Monday, December 24, 2007

Letter to Santa.


Dear Santa,

I assure you, I have been a really, really good girl this year. I washed my own dishes, and I did my homework (after it's due, but really, that's irrelevant), and I always say my 'please' and 'thank you's. Therefore, I deserve a lot, a lot of presents this year!

Please bring all this stuff for the people in my life:

For daddy, please bring him a new car. I heard that Jing has crashed the Avanza, and mom has ran over a dog with the BMW.

For mommy, please bring her the elixir of youth, because she is nearing menopausal, and I think she is freaking out.

For grandpa, please bring him a new set of dentures. And a lot a lot of bak kut teh.

For grandma, please bring her a lifetime's supply of Oil of Olay, and erm, skinny jeans. I think it'd be funny to see her in it.

For the both of them, please bring them health and make them live forever.

For my sister, Jing, please bring her the Gucci Princey that she has been saving for ages, but never really did got to because she always end up using up the savings.

For my sister, Teeny, please give her an endless supply of MAC make-up and OPI nail polish because she likes playing with face (and nail) paint.

For my brother, please bring him whatever PSP or Xbox he has has eyes set on now. And oh, he will be going through puberty soon, please make sure he doesn't grow too much leg hair, it grosses me out.
But don't be totally bald as well, that is just gay.

For my maid, please bring her some sweet and sour pork, as she is always fighting for it with us during family dinners.

For my big dog, Lion, please bring it some painkillers, and probably a new leg, since mommy has ran over its hind leg.

For my small dog, Choppy, please bring it some intelligence. Fererro Roche is NOT to be eaten by dogs. What more with the wrapper intact.

And for my boyfriend, please bring him to the Old Trafford and see Manchester United play live in the stadium. Or, bring the entire team to him. Whichever he fancies.

And now about me! Please bring me all of the following:

1. Gucci Punch medium tote in white Guccissima leather.

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I couldnt't find a picture of it in white! :(

It's on sale now! From almost 2k, to slightly above 1k AUD. See, Santa, I am thrifty.

2. Ipod Nano.

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It depresses me so that everyone has an Ipod but ME. Make me happy, Santa. I promise I will spread cheerful melodies all over the world.

3. Lacoste shoes

<span class=

(I want it in white, thank you very much!)

I don't know why, I just like the shoes, but hell begone that I am going to pay 100++AUD for it.

4. Chanel sunnies.

<span class=

I really really really really want this! Santa, if you don't get this, I WILL.

5. A designer wallet.
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6. 'Return to Tiffany' heart tag pendant.

<span class=

I saw someone wearing it that day, and I like the way it looks! Very versatile.

7. Chanel svarovski studded earrings.

And the power to NOT lose earrings. T__T

8. To be able to dine at Tetsuya, one of the top restaurants in the world.
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9. When I chop chop chop my hair once I am home, and when I dye dye dye.. Please let it turn out well!

<span class=
I might be taking on one of the hairstyles here, guess which one! :P

10. Please let me lose weight easily once I am home! I am absolutely DEPRESSED now because I am fucking OBESED. :(

<span class=

Anyway, I have left out the Christmas stocking for you. Hope you like the Tim Tams that I have prepared for you-- they are my absolutely favorite! But tis' the season of giving after all.

And don't trip over my shopping bags!

PS: Please say hi to Rudolph!

With love,
Hui Wen


Any other Christmas, I would most likely be in S'pore with my sisters and mom, tummy stuffed from the Coffee Club's fantabulous mud cake, and the room totally filled to the brim with shopping bags. But this year around, I am all alone, with my laptop for companionship. Everyone has their family with them, so I guess it's only natural that they will spend X'mas with their respective family members.

And that leaves me here.


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I am determined to not be an uptight sullen grinch.

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I am gonna unleash the Christmas cheer in me! :D :D :D

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Merry Christmas, everyone!


Anonymous said...

is it the 2nd hairstyle from the right? WTF.

Anonymous said...


just wanted to say.. chanel costume jewellery is not of the best quality.. I have friends, having crystals dropping off.. so becareful if you do get one!! but of course it is a lovely earring!

Merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

I thought the second from the left suits you.. =) but then again..u can try a brighter colour cos asian hair don't absorb colours well..

And cousie..Your Boobs are dropping out ! ha...u r not obese..the fats had grew on the right places...hee...

One more week to reunite with ur family...and when the next x'mas comes...dun leave me out for the coffee club mudpie in singapore! My treat ! My treat k ? =)

Anonymous said...

My Choppy has jst gotten stupid-er! I came back home with Hershey's Kisses wrapper on the floor (THE main wrapper, not the foil wtf!) and my baby's tummy big as hell! -__________________- And bless Lion (Or was it Tiger now wtf!) with better smell, Santa won't come to my place this year because he will faint frm Lion's (Or Tiger!)stench wtf! ;) And Santa, please bless me with the wisdom to seek the light on whether to get a Princy or an Abbey! :D And sister, your Nibble-Nibble Candy Cane pics very slutty lah! *take towel and wrap around you* ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Liked your post a lot..though as your sis mentions, those candy cane pics are very slutty - in a classy way?! Hahah..and you're not obese, and NOT EVEN FAT LAH!!! U should see me now..I'm fulfilling the typical Indian Woman stereotype now. I need crash dieting or you wont recognise me when I get back! Speaking of Ipods, I've been petulantly begging my dad, and Anth for one for ages now. And guess what?!! Anth gave me an Ipod Nano for Christmas!!!! I'm still in shock!! That guy waste so much money on me...still though...WOHOO!!! Hehehe Anyways, may not catch up with you for awhile, heading to Vienna, Salzburg, Prague and Budapest in take care till then...catch up with you soon. And happy homecoming and all that. *hugs* (I realise this should have been an email instead of a comment on your blog - but i think you read this more hehe) =D

Anonymous said...

HOHOHO!! Your wish will come true

mustardqueen said...

Word... EH WHY OPEN UR LEGS SO WIDE?? *tapes leg together wtf*

I KNOW!! You want the 2nd punya hair colour!!! And the 4th punya hair style!! hahaha HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA so naughty your pics!! Hope you had a great Christmas!

And why are your sisters so hilarious hahahaha so funny their

revel in me said...

aud: HAHAHAHAHA idiotttt! But what if I started a new trend huh huh huh.

anonymous: Oh my god, are you serious? I didn't know that! :( Why chanel so pariah. T__T But thanks, dear, for the words of caution! :)
Merry X'mas to you too! =)

yan ping: Yaya, I am thinking of red/auburn/purple! Not brown la, too safe WTF. And what my boobs are dropping out! You think shillings ar, hehe. An of course, I never say no to treats HAHAHA! Muahhhss! <33333

jing: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I miss you, ms. chin! *throws of towel and gyrates up to you WTF* <33333

ran: Awww, you're so lucky! Both to the Nano, and your upcoming trip! You're going to all the places that I can only DREAM of going to at the moment! :'( And no la, you're still a fit bird, I've seen those bikini pictures of yours! ;) Have a great trip, dear! I'll be seeing you in March! *squeals*

anonymous: SANTA , IS THAT YOU??? I've faxed an extended list of wishes to you WTF.

mustardqueen: HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA you both damn funny la! Why you both so protective over me! *touched wtf* And EH DON'T BE SOHAI K! My hair will be very niceee.. T___T

sofia: Hahaha, naughty is gooooddd!! Paradox wtf. And YA,THEY ARE DAMN FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA! Hope you had a great christmas as well! See you in KL! :D :D :D