Sunday, December 23, 2007

Strawberry picking!

I was feeling slightly down for the past 2 days, because I have been just cooped up at home, without any human interaction. It's not so much that I was bored (hello, the internet works wonders), but I guess I was just... lonely.

Until a MSN chat with my sister yesterday, and I found out that because my dad bought a new PC with a 20-inch screen, she was wearing sunglasses while using the computer. Apparently the glare was too bright. -__________-

And my grandma and grandpa saw her and they had 'wtf???' looks. -_________________-

And my brother passed by the computer room, saw her and shook his head. -________________-

And that reminds me, that day when I webcam-ed with my sisters in the midnight, my sisters squealed in protest because they were in pajamas and had no make up on... Then they disappeared for awhile, and suddenly pop up with aviator sunnies on (so that I couldn't see their eyebags and eye circles).

And we chat while wearing sunglasses while making 'YO YO YO' motions all the way through, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

You tell me, with sohai sisters like that, how to not laugh until I die HAHAHAHAHA.

Oops, that reminds me, I better do up a belated birthday post for Teeny soon. I heard she is currently simpan dendam wtf.


Lalala, I am in a friggin' random mood now, and I basically just opened My Pictures folder, and just select a folder to blog about.

Mornington, for strawberry-picking!

During our exam period, we had a list tagged in our living room, and we were supposed to write down things/places that we want to do/go after exams/before we leave Melbourne, and strawberry-picking was one of them, I think. :)

Sitting in the backseat, because I am too lazy to drive, and too stupid to navigate.

Road trip, YEAAA!

We rented a car. And we got lost! It took us almost 2 hours to get to the place. T____T

Sunny Ridge-- where all strawberries come true wtf.

Pretty view!

2 girls and 2 strawberries.

Strawberry fields!

I have no idea why, but it has never really occurred to me where do strawberries grow on. I mean, I know grapes grow on vines, apples grow on trees, pineapples on grounds, but strawberries always come with CREAM, you know?

Why am I so bimbo la... T___T

Strawberry pluckers.

I am young at heart!

The fruits of our labor. Literally.

My dear Jac, whom I miss immensely.
And whose room (which I am staying in now) resembles a mini warzone, heh.

Mey trying out for the part of one of the 3 Blind Mice WTF.

Why does my arm looks like it is a total of 2 inches long here.! T__T

We have cherries too! :)

Eh, you wait la, I can tie a knot with the cherry stalk.. *ambitious*

Strawberry ice cream! Supposedly best in town.

It was so-so. I don't really have a thing for strawberry ice cream, although I used to LOVE it SO SO SO much, because of the color pink, hehe.


It is all scam. :(
We did go to the strawberry farm, but we didn't get to go strawberry-picking, because we got lost, and we missed the last strawberry-picking session! T___T
We bought all those strawberries we were eating, hahaha.


If you observe this picture carefully, the sign says NO ENTRY! We sneaked into the fields to take some pictures to create the illusion that we went into the fields! :P

It's damn shy to admit we went all the way to the farm, and didn't go strawberry picking mah! T____T



Strawberry outfit for the teapot.
So cute right!


jaclyn said...

what happened to keeping it a secrettt?????

mustardqueen said...

HA!! I am simpan-ing dendam wtf... And cause You say you got me a peerrrrffeeeccctttt christmas gifr I forgive you a little, simplan 99% dendam now wtf...

Merry Christmas Kakak!!! <3

revel in me said...

jaclyn: We can't hide it forever! *drama sigh*
Tak kan take to our graves meh wtf.

mustardqueen: WALAO! Do you have a christmas present for me??? It's all about exchanging, hehehe... Merry Christmas too, darling! Miss you! :'(

Jing said...

OMG, did i tell you that i managed to knot a cherry stem TWICE? :D Tell me i'm good (In bed wtf!)! :D