Friday, December 21, 2007


Mey left Melbourne today. And is on a 14hour bus ride to Sydney now wtf.
Another one gone.

Her little farewell get-together last night:

Me with Michelle's bloody spoon jabbing into my face, Michelle and her lethal weapon wtf, Mey, and Bernard.

I need to stop taking pictures with half of my head cut off.

Me on Victoria's lap, Michelle, Mey.

I am wearing shorts underneath ok!
This is the outcome of not trying on clothes before buying-- I seriously thought it was a dress! I have learnt my lesson already... T__T

Michelle being seductive with the spoon, and Mey obviously not amused, haha.

With Victoria's sister, Debra!
She is 17, and she called me OLD! T________________________T

This is me doing a pole dance. -_____-

And Mey trying to stuff a 10 dollar bill into my top, and me scoffing at it. My middle name is backbone. But if it was a 50 dollar note, I would have taken it WTF.

Because there aren't enough pictures of Victoria.


Next week, it'd be my turn. My farewell.

Every time I think of leaving, a pang of nausea would hit me, because the idea of leaving Melbourne, it's so foreign. I'd picture myself on the day of my departure, like a stubborn kid, all sprawled on the ground, hitting my fists on the ground and bawling my eyes out in refusal to leave.

But as the days go by, I am finding a sense of peacefulness within myself, when I entertain the idea of leaving. I think it's partly acceptance of the fact that I am just not staying in Melbourne; it's not the time yet.

Partly, because my parent's visit has brought on waves of homesickness.

And partly, 'cause at this moment, home just feels right.


Anonymous said...

your dress doesn't look that short worn! and it's not too short/obscene when sitting down either....can disguise as minidress :P

mustardqueen said...



sprawling on the ground wtf... YOU BETTTER COME BACK FAST OK!! control ur other sister mom's been suspicious where she get those money and buy new clothes... madness, i am SPY GIRL wtf...

debra fong said...

That's a super gross picture of me with my arms showing.
: (

revel in me said...

entwined: Hahaha, thank you!!! I think you're the only who is on my side. :P The whole night I was having people asking me 'is that a dress?! ('cause you can't actually see my shorts), and giving me raised eyebrows. T___T

mustardqueen: HAHAHAHHA ya I heard that mommy gave you a very important duty wtf!

debra_fong: Your arms are not flabby la! Bad angle only! *reassuring* :P

mizzvickz said...