Saturday, December 08, 2007

8 random facts.

Tagged by missycheerio-- 8 random facts about me:

1. I once told my sister that our family are werewolves-- all of us would discover our wolf-ish instincts once we reached 12 years old; and when full moon beckons, we would run to the wilderness and tear into victims. She believed me.

2. I have always wanted to learn ballet. Actually, any form of dancing (modern dance, tap, latin), but especially ballet. My dad refused stealthily every single time. No means no, he told me.
When I was 16, I found out that he refused to let me take up ballet, because he was afraid that I would discover a passion for it, and not take a normal route in the future. Normal route being a route to be a doctor, engineer, laywer or an accountant.

3. Up till I was 9 years old, my mom would piggyback me every night all the way upstairs, onto my bed. It was the only way I would willingly go to bed. She stopped, because I didn't stop (growing heavier).

4. I tear when I see old people on the streets. Especially those who are alone. Because I would start wondering where is his or her spouse? Is the person lonely? Does his/her children treat said person well? Needless to say, Petronas advertisements come festive seasons get me reaching for tissues every time.

5. I want to try having sex in a hot air balloon. When I told my friends that, they told me that I would have to do so with the hot air balloon's operator looking.
My solution? Do it with the operator then. HAHAHA.

6. I am secretly jealous that my dad favors my sister over me.

7. I have never dyed my hair before. Well, I've tried once, bought one of those over-the-counter Loreal hairdyes, but my hair is too dark; the color didn't turn out in the end. Every time I bring up dying my hair, people would exclaim that it would be a pity to dye my jet black hair. But I am starting to get bored. I seem to get bored very easily nowadays. I am going to dye it soon. I know it.

8. I am allergic to bird nest. WHO THE HELL IS ALLERGIC TO BIRD NEST?

... the tag is supposed to end with a B & W picture of me.


Is this the end of the road?


Suet Li said...

ya who is allergic to bird nest! are you allergic to shark fin soup too wtf. and wtf to hot air balloon.

Anonymous said...

WTF why did u do this tag!

eggyoke said...

hi... I just want to drop you a msg that i was reading your blog, got time drop my mine too, ok?

Rebel said...

Do it with the operator!? wtf..damn funny wei.

Anonymous said...

you are sooo funny ahaha!

revel in me said...

suet li: DAMN SAD OK allergic to bird nest. A woe worse than death wtf.
But shark fin soup, I can still eat la, THANK GOD!
And don't tell me you don't have any sexual fantasies! WTFF.

aud: HAHAHAHAHAHA why you so judgemental! 'Cause I was feeling random la wtf.

eggyoke: Haha, ok, I will! :)

simplecheryl: HAHAHA, will you judge me??? :P

wanli: Hahaha, thank you! I think! :P

eggyoke said...

if i didn't leave any comments or msg in your link.. that means i was too lazy... i still read your blog ok....

Matty said...

lol! *I'm* allergic to birds nest! I'll have trouble breathing and sh*t after gobbling them down! (for the longest time i thought NO ONE ELSE was allergic to it, up till now that is) :P wieerd~