA!<3

anonymous: What a wonderful way to put it! Yes, all professionals would end up complementing each other. :)

And regarding the shopaholic thing, well, said people are in the same shopping communities, so they should be aware of how much people spend as well. I am just flabbergasted why they seem to treat the term 'shopaholic' as a glamour term-- almost everyone is claiming themselves to be one nowadays.

And as for ugly people camwhoring, hmm, I have specific people in mind, and maybe 'cause you don't know them, so you don't really know where I am coming from. Like I said, I wasn't being malicious, and I am all for confidence. :)

And the accent thing, yup! I just replied my friend's comment earlier on-- it's understandable if you need to do it for people to understand you. But the people I was referring to, they are just fake.

suet li: Haha, OKIES! I think I have a pretty good deal, Mama for F21 wtf! :P

jiameei: What are you talking about! -______- You are not ugly at all! And you are not cocky! You are super humble ok! <3

adz: Haha, you will be surprised, the amount of people whom I came across, who seem to worship said terms. -_-

And yea, I agree, each course is different on its own. Thus, the difficulty can't really be compared. I was just listing out that it's more difficult to score in Business exams, because it's not factual, it's more of a persuasive thing. Just like architecture and animation, because your course is assignment-based, it's really subjective, and depends on the marker/examiner. :)

And haha! Shuqi! IDIOOTTT!! And do you know Julia Lau? She was my primary school's best friend! :D

Alexandra: Haha, I can see how it looks like-- bratty undergrad student arguing about petty things like difficulty of courses. But yea, I wasn't harping on the difficulty of the courses, it's more about scoring in exams-- just something that my coursemates and I think. :)

And well, your route is so similar to mine!! :) I was this close to doing medicine myself. And well, please don't get me wrong, I did not diss other courses! My dad is a doctor, my younger sister is in med school herself, so I more than aware that every person has their own position in life, equally important ones; some more than others.

As for my opinion on certain people taking pictures of themselves, well, I have nothing against people snapping self-shots, but when said people are not even good looking to begin with, but yet are so damn cocky and proud of it, and when the ultimate cincher is that their attitudes are UGLY... THAT, I have a problem with. Like I said earlier, I have some specific people in mind, people who are genuinely... rotten. But like you said, I am entitled to my view, and you, yours. :)

Unknown said...

Wah~~~ Shit... I hope the engineering friends you were referring to is not us! I've never said that business was easy. And i do admit that engineering is easy to score once you understand the stuff and get the facts right. Heck, can see Tot's they all suffering on first year AFC paper some more!

Sophia said...

But but but... why you say I'm a shopaholic? I've recently reformed and I'm only an occasional shopper :D Like once in 1.5 months hehe. For real! I'm not even lying here! ...Don't know why people don't believe me :(

Ah the good old Science vs. Humanities topic. All I can say is, neither party has the right to be smug. Science students wouldn't be able to handle doing Arts because it'd be too annoying for them and Arts students won't be able to do Science cos we just aren't as into dedicating our whole lives to studying as they are. And if there weren't both Humanities AND Science students, the world wouldn't work :D

Anonymous said...
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revel in me said...

haku: Haha, I know you don't look down on us, my long lost Puay Chai friend! :P :P :P And wow, you guys took accounting before? I didn't know that! Thank you for sticking for us! :D

sophia: Just accept the title laa. :P Shopping queen! ;)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Erm, where to start? So many comments already so I'll keep it short ;) Now let's see...I am guilty of pretending to be a shopaholic, a bimbo, and putting on an accent, just for the heck of it.

So fun to do that at KLCC cos the lansi sales assistants automatically assume that I'm a snotty rich brat who will buy alot alot of their barang barang and thus provide me with ultimate good service which we so rarely come across in KL. I will then ask them for this and that, try on a megaton of clothes, and proceed to walk out of the store empty handed :P

I also speak with an American accent when I speak with Americans, cos I noticed that they have trouble understanding me if I don't. It took me a long time to get the words "Thirty" and "Thirteen" just right. Weird huh?

However, its the people who attempt a fake accent with their half-past-six english that irk me the MOST.

Anonymous said... know maybe you're right about scoring good grades in science/medicine. I just scored my second 100% for a module..though it was only midterms, and only worth 25% overall for this semester, and it was MCQ...but still though...its possible to score 100%....

Anonymous said...

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