Friday, December 21, 2007

Pa. Ma.

So, my parents flew home today.
After sharing the flat and bedroom with them, being around them 24/7 for 5 days; I thought I would be relieved to see them off. After all, it'd only be another week before I see them again.

Surprisingly though, when I waved my hand feebly at them through the tinted windows of the airport bus, I teared. It's a strange crestfallen, empty feeling. Like I've lost something.

I don't really spend that much with my parents, even back home. And the last time I was on a trip with my parents alone was on a trip to Kelantan when I was 12 years old. Prior to their arrival, I was nervy and fidgety about the sudden invasion of personal space... what places to bring them to... where to go for food... But I guess family time doesn't really need getting used to. It's just a pattern that you immediately fall into.

Highlights of my parents' trip in Melbourne:

- My sisters asked my dad to get them Krispy Kreme doughnuts. My dad asked me where are the Crazy Cream doughnut stores.

- One of the very first things my mom did upon seeing me was scrutinizing my face, and exclaiming the deterioration of my skin. She then moved on to how rough my hands are now. How fat I am. And how my hair makes a broom looks posh. Some things never change, mothers'll always be critical. -____-

- My mom lovingly curling my hair for my graduation. It was her first encounter with a curling thong, and I'd say, she did a pretty darn good job! It makes me smile, thinking of our session, when I was already running late for my graduation ceremony, and she still held me down and painstakingly curled and re-curled strands after strands of my hair; it must look perfect! She said. It reminds me of those times where I would sit on the floor, while my mom french-braided my hair for Chinese New Year, right before going house-visiting.

- We were in Coles, and my dad was looking at a packet of cupcakes It was AUD2.99 (RM9), and it was on specials. He saw the price, and put it back, while muttering, "too expensive!". My heart churned with guilt-- how many times have I eaten meals that cost AUD30 without so much of a bat of eyelid! How hard has my dad worked to provide the very best for us.

- My dad polishing off a bottle of Chandon's sparkling wine during dinner, and boy, daddy is funny when he is happy-high(ish)! To prove his sobriety, he attempted to count backwards from 100 in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Teochew. I don't know the last 2 dialects, so he could have been bull-shitting me for all I know! :P

- Mommy cutting mangoes, and feeding me slices of the juicy fruit. Just like home, where Pakistan mangoes are almost a daily affair during its season, and mommy would be the one peeling and slicing and feeding.

- Watching my parents pouncing into the waffle balls in the Max Brenner hot chocolate. Just like the way I do. :)

- My dad trying continuously to take pictures of flies on my mom's face. HAHAHA.

- A hearty talk with my mom in the wee hours about boys and men and ex-boyfriends. She had 7. How many does your mom have? :P

- My dad digging us out of bed every morning. He makes fake rooster sounds.

- My mom absent-mindedly rubbing my knuckles while we walk around. Tucking loose strands of my hair. Adjusting my top/dress/skirt. Handing over tissues whenever I need one.

- Sharing and licking each other's gelati cones, while braving the infamous Melbourne bone-chilling winds. My mom now refuses to believe me when I say it's hot, because she says I am made of metal wtf.

- A text message from dad about an hour ago: Reached KLIA.
A phone call from mommy not long after, telling me that she misses me, and that she will see me in 1 week's time.

I miss them too.

Although for once, I was the one bringing my parents around, and paying for everything (I'm the one with a bank account in Melbourne), so it seemed more like I was the parent, but yet, with my parents around, I felt grounded, I felt safe, I felt protected.

To be honest, I dread the day I leave Melbourne, because I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving this place for good; and I couldn't think of enough reasons to make home sound enticing. But my parents' trip have reminded me how home is like. And I think going back isn't too shabby. Not shabby at all. :)

With daddy and mommy, in our post-graduation supper.


Anonymous said...

omgoshhhh! my mum too ! she always complains about my skin, my hair being sooo dry, my butt so biggg etc etc! -__-
relieved to know that i'm not the only one experiencing it !
hahahaha =D

congrats btw! (for graduating la) =)

Anonymous said...

Crazy Creams wtf! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! ;) Daddy is always calling J.Co as Jack Kor wtf! -___________________-

Your pose damn emo can! =( And you've ME to look forward to when you come back wtf, i thought it's damn obvious! =P ONE MORE WEEK! :D

revel in me said...

adz: HAHAHAHAHAH yours too? I dunno, I always thought mothers are supposed to to be encouraging and supportive and think their daughters are the most beautiful girls on earth... Why our mothers like that! T_T Haha!

And thanks, dear! :)

jing: HAHHHHH... At least he calls it Jack Kor!! He told me it's J. Lo WTFFFF!! I thought the singer HAHAHAHA!

And ya la, got you to look forward to, PMS queen... -____- 7 days! :D :D :D

mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAH mommy didnt wash hair ah wtf!! her hair macam so flatness one... You should have asked her tp use the curling thong instead!! hahaha

debra fong said...

i know you are waiting for your retarded pictures to be posted up: P


ally said...

eh thats a really pretty dress!!!

Anonymous said...

your parents are so sweet! and your dad's j.lo/jack kor/crazy cream made me LOL. so cute la! :D

and congrats!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: HAHAHA ya la never wash hair for few days! And she used curlers.. Old school HAHAHA!

debra: AIYO, my pics where got retarded! :P

ally: Thank you so much dear! <3333 But it's not a dress, it's actually a top worn with a high waisted skirt! ;)

entwined: HAHAHAHA my dad really damn idiot la! :P And thank you so much! :D