Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Midnight rendezvous.

I called up some shipping companies today, I think it's pretty much settled-- I am shipping back my stuff! WAAA-HOOOO!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
This means, the shopping ban is up!

For the past few weeks, I have not been allowing myself to shop (err, Gold Coast didn't count, 'cause I was on holiday. Camberwell on Sunday didn't count too, 'cause it's Camberwell, hello!). Do you know how painfully excruciating and agonizing it is to NOT SHOP. To see the cutest garments and items, and not make them your own. To feel the luxurious touch of fabrics, and to not bring them home. T__T

But that's in the past! Starting from now, I am going to haul the whole Melbourne back home!
With the joint forces of my debit card and my dad's credit card, MUAHAHA.

Really, I am in such a delicious mood today. You've no idea how stressed out I was about my stuff in Melbourne and the whole to-ship-or-not-to-ship issue. Furthermore, I think I found the graduation dress! Actually I found two. Oh, decisions decisions! And I bought one from Camberwell last Sunday too. Will post pics of the dress (and other Camberwell buys, nyehehe) soon!


On the way to Williamstown.

Whee, sunroof in a car!

Dusk. Not necessarily the end. :)

Going across the bridge.

My tactic now? Taking one step at a time. I'll cross the bridge when I come to it.

Indian dinner! At Sangam Tandoori House.

I couldn't resist tilting my head to the left everytime I say 'Sangam', heh.

Tandoori fish.

And that marks the end of food pictures, because I started digging into the food like a ravenous monster.
I think me likes Indian food a lot, a lot! :)

Gelato shop!
Mey and Kingsley, from S'pore, who dislikes 'typical' girls. ;)

We were supposed to eat gelato by the jetty, and watch the sunset... But our dinner took a tad too long, and night has befallen before we knew it. :( And it was too cold, thus, gelati indoors. :(

Yea, we are nearly a foot apart, SO WHAT? T_T

Kevin! Who changes hairstyles like... clothes.

Kevin, Faye (who steathily refuses to take pictures!), Mey, me, Kingsley.

By the jetty.
These are sights that I just want to swallow into my tummy so that I would never, ever forget.

Oh bless Faye, who finally blessed us with her presence in a picture. :P

Enjoying the sea breeze. And the good company. :)


Hootie and the blowfish wtf.

I am a photo hog!
'Cause somehow, someway, I must be in the picture. HEE.

People without boyfriends need to find alternate methods. ;)

Yes, a night of gentle, salty sea breeze, lapping waves, pretty night lights, retro music in the background, and playing Charades on wooden planks. If that doesn't put a smile on my face, I don't know what will. :)


Anonymous said...

why faye don't want to take pictures! how is she going to remember her outfits then WTF.

or maybe that way she won't be accused of repeating her clothes cos got no proof *enlightened

revel in me said...

aud: HAHAHAHA woman you really getting more and more judgemental as the days go by HAHAHAHA!