Friday, January 25, 2008

I really should be asleep at 5am.

I think I am an insomniac.

My mom said no CNY clothes, until I clear away the 6 huge boxes and 4 giant suitcases of clothes I brought back from Melbourne lying in the living room; the 3 massive mountains of dresses and tops on my bedroom floor that my boyfriend brought back from Melbourne for me in September.

Little does she know that I still have clothes with a friend in Melbourne, who is coming back to KL for CNY. And the 5 bags of new clothes that I recently bought stashed in my wardrobe. And the other few shopping bags which I have cleverly hidden the aforementioned 3 massive mountains of dresses and tops.

My solution? Dump everything in my brother's room. Heck, guys don't need much wardrobe space in the first place. And they are messy to begin with anyway.

I have some stuff on my mind. Not sure how to place those thoughts.

I am happy, though, Happy for someone dear to me, whose life is falling back into place. :)

I want to post up pictures of Jac's real b'day celebration, but too many pictures.

Therefore, just a few scattered retard pictures. More lovely, lovely pictures from the same day, but I am too tired to think straight.


Jing, ever ready for the camera.
Mid-way through some fun pictures.

Teeny asked me why are my calves so muscular. T___T


Told you the pictures are retarded.

On a side note, I got a new wallet today. ;)


Anonymous said...

ok now babe, U're juz showing off the insane amount of clothes u have, proving u have too much money 2 spurge & have absolutely no!!! hahahaha

mizzvickz said...

you are unstoppable!!!!!! and you can tell me that you're broke! what nonsense. hahaha

donate some clothes to meeee! if only we were the same size. lol.

Anonymous said...

Babe sell it off at selltrade_kl then!! =)

c r y s t said...

waiting to raid yr closet... dum dee daa~ :P

Suet Li said...

eh you know right the best solution is to do charity. earn some karma points! give them clothes to people in need!
like me.

mustardqueen said...

Walau!!! I'm only done with raiding 2 boxes and now you're telling me another 3 mountains?? I still haven't finish raiding lar!! *hahaha rub it in*

revel in me said...

watfuckinever: Haha, I have to admit that I bought damn freaking a lot of clothes in Melbourne! T__T As for self control, I am working in it! :P

victoria: I AM broke! I bought those clothes earlier this month... I am damn low on cash, and I am not allowed to use my card! :( And woman, I think you can wear my clothes la!

love-sanku: Haha, yaya, I am planning to sell some off! :)

cryst: Heehee, come come! :D

suet li: Haha, you come back first! And barter with me, I want coach bag! And F21 clothes! :P

mustardqueen: Haha, the mountains in my room, you have seen before la! Basically all the clothes I have worn before wtf.

Rileen Aya said...

hellooo! its been a while since i step foot here. the photobucket bandwith exceeded alert is a pain in the eye. -_-


i wan to tell you that.. you make me feel soooo much more better after reading this post. because i have quite a few piles of junk lying across my room which i cannot be bothered to continue cleaning it anymore and a few boxes stashed up my wardrobe. but reading your post. i feel your mum should be more scary than mine. =D