Friday, December 07, 2007

Lord of the fries.

"... i hope the flies won't give you such a hard time today! =p"

Twas is a recent text message that I got from the boyfriend.
It has come to a point where FLIES get a worthy mention in daily conversations! -_-

I swear to god, all the flies in Australia just reside in Melbourne. When I was in Gold Coast, there were no flies there. None. Nada. Zilch.

But the moment I touched down onto Melbourne, it's a whole lot of BZZZZ again!
Swat Kingdom.

You will be walking down the scenic streets of the Melbourne city, and everywhere you go, there are flies. Hovering on top of heads, floating around faces, PASTED on people's backs. Yes, that's how scary Melbourne flies are! They just stick onto you, and no matter how you attempt to swat them away, they remained unfaltered, and happily stay attached to you.


Like the time Smalls had a fly residing above her upper lip, and she looked like Hitlet, HAHAHA.

And the worst thing is, you don't have to be stinky or sweaty to attract flies-- they target everyone. So you could be all clean and fresh out of a shower, and the moment you step out of your house, all the flies come leeching onto you. Do you know how disgusting it is to be clean and yet have flies all over you? Do you know how painful it is when you start wondering where these flies have been to??!


And when you are trapped with flies indoors (eg. trams and trains), and it's you versus the flies, it's just TRAUMATIC! :'(

I thin I have toner arms now, because I am always swatting and batting flies.

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Victoria, mid-swat.

And the absolutely absolutely worst thing?

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They spoil pictures! T_____T

I think I am going to get myself some insect repellent now. T__T


mizzvickz said...

HOE HUI WEN........ I WANNA KILL YOU. take off that ugly pic of me. grrrrrr

mustardqueen said...


You forgotten my birthday despite 15 hours gone and you didn't even dedicate a post to me but FLIES!!!

I'm so so so sad....

revel in me said...

victoria: HEEHEEHEE.

mustardqueen: I told you already what, I don't have your pictures with me then! =( And on my birthday, you dedicated a post to Choppy instead of me ok.. :P