Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The boyfriend and I were on the phone that day, and we started talking about courting and first dates.

A little history here: the boyfriend and I started from being friends, i.e. our relationship just blossomed naturally wtf, so before the courtship officially began, though we have been out alone many many times, it was never specified that it was a

So, I started merajuking that he cheated me of a first date! T____T

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Nyehehe, and now, when I get back, he is going to bring me on a 'first date'! He will have to ask me out, and I will agree to it shyly (or maybe I will reject, quite fun what like that)... And I don't know what does he have up his sleeves, but I told him he better court me all over again, HEEHEE. And he asked me for ideas, and I told him to google for tips. I am not going to teach you how to woo me!!!!

But Paris would be nice, baby. ;)

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Eh, why I looked so forced here.

And and and! We were chatting that day, and being the cannot-make-it conductor of surprises that he is, I think he is planning something! He said he's a man of mission and he uses phrases like "*sly grin*" in our chats... Wheeee, I love surprises! :D :D :D

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But then, when I told him today I accidentally had spoiled milk with my cereal, not only did he not express any worry or anxiety, he told me, "Why didn't you keep the milk longer! Can make cheese!"


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And then, when I told him that he hasn't woo-ed me before we officially went out, he said, oh okay, I will woo you more.

And now he greets me with "Wooo... Wooo.. Wooo..." in his smses!


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Haih, Mr. Perfect, what am I going to do with you. <3 style="text-align: center;"> ****************************************************

I am supposed to be at the Melbourne Cup right now! One of the biggest spring (horse) races in Australia! But I have an exam tomorrow, so I took a last minute rain cheque. T___T

So instead I am here, wallowing in my sorrows and lecture notes. T_____T

I even had my outfit all planned! T_______T

In order to pacify my low spirits, here are a few pictures of Smalls' 21st birthday, with a Spring Race theme. SPRING RACE, I WANT TO GO! :'(

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In the cab. With the cockiest face ever. -_-

Me with my loves:

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And not much love here, haha!


mustardqueen said...

is that a theme to wear bigass flowers on the head?? T___T

I want my birthday party also!! but you're not here it's not worth celebrating...

Shall ask daddy to get a laptop at home and I celebrate at Max Kitchen and then I webcam with you ok!!! Then at least you're here to celebrate minus the wagyu beef


Anonymous said...

the 3rd pic of u and ur bf looks nicee;)u look pretty,not that im saying the other pics looks not that pretty*honest*xP


Anonymous said...

Awwww, why are you all sooo fun? :D (Jing actually has a nicer term for it, will MSN you, shy wtf! =P)

And and and i like your curly hair! :)

And and and and the picture of your bf with his Mr. Perfect shirt, i can JUST make out your Gucci bag, tell me i'm good! =DDDDD

ally said...

haha i love the mr men shirts!

wanted to get my boyfriend the mr. lazy and mr. greedy shirts but they ran out at just jeans :(

Suet Li said...


jeanchristie said...

hair looks good in the last pic with CM hahaha.. the 2 of u are hilarious la okaayyy :P

balik after grad in dec? u gonna work in KL?

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: It has a spring race them! :)

And awww, why you so sweet, if don't have me, your party no meaning! T___T

When I come back, we have your birthday party part 2, okies? :P

hallie: Haha, why you explained so much-- like make it even more suspicious! Am I ugly in the other pics... T____T


And I am going to post more pics of me that night, puji again me then! *compliment-whore*

And haha, yea, it's my Gucci! I only use my Gucci and Chanel nowadays. -___-

ally: ARE YOU SERIOUS, they ran out of it? I got mine from Just Jeans too... But when I got it, they still had so many left! Hmmm... Get it online? I think it's roughly the same price! :)

suet li: Haih, ya la, why my fate like that wtf. T_____T

jean: Haha, actually, I hate my hair now! T___T

And yup, I am going back in dec.. Thinking of working in s'pore.. :)

Mischique said...

Hey I like your hairpiece!! Very sex and the city..hehe