Thursday, January 03, 2008

Makeover 2008.

A new year...

... a new look! :D

Coconut-heads 'R' Us wtf.

Tonight was all about the good old times, and after much contemplation, we were back in Kim Gary, the #1 hang-out spot for the Hoe sisters.
You could say that it's the first official girls-only dinner that we had, what with a whirlwind of activities since I set foot in home.

Jing, the ultimate bimbo who is carrying the smallest ever, most impractical handbag-- doing a Bryan-Boy. -___-

Mommy bag and baby bag wtf.

Teeny used to be the most tanned in the family, now the spot is taken over by me! T__T

The Curve had faux snow! :)
Me doing a Rexona ad in the second picture wtf.

Reunited in Kim Gary. ;)

Oh oh oh!

My belated birthday present to Teeny.

Don't be angry at me for the late (and yet to be seen) birthday post k! Muahhhs! :)

Jing being s sourpuss because she wants something from Juicy Couture as well. -___-

Jing being squashed 'cause I was sitting on her lap, heh.

Compulsory camwhore pictures in the Curve's toilet.
Why is it so easy to fall back into the rhythm of home, I wonder?

And a-not-so conventional picture in the toilet.

You can't see it here, but I actually cropped out this Indian cleaner lady in the picture, haha! She was just standing there and staring at us in amusement while we climbed and jumped and contorted for pictures.

And then when I asked her to take pictures with us, she didn't want! :(

But then she gave us ideas for more pictures HAHAHA.

Sisters at work:




And we were just running around, trying to find more weird props/places to camwhore with, attempting to top one another...

And I found, like, the most perfect thing ever!

Even my sisters said I am very clever for finding this, haha!

My sisters said by climbing out of the frame, I look like Samara... But they said my pose is too ham sap (horny/seductive), so I am Hamara WTF.


I think I need to give my bangs a week or so to grow it out a little-- it's too short now, and it looks like a freaking helmet on my head! T____T

I am damn emo ok, when I was at Guardian today, and they had the sign "No helmets allowed" at the entrance, I didn't dare to go in... What if they catch me and say that I was wearing a helmet! T_____T


Anonymous said...

you really do look like cleopetra (did i spell that right, oh still on a post alco high) haha. it's a compliment, since of course you'd skin me alive and throw insults my way should i not praise you. =P

i <3<3<3 you. meet up soon-ish, tomorrow! hahaa

Anonymous said...


this is why i've spent countless times crying on the way home from the hair salon wtf cos my mother kept telling them to cut shorter if not she has to keep trimming my hair herself WTF.

it's not that bad! and it will grow soon *encouraging wtf

Anonymous said...

Hey !!!

The new do is nice :)

Happy New Year !

jeanchristie said...

yeah a week should do the job! :P
thought u'd have that hair do after u posted those models haha

have fun before u start work babes!

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Hahaha, what the hell! Since when I insult you and skin you alive if you don't praise me! -_____-

But really ar, I very ugly is it? T___T

aud: What you mean it's not that bad! T____T
And haha, my mom too! She always wants me to cut damn short, then only it's worth the money wtf. There was once I went to cut my hair, and when I went home, my mom felt that the difference wasn't stark enough, and brought me back to the salon to cut more! T____T

nat: Thank you, dear! Your support is much appreciated. T____T Happy new year to you tooo! <33

jean: Haha, am I that predictable! :P Thanks dearie! :)

debra fong said...

Tsk tskk tskkkkk.

Coconut head: P
Don't emo lah...

revel in me said...

debra: Eh, damn lousy la you! It's the Curve's toilet! :P