Wednesday, December 19, 2007


People have been mentioning that my blog is going through a picture-drought recently.

This is my retaliation.

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Walking down the train station, making funny faces while trying to hold down my skirt from the big gusts of wind.
That should teach me to wear dresses with light flowy skirts on windy days.

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Going berserk in the fitting room while trying on potential graduation outfits.

Pizza dosai!
Reminds me of the nan with toppings at Mohsin in Taman Tun. 10 more days, oh my god!

Nasi briyani.
I am on a nasi briyani binge this week-- 3 times in 5 days! -_____-

My highlight of the week-- teh tarik.
Good teh tarik is hard to come by in Melbourne ok!

With Jocelyn and her sister, Joanne, who came to visit.
Everyone had their siblings over, why I don't have! T___T

Terrorizing the young wtf.

While waiting for Smalls to try on her 270AUD graduation dress.

On my graduation quest again.
I gave myself full marks for my search for a perfect graduation dress, 'cause I found about 4 dresses, all which would have been very appropriate for the occasion.

The outcome? I didn't buy any of the 4 dresses though.
Watch for my graduation pictures LAAA.

BBQ pork ribs! I've been developing a carnivorous fondness for pork ribs this semester.

At San Churros, for spanish doughnuts and chocolate. :)

My mocha, which was 1 part mocha, 9 parts chocolate sauce. -______-
I swear, one sip, and I was high like an overdosed donkey!

Spanish doughnuts dipped into yummy chocolate sauce. :)
For the first time, I actually tasted chocolate sauce which can contend with my utmost lover, Max Brenner!

Try it! San Churro's is situated on Bruntswick Street, Melbourne! :)

With Chris and Yen Hou.

Faye and Mey.

I asked Faye, "Eh, why you didn't smile for the camera!"
She replied me, "Okok, take again! I will smile big big this time!"

This is the picture taken the second time around:


Why did I graduate so quickly?
Why is the world round?
Why is San Churro's chocolate sauce so rich?

Hot summer days.

I look so fair here! T__T

Kai Yau. Who said I have a big head.
Me. Who aptly emphasized the size of my head in the picture. -_-

At Isaac's place. He told me he has a pet platypus!

When I wanted to take it out, everyone laughed at me.

Why everyone want to lie to me.... T_______T

August, who laughed at me, 'cause my head puts Doraemon to shame wtf.

And I swiftly taught him that life is all about perspectives, HAHAHA.

And if you still don't understand, I've gotten my internet!

Goodbye to the days of lugging my laptop to cybercafes.


mustardqueen said...

EH!! then cybercafe membership tak payah already ah??

AND WHAT THE FUCK!! I've always wanted to eat Churros cause I've ever ate one in my life... T__T i saw em in Korea when we go there MY GOODNESS DAMN NICE SMELL OK!! T___T

Why sisters not there.. T____T

ally said...

is that the review dressing room?!?!?!

i miss shopping in melbourne!!! :(

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Eh, Korea got churros??? So... multi-cultural WTF. ANd ya la, let's cross our fingers that daddy won't back out on his words k! T___T

ally: HAHHAHHAHHAHA your eyes damn sharp! Yea, it's review! Let's further test your knowledge wtf, do you know which branch is this. And is shopping in KL so bad!? =(

Anonymous said...

where did you go for indian in the pics it looks yum! were are good eats in the city vicinity for casual dining and cafes? AND BREAKFAST?

oh yah and your skin is damn nice la. all you and your friends. what skincare do you use?

revel in me said...

anonymous: I went to Bismi for indian food! It's near Melbourne Central! Another nice place for indian food (better, I feel), is called Rich Mama (don't laugh!) on Elizabeth Street! For breakfast, I heard Degraves is good, but I reckon any shop in Flinders Lane should do the trick! OH! But I love breakfasts in St Kilda! Beach + breakfast makes me very joyous! :P As for casual dining, I think chinatown and Chapel street should have pretty good selections... Oh! And Bruntswick, there're loads of restaurants to pick from there! =)

And my skin is not nice laaaaa... T__T It was okay before this, but now it's the lowest point for my skin wtf. It's the lighting, it makes my skin look nice, haha! But erm, I use shu umera, Bioessence and Loreal! But I am thinking of switching to slightly more expensive brands... And I'm going for Leonard Drake's facials when I go home-- my skin needs a lot of TLC now! T__T

Anonymous said...

where along elizabeth is rich mama? i really really like shu's eyelash curler and eyeshadows but i've never tried their skincare! you and the flat hair flat always look pimple free in photos! *envious* haha

revel in me said...

anonymous: It's in between Collins and Elizabeth, and it's in a little alley of an office building! A lot of working people go there.. :P I'll probably drop by soon (mamak cravings hitting again), I'll try to get the full address aight! =)

And I use the Shu Umera cleansing oil! It's pretty good, and one bottle has lasted me 1 and 1/2 years! -___- Maybe that's why my skin sucks now, it must have expired wtf. But yea, the other members of the flat hair flat have good skin! It's a requirement to enter the flat hair flat HAHAHAHA.

ally said...

melbourne central la! *beams* hahahaha wtf