Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year 1 2 3.

This is so cliched, but I am going to talk about 2008, the upcoming year and all that shiznitt.
So predictable, I know!

But I feel this need to just run through all these messy, jumbled thoughts in my head.



I will just get this out once and for all.

Truth is, I am not looking forward to 2009. At all.

Truth is, I wish the new year won't come.

Why? 'Cause 2009 will bring about some vast changes, which I am not (and will never be) prepared for.

I have been avoiding talking about it (or even thinking about it), but well, the thing is, Teeny is going to Melbourne next year. In February, in fact.
I am sure it's not a secret that I am very very close to my sisters, and it scares me so much that 1/3 of us will be breaking away. :( Like, who's going to have midnight chats with me and Jing. Who's going to buy Tesco things for me in my times of dire need. :(

I know I know, it's not like she is going to be gone forever, there will be summer breaks, there will be the Melbourne holiday (Winter/Spring '09 yo). And it's not like I didn't leave for Melbourne myself 2 years back.

But what frightens me is the fact that... they will all leave. Teeny going off next year, and Jing would be following suit the year after, probably to Aussie, or maybe even further, to UK. And by that time, it would be me all alone. :(

How did you girls did it when I left? :(

The boyfriend and I were having an argument in the car that day, 'cause he said I don't even spend enough time with him, and it sparked off this confession from me, of how I am just trying to spend as much time with my sisters as I can, before they go abroad, and I just started crying then and there. :(

You know how when you were young, you think that people you love will be with you forever? But when you grow up, you find that it's not true. It is a very realistic thinking that I have to accept... That Teeny may fall in love with Australia, and decide to reside there, like so many of my friends. If not Australia, maybe another country, another continent. For Jing, her boyfriend is in Canada, I have to envision that someday she might stay there as well.

They are all very very real thoughts. And they scare me. :( I want the very best for my sisters, and if their hearts and destinies are in somewhere very far away from me, I wish them all the best. But at the same time, I just want to be selfish and keep them near to me. I want to go back to the time when we all sit in our playroom and play Barbie dolls and we were together. :(



I have mixed feelings about 2008: on one hand, I feel that it flew past really quickly; on the other hand, I feel that the year seemed to go by so much slower than previous years.

I guess it's 'cause for the first half of the year I was just bumming and chilling and enjoying my life; whereas for the second half of the year, I embarked on the next phase of my life: working my butt away. Both phases felt like two separate lifetimes, which I guess to a certain extent is true. Which is why I feel that 2008 took forever. But at the same time, sometimes it scares me just how time flies when I work. It's like Monday blues then boom boom boom yahoo weekend and the cycle repeats itself.

I can't say that 2008 was a 100% happy year-- largely due to my work. Surprise surprise, I don't love what I do. But, on the bright side of things, I got to know myself better. I always thought that with my materialistic tendencies and my penchant for finer things in life, I am one to sacrifice my passions/beliefs just to rake in more moolah. But I found out that that is not true. It turns out that I am simpler than I thought. :) And because of this newfound knowledge of myself, I am empowered to make some changes in my life. Maybe not in the near near future, I am too practical for that. But god, give me courage to step out of my comfort zone.



I don't usually make new year resolutions. Firstly, they never work. And secondly, I am too happy/contented with the way I am that I never really felt the need to change anything of myself.

But I think 2009 calls for some action on my part. And well, mostly for my well being.

1. I need to eat well, sleep well, exercise well. Since I have started work, heck, since I started uni for that matter, my lifestyle has taken a serious shift for the worse. I sleep at 3-4am, wake up around noon or even later sometimes. I eat fast food way too often for my own good. I have stopped exercising since I came to Singapore. I don't eat enough fruits. I don't moisturise enough. I just don't do enough. And that needs to stop. 'Cause I am my biggest asset, I am the machine that I am, and if I don't take care of myself, no one will. :)

2. My wellbeing also has to do with my social side. I have to admit, I have become quite the recluse lately. Especially with my work piling up... sleep and me-time just seems so much more appealing. I must make a conscious effort in my existing friendships, and also in forming new ones. Age is making me lazy when it comes to making new friends-- 'cause I know almost instantaneously whether I can click with a certain person. But what I don't know is that sometimes my judgement can be wrong! So bad hui wen, must change that. I used to be a much better friend, what has happened to that, sigh.

3. I need to do more things that I love. And I don't mean shopping, haha. I used to love making crafts and just getting my hands dirty, what has happened to that. I just need to be more aware and conscious of myself, if that makes any sense. I don't really know how to put it into words, it's quite abstract. :)

4. This is sort of a no-brainer, but I need to shop less! This whole year has just been one massive shopping ride, and I think it's time I say stop. The boyfriend went into my room that day, and he told me that if his mom saw my room, she would never ever let him marry me wtf. And he told me that when we get married, he is only going to let me own 500 clothing items at any one point. Which is why I am looking for a new boyfriend WTF. Jokes aside, I still love clothes and all things beautiful, but I need to be more cautious that's all. Just a little bit more control. :)

5. Be happy. This one is quite personal, like point 3. It's not that I am not happy now or anything.. But I need to find back that inner peace and just that omnipresent happiness radiating inside of me... I used to have that, but work has made me an angsty person. And I don't like that. I am born to be a happy person, and to make people around me happy, and I musn't let that change. :)

I feel better now that I have rambled out some of my thoughts... Maybe I am prepared for 2009 after all. :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hohoho in Ipoh.

How did you spend your Christmas day? :P

Here's how I spent mine:

HAHAHHAHAH damn chat stupid sohai la Teeny singing Leslie Cheung's song wtf. And did you notice my dad just continuing talking like normal to my mom although my sister and I were creating a havoc behind. Immune to us already. -_-
And why do I sound like this! I think it's 'cause I had a mouthful of milo in my mouth, haha.

Ya la, trust my parents to think it's a good idea to go to Ipoh, of all places, for Christmas! -_-

Thank god I brought a hat! 'Cause I forgot to bring along a jacket/pashmina in the car, so I used the hat as a shield from the air conditioner wtf.

Really bored in the car. BOOO I didn't know Ipoh was 2 hours away! I naively assumed that it was 1 hour's drive away. And after 1 hour I kept on asking my dad "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" like Donkey from Shrek WTF.

I swear the journey took so long, we went to the end of the universe and came back!

Let the food adventures begin!

Meal 2 (we had super good Chinese food for lunch in Tanjong Tualang prior to that!): Ipoh drinks and rojak

Toast + Kaya/ Better Each
Kaya and butter? Or maybe they are saying that toast and kaya is better wtf.

Half bolhed egg

HAIHHH the English sucks, but heck, the food is good! :P

Teeny very happy with her Ipoh ice cream float.

The ice cream float is actually just sirap bandung + 7Up + 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream! Sounds really easy right, but it's very refreshing and yummy!

This is Yi Ern! My mom's best friend (Auntie Jean)'s daughter.

Basically,us two families embarked on this little food trip together. And when I mean food trip, I mean that my dad and Uncle Jean (take after the name of the wife wtf, hahaha this is what me and my sisters do, we call all the husbands of my mom's girlfriends by their wives' names.. like Uncle Lilian and Uncle Carol HAHHAHAHA) brought bottles and bottles of wine along with the trip. For them to pop a few glasses at every restaurant. -_-

But I think quite cool la! Next time I want to go on food escapades too! Like bring a big group of friends to visit a foreign place and just eat all the nicest food and delicacies there! That's what my parents did recently, they joined a food tour (formed by all food lovers) organised by apparently the "God of Food" (wtf it sounds better in Chinese haha) of Hong Kong! And they just went around Macau and err this place next to Hong Kong eating superbly nice (not necessarily fine) food! This is my dream, 'cause I love to eat! :)

So who wants to join me ar.

Ipoh white coffee!

Why the coffee not white wan. Don't tell me you have never wondered about that before!

Yi Ern, and her brother, Ah Beng (HHAHAHA err it is his real name).
Ah Beng is also known as my brother's best friend. They play PSP and Xbox and computer games all day long. -_-

My brother. Who ordered a Coke float, i.e. Coke + sirap bandung + vanilla ice cream. Blueghhhh.

Meal 3: Tau fu far

We tried 3 types: with white sugar, brown sugar (gula melaka) and ginger!
Teeny threatened not to sleep with me if I take the ginger one, coz rumor has it that ginger causes flatulence wtf.

The tau fu far is super super super smooth!
Like, after trying Ipoh tau fu far, I feel that KL's tau fu far is like cement blocks. Hard and cube-ish. T__T

They say that it's 'cause of Ipoh's water source (water from the mountains or something like that), which is why their kuey teow is also way way way smoother! And it's also why they say Ipoh girls have smoother and nicer skin. T__T

How ar, should I move to Ipoh ar.

Meal 4: Kaya puffs

Wow, the kaya puffs from this place is BE-AWESOME! (beyond awesome, I learned it from Bolt the cartoon HAHAHA)!!! It was fresh out of the oven (we literally saw them taking it out of the oven), but I didn't try it then, despite the orgasmic moans of everyone who tried it, 'cause I was seriously stuffed. Instead, I had one 2 days later (we packed some home), and my gosh, it was still crispy and fresh! MMM. Can you imagine how it would have tasted hot and toasty from the oven!! T___T

Nah, old building to prove that we really went to Ipoh wtf.

At Tanjong Tualang, some small town further from Ipoh. My dad purposely made a detour 'cause he heard that the food was great. It lived up to its name! But my butt said no thanks to even longer car journey, boo.

Some other things we ate:

Weird Ipoh delicacy. The fried thing is some deep fried crispy egg + flour thingy with dried shrimps... and you're supposed to eat it with steamed mantao. Damn weird right! But quite nice. :P

I know this is such a deceptively simple dish-- it's basically just buttered toast with 2/3 boiled egss on top...

But omg, the toast is toasted to just the right crisp, and blends nicely with the buttery tang. And the egg, oh the egg, it's boiled to perfection. Boiled for slightly longer, it would be hard-ish or rubbery, boiled for any shorter, it would be watery. But ahh, perfection, this is!

So nice to eat! Especially when you break the egg, and quickly chew on the crunchy toast while it's coated with the egg. I can't find this in KL! :(

OK don't kill me, I am going to abruptly end this entry, 'cause I just realised I didn't take pictures of the rest of the food that we ate. And oh boy, the amount of food we ate! :/ I didn't even take pictures of the famous Ipoh hor fun, the famous Ipoh big headed prawns (hahha snobby little things they are WTF)... :(

Faceless monsters invaded Ipoh.

Neon yellow shirt with studded collar: Junkyard sale
Black cycling shorts: Frankston, Melbourne
Cowboy straw hat: Target Australia
Studded bag: Gucci
Studded sandals (shown in picture before this): Charles & Keith
Brass bangles: Sister's

Star fish wtf.

Quoting myself of what I told the boyfriend this afternoon:

"I think this is the best weekend I have had back home since I started working!"

More updates tomorrow! I am back in Singapore again, boo. But nevermind, 2 and 1/2 days more before I go back to KL! Woohoo!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

X'mas wishes.

Since tis' the season to be jolly, season of giving and all that jazz, it only make sense for me to revisit my Christmas wishlist from last year. :D *Click*!

This is the main excerpt from last year's wishlist:

Dear Santa,

I assure you, I have been a really, really good girl this year. I washed my own dishes, and I did my homework (after it's due, but really, that's irrelevant), and I always say my 'please' and 'thank you's. Therefore, I deserve a lot, a lot of presents this year!

Please bring all this stuff for the people in my life:

For daddy, please bring him a new car. I heard that Jing has crashed the Avanza, and mom has ran over a dog with the BMW.

For mommy, please bring her the elixir of youth, because she is nearing menopausal, and I think she is freaking out.

For grandpa, please bring him a new set of dentures. And a lot a lot of bak kut teh.

For grandma, please bring her a lifetime's supply of Oil of Olay, and erm, skinny jeans. I think it'd be funny to see her in it.

For the both of them, please bring them health and make them live forever.

For my sister, Jing, please bring her the Gucci Princey that she has been saving for ages, but never really did got to because she always end up using up the savings.

For my sister, Teeny, please give her an endless supply of MAC make-up and OPI nail polish because she likes playing with face (and nail) paint.

For my brother, please bring him whatever PSP or Xbox he has has eyes set on now. And oh, he will be going through puberty soon, please make sure he doesn't grow too much leg hair, it grosses me out.
But don't be totally bald as well, that is just gay.

For my maid, please bring her some sweet and sour pork, as she is always fighting for it with us during family dinners.

For my big dog, Lion, please bring it some painkillers, and probably a new leg, since mommy has ran over its hind leg.

Omg, Lion has already been put to sleep. :(((

For my small dog, Choppy, please bring it some intelligence. Fererro Roche is NOT to be eaten by dogs. What more with the wrapper intact.

And for my boyfriend, please bring him to the Old Trafford and see Manchester United play live in the stadium. Or, bring the entire team to him. Whichever he fancies.

And now about me! Please bring me all of the following:

1. Gucci Punch medium tote in white Guccissima leather.

<span class=
I couldnt't find a picture of it in white! :(

It's on sale now! From almost 2k, to slightly above 1k AUD. See, Santa, I am thrifty.

2. Ipod Nano.

<span class=

It depresses me so that everyone has an Ipod but ME. Make me happy, Santa. I promise I will spread cheerful melodies all over the world.

Boo, I got this already! A surprise gift from the boyfriend when he came fetch me from the airport last year. T____T

And YOU KNOW WHAT! I was re-reading the entry , and I suddenly remembered that there was this comment:

"HOHOHO!! Your wish will come true"

At that time I didn't give it much thought, but now to think of it, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE BOYFRIEND!!!

I must check with him later to see whether it was him! :O

3. Lacoste shoes

<span class=

(I want it in white, thank you very much!)

I don't know why, I just like the shoes, but hell begone that I am going to pay 100++AUD for it.

Em, I don't think I want these shoes anymore. :/
Maybe Louboutins instead? *angelic smile*

4. Chanel sunnies.

<span class=

I really really really really want this! Santa, if you don't get this, I WILL.

Well, turns out Santa didn't get it for me, so I stuck to my words-- I got them with my first paycheck! :D

5. A designer wallet.
<span class=

I got a Dior one early this year, thanks to mommy dearest! :)
But I am aiming to switch wallets now, I HATE Dior wallets. Don't EVER EVER EVER get Dior wallets! The leather started peeling by the first month, gah! Admittedly, I am not the most cautious person when it comes bags and leather goods, but geez I would have expected it to last longer. >=(

I am thinking of a Prada or Marc Jacobs one next! Suggestions? ;)

6. 'Return to Tiffany' heart tag pendant.

<span class=

I saw someone wearing it that day, and I like the way it looks! Very versatile.

7. Chanel svarovski studded earrings.

And the power to NOT lose earrings. T__T

8. To be able to dine at Tetsuya, one of the top restaurants in the world.
<span class=

9. When I chop chop chop my hair once I am home, and when I dye dye dye.. Please let it turn out well!

<span class=
I might be taking on one of the hairstyles here, guess which one! :P

WOWWW I can't believe back then I was so nervous and weary of dyeing my hair! I have already dyed my hair 3 times this year (excluding touch ups). :O

Em, I don't know whether my haircuts/dye jobs turned out well per se, but let's just say I can never turn back now! :P

10. Please let me lose weight easily once I am home! I am absolutely DEPRESSED now because I am fucking OBESED. :(

<span class=

Cibai I am still damn fat.

Anyway, I have left out the Christmas stocking for you. Hope you like the Tim Tams that I have prepared for you-- they are my absolutely favorite! But tis' the season of giving after all.

And don't trip over my shopping bags!

PS: Please say hi to Rudolph!

With love,
Hui Wen

And that's the end of last year's Christmas wishlist. ;) I didn't realised that quite a few of my wishes were granted! :)))

Well, Christmas came early for me this year.


Guess which item it is from the list above? :P

Merry Christmas everyone! May all your wishes come trueeeee! :D

Monday, December 22, 2008

Little miss four eyes.

To those of you have tried to guess or sway my decision whether to do my hair or to go for shopping the last weekend, here is the the outcome! :D

Sheer pussy bow red checkered top: Vintage, thrifted
Gray tube dress (worn inside): Zara
Retro white ring: Teeny's
Black lensless frames: Sungei Wang
Suede moccasin fringe boots: Lacquer & Lace

After I straightened my hair, Yen, my hairstylist told me, "SEE! When you came in just now, your hair was size L, now it is size S!"

Walao, why my hairstylist so harsh wan. T_T

Randoms of family dinner after doing my hair for 5 hours. I swear, my butt is flat as pancake now.

With Teeny, who is wearing a tee that I got her for her birthday.

And no, the tee is not the only thing I got her k! I am not so cheap wtf. You can't really see it from the pictures, but the the heart thingies are actually 3-D and they flap around! Ok, my description sucks la wtf, but in conclusion it's a really kooky t-shirt, very Teeny! :P

That's not a wad of tissue on my hand, it'a a retro ting I stole from Teeny. T__T
And Teeny looks like one of the popular bloggers (a hot one) here, can you all guess which one it is, HEHEHE!

THIS, is my brother! Do we look alike? =/

The boyfriend always insist that I look like my brother whenever I have my glasses on, which I find very disturbing. -_-

And ehehe, the brother is starting to have pimples! He used to laugh at us when we complain of zits, 'cause he was still baby-faced and smooth-skinned. Neh neh neh neh neh, he has to start using Oxy 5 already HAHAHHA.

Teeny with her DIY fringe tights.
Elvis resurrected from the dead wtf.

With another 1/4 of the Hoe siblings.

Omg omg I forgot to mention this! Let me start at the beginning: Jing went to do her hair (straighten + dye) at Yen's a few weeks ago.
Last Saturday, when I went to do my hair, apparently the workers at the saloon were all confused... They were wondering why this girl's hair has so much regrowth and is no longer straight in such a short span of time!!

In short, they thought I WAS MY SISTER!
WTFFFFFF! -_________-

I admit that when we do our hair in a certain way, and you just catch a micro-second glimpse of us, we look alike, but until you mistook us as the same person!! :O :O :O

Dry tong yuen (covered with nuts), because it was Dong Zhi (the Winter Solstice festival for the Chinese)!
On the house from the resturant. :)

Hello booties!
And I have a scar on my right thigh. :(

I am a very careless person, I get scars and bruises without knowing where they came from. :(

Not looking like me wtf.

In an attempt to look different from Jing ('cause we have pretty similar hairstyles + hair color now), Yen suggested for me to go purple for my next hair color!!!
OMGGGG am I brave enough am I brave enough??!!

I told her that I am quite up for it, but I have to see whether I will chicken out on Saturday (my next hair appointment).
But she swiftly looked at me with her eyebrow raised, "Waitaminute.. Aren't you an auditor??" Which I nodded to apprehensively.
Then she went hysterical.
"CANNOT WAN! CANNOT! Auditors cannot have such wild colors! Cannot! Why are you not like an auditor at all!!"

Hehe, sometimes I ask myself that question too. ;)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


He doesn't know I am posting this up. :P


This is the story of Chor Min and Hui Wen who met at their college orientation back in 2003……

It was a weekday morning, and he was dreading the prospect of getting out of bed, as he’d had a late night the day before… Nevertheless, he promptly did what he had to do (albeit a little late), showered, brushed his teeth and washed up for the day ahead… “Hmmm.. what shall I wear today, he pondered…” Ah, this will do, as he set his eyes upon his long-sleeved Nike top, thinking to himself “The air-conditioning might be cold, so this would do…”

He slipped on the shirt, quickly put on his pair of jeans and socks and rushed downstairs to grab his bag which he had packed the day before and sent an sms to Kathy, asking “would you be here soon? I think I am running late”… He went to the kitchen and grabbed himself a hot drink and heard the beep on his mobile phone, which bore Kathy’s reply “yup, leaving my house soon, but don’t worry, take ur time..”

Before long, off he was in Kathy’s car in the front passenger seat as they battled the traffic and went to pick Jason up before they set off to College.. On arrival, both Jason and Chor Min met up with Justin and Jen Tzen, had a brief exchange of words with some friends and the four of them fixed their lunch appointment for the day before they whisked off to look for the College multi-purpose hall… At the hall, the quartet was divided into their own groups for the orientation, and Chor Min set his eyes on a gorgeous young lady, who promptly obliged with one of the most beautiful smiles he’d ever seen…


That was what greeted me at work one day, eliciting the bigggest, widest, silliest grin from me the whole morning. :)

(and if you are wondering why he went into such great detail, even bringing up the brand of his shirt, it's 'cause we still remember what we both wore on the first day we met. :P)

I was asked to continue with Part 2, but I got lazy wtf.

Because it's not how the story started, it's how it's going to end, isn't it? :)
It's day 7 of our 5th year anniversary, and what can I say, but I believe in happy endings and happily ever afters. ;)

I love you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spot the ducky!

Ok, it might seemed like the sequence is all wrong, 'cause I am going to backdate, and talk about the preparations we did for Teeny's birthday party!

Actually I just want to post up camwhoring pictures in the supermarket, but can you please pretend that you don't know wtf.

I feel a little lurch in my heart whenever I see pictures of me with a seatbelt.
'Cause seatbelt = car, and god, I miss having a car and driving around! :(

Going around in MRT trains suck. Especially when you have to stand for more than half an hour to reach your destination. :(
And all the yucky people you see in the trains!!! One day I must compile of all the icky things I have seen and blog about it. T__T

I don't know why Teeny and Jing said they want to disown me as a sister when I suggested to buy this Tesco Mouse tamagotchi-like toy wtf. Can give out as door-gift to all the guests what HAHAHAHA!

I tried to sneaked the Mouse toy into Teeny's shopping trolley a couple times, but I always get caught by either Jing or Teeny, and they had to order me sternly to put the toy back at the shelves. Then I sneakily covered it with things in the trolley, hoping that Teeny would unwittingly pay for it without realising... but she found it in the end! And with a dejected sigh asked me 'You really wan ar. Buy la buy la', her face full of regret of being related to me, HAHHAHAH.

We didn't buy it in the end! But I think it makes a great choice for anniversary presents!!! Baby, guess what I am going to get for you next month! :P

Outfit pictures:

Jing, who due to peer pressure, wore flats and used her new fringe bag, 'cause people told her that she 'won't use wan la', hehe.

Frozen foods! There used to be a phase in my life whereby all I ate was microwaveable pizzas. T_T
No wonder I am so short (not enough nutrients). T__T

Vintage velvet zebra print shift dress: Thrifted (online)
Mustard yellow opaques: Somewhere in KL

Black bow headband: Diva

Pearl cuff: Diva

Black and cream maryjanes: Singapore

I took this picture of Teeny, nice or not! But ignore the Tesco shopping bags la. Quite editorial right! :P

Lalala, I am in such a glorious mood! My leave for Christmas and NYE is APPROVED! So I will be back home for 2 special dates: X'mas and NYE (which is not just plain old NYE, it's my mom's birthday as well)! Back home with the loved ones, cue for blissful sigh.

And this thought really brightens my mood: it also means I will only be working 2.5 days the next week, and another 2.5 days the following week! DAMN HAPPY!

Since I am in such a good mood, let's play some games wtf.
Spot the XX game hahaha!

Spot the scissors!

Spot Ducky!

WTFF why am I like this.

OHHHH I don't mean to impose such a bimbotic question, but given a choice, would you pick HAIR or SHOPPING?

I have made an appointment with my hairstylist this Saturday when I go back home to do up my hair-- it's about time, I loathe the way my hair looks now. But then Jing came and try to entice me to go shopping instead-- apparently there are quite a few junkyard sales going on this Saturday!

Boo so now I can't decide!

On one hand, it's been some time since I went to a bazaar of some sort, but then I need to save.
On the other hand, I can always do my hair the weekend after that.
But FUCK THIS SHIT I have been having a bad hair month! Make that bad hair life la. *grumble grumble*

Haiya, actually I think I know which agenda I am going to go with. GUESS! See how well you know me wtf.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Swings, see saws and childish grins.

Yay, I kept to my promise! Pictures from Teeny's birthday party!

The theme was "Playground", so no prizes for guessing where the party was held wtf.
But GUESS WHAT! It rained on that day! T___T

And Teeny had no back-up plans if it rains. Haihh how can she not think of the possibility of rain! But thank god it rained before the party (which was supposed to start at 3pm), and slowly ceased by 4pm. I mean, it would have been more of a dampener (no pun intended wtf) if it rained halfway through the party right!!

Staying sheltered in the house while it drizzled steadfastly outdoors.

I think it's rather embarrassing that I am caught on camera stuffing my face with thin crust pizza when I was supposed to be serving the guests, heh.

And that's my hall, if you're wondering! If you peer real close, you can see pink danglies hung on the window-- those are pink fairy lights from my 21st pink-themed party. :P

Then it stopped raining, so we went out to the playground! :D
If you're wondering why the rain stopped at quite the right time, it's 'cause I did my infamous rain dance WTF.

Sisters. :)
And see how many party props can you count from this picture! :P

If you count me as a party prop, I don't know whether to be flattered or not wtf.

Speaking of props, haih, I really think I should be a party planner! I was the one pestering Teeny throughout the 2 weeks before her party albeit being really busy with work: what food to order, guest list, music playlist, decorations etc. The only thing Teeny cared about was her birthday cake. -_- (which you all can see later, really damn fucking nice la wtf)

And on Saturday (the day before her party), I went into panic mode 'cause so many things seemed to still be left hanging!!! So I went into overdrive and ran around town like a mad woman trying to make the party as perfect as possible. :)

I am serious! I think I will be quite good in event management. T__T

Happy-clappy paper napkins, which I queued up half an hour for in Ikea.

Wheee table setup!
Why the balloons cleverly censored Jing and my heads ar WTF.

Lone diner wtf.

Romeo Romeo where art thou!
Teeny in the midst of gift-receiving.

Teeny straightaaway opens her present. -__-

Jing, Joshua, and Teeny-- the happy yellow people. Even Ducky (seating in the aluminium foil wtf) is yellow!

Btw, Joshua's outfit is SO cute. :P

I looked like Mary Poppins!!
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious WTF. Whoever who can say that without getting a twisted tongue gets a cookie wtf.

And hehe, the umbrella is actually a picnic umbrella from my 21st as well! The Hoe family recycles everything. :P

HHAHHAHA kungfu master HAHHHA.

Pretty cupcakes!

The food was awesome that day, we had: girlie cupcakes, the BEST mango cheesecake EVER EVER EVER, thin crust pizza pieces, Delifrance pastries, fruit tarts, finger sandwiches etc. A little too much food actually, 'cause I went a little OCD in getting/planning the food. :P

Being one with the duck.

Being lazy hosts.

Being myself WTF.
I was just trying to blow the windmill thingy! *defensive*

I got a toy trumpet... and a kid harmonica. And got many 'wtf' looks from my own sisters, and the guests. T_T

Hey, they are good backups in case there is no music ok!! HAHAHA

I felt so girlie and pretty that day! *shy*
And tell me if my bow isn't the cutest cutest thing in the world! :)))

Happy hair bow: Singapore
Happy dress with cut-out back: Topshop
Happy tan colored maryjanes with turqoiuse bows: Singapore
Pearl strands (worn around wrist): Sister's

Paparazzi shot!

Guess who?

Proof that we are about the same weight! *denies that I am heavier*

Actually, I have a whole batch of pictures of us on the see-saw, with me looking deliriously happy. But unfortunately, they can never be released to the public eye, because they looked TOO happy! Like I was damn high straddling something, if you get my drift. T____T


Blowing 'Happy Birthday' to Teeny!
To Jing's distress, as you can see from her face wtf.

And this is Teeny's beautiful birthday cake!! Isn't it utterly AMAZING! :D :D :D

And if you ever wonder how we sisters look like on candid camera:

Kindly observe that Teeny is scratching herself in every single picture, HAHA!

And my favorite picture of the lot!

Comments and compliments are welcomed, HEHEHE! :D