Thursday, January 31, 2008

Flatties is love.

I played Florence Nightingale to the sick boyfriend today, and ended up being sick myself! -_-
And no la, we weren't naughty. ;)

Pictures of my darling flatmates! Who have ffk-ed clubbing tomorrow night apparently, harrumph.

Bangsar shopping with the girls! :)

So blur. :(

The day started with a huge drama-- my car broke down!
And not broke down, like engine not being able to start or a punctured tyre... But I had smoke coming out from the car's bonnet! -____-

I had to stop the car at the side, and even after waiting for the car to cool down, I couldn't restart the car, meh. Don't want to go into details now, but lesson learnt: Always service your car!

And is it a critical condition that while we were standing at the pavement with my car parked illegally at the roadside, smoke billowing out, and all I wanted to do was to pose with the car ala ANTM style. :P

ANTM cycle 9.

Waiting for Mey and Smalls in the changing room.

I swear to god, we didn't plan on our outfits together!

Just that the day before, Jac gave me strict instructions to "don't wear so nice arrr", so I put on my new Little Miss shirt! Great minds think alike. Birds of a feather flock together. I can go on and on. -_-

My outfit for the day. I was so happy that my high waisted skirt could finally be put to use. ;)

At Marmalade, Bangsar Village.
I have been dying to visit the place, especially after seeing it being featured on so many blogs!

Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Late.

Apt for Jac, she made me wait for her in the car! :P

Smalls and Mey, with the signature Marmalade mural. :)

My honey latte. And cookie!
God, I am so child-like sometimes, give me a cookie, and I am yours.

I couldn't really taste the honey, and at RM8, I was expecting a burst of flavors on my tongue like Winnie the Pooh skipping and hopping wtf.

My roasted chicken salad!
Recommended by the waiter.

Unfortunately I don't like red and yellow peppers. :(

So broke now, spent too much money on food these few days. T__T

Our first reunion in KL!

At Kim Gary's.

The Curve's toilet.

I love the back of my dress! It's a toga silk to with really pretty braided straps at the back. :)

In Red Box-- Smalls and Jac handling the song selections.

With Jac, who then sported her spanking new bob. Gotta love that dirty blond! :P

Warming up to karaoke.

Haha, I am always like that, at the beginning of the karaoke session, I always don't know what songs to sing to, and I would be pushing the mikes into others' hands.
But give me another 20minutes or so, and my inner diva comes out! :P

Kitty cat with her new Persian-like gray contacts! :)

Mey with her sour plum.
And I only drink the Lor Hon Ko in Red Box. I think they are about the only 2 drinkable drinks there!

And this video is damn funny!
We were dancing, and suddenly saw Mey spying on us with her camera, haha!


Anonymous said...

The video is soooo funny! and Jac's expression! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

how did you lose your weight, howmuch did you lose? you look fab!

Anonymous said...

why oh why you put up stupidly embarrasing videos of us, i'll never know. boooooooo.

and i made you wait not more than 5 minutes!!! and u normally make me wait longer!! *bwargh* WHY U SAY APT!!! *growls*

teeeeheeee. and i didn't ffk u okay. i'm all about getting drunk and dancing. =D

revel in me said...

wanli: Haha, ya la, that kit mey damn bad, take comprimising videos of us! T__T

anonymous: T____T How did you tell that I lost weight... T_______T Is it apparent... T_______T Thank you so much, you made my day... T______T

Haha, I only lost a few kgs! Quite far from my target, but no choice, 'cause I have no gym to go to work off the pounds. :( I started on a low carb, high protein diet! Just stayed away from carbs, and I could still take a lot of meat... :D

jaclyn: Haha, not embarrassing la! Very cute. <3

Anonymous said...

whoa man.... jac is such a good dancer!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, yaaa, she has been doing ballet for ages! :)

Julie Ann said...

hahaha... jac, priceless man your expression