Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Made For Each Other.

That's what we call ourselves.


My love! We greet each other on MSN.
Muahs and XOXO, we exchanged via text messages.
Pecks and kisses we share, whether drunken on the dance floor, and tipsy-high in a pub.

But behind those lovey gestures and pet names, I believe, lies something bigger and more powerful. ;)


You are one of the last people I expected to get this close to. I mean, slightly more than 2 years ago, you were still just a fashionable (albeit a little cold, remember the first time we met in Chaddy? :P) girl with an accent I couldn't place. Even as the 4 of us were conspiring to move in together, I had my doubts, mainly about you, 'cause frankly speaking, then, I had the least contact with you, and I knew you the least (as compared to Smalls and Mey whom I saw almost everyday).

But fast forward to today, and you're one of the dearest friends that I hold close to my heart. :)


Some classic Jac moments:

Me: Eh jac, I'm damn hungry la!
Jac: I am so STUFFED!
I had a banana.


Very very very deep in concentration on the dynamics and logistics of camwhoring.

Or what about the times where you insisted you put on weight, and when prompted for your weight, you tell us you weigh 39kgs. Who weighs 39kgs at 21 years old!

Or what about that time when we found ants in our toilet, and we shot off the deep end and started suspecting that one of us have diabetes, and one night when you were going to get a midnight snack...

Jac: Dear, just now I was nibbling on a biscuit, and I saw an ant on the kitchen cabinet, and I swear to god, it was looking right at me! I knew it was going to fly to me and bite me!


How we camwhore.

It's going to suck majorly when you go back to Melbourne. It's all fine and dandy now, because I still see you very often in KL, we still send each other random text messages. But when you're back in Melbourne, I guess things will change a little. =(

Wearing almost identical outfits, unplanned. For numerous times!

That said, there are some friends that you just know are for keeps, and that they will be there for a long, long time. And I just know you are one of those. :) It's the comfort of knowing that you will be there, that the friendship will withstand distance and time; that when we say friends forever, it's a destiny etched. :)


And as superficial as it sounds, I am going to miss having my no.1 camwhoring partner! Like, hello, could we ever take a bad picture! HAHAHA damn big headed.

Only you will do risque pictures with me.

Some of the pictures from our portfolio wtf:





But I guess the truth is, it doesn't matter how many pictures I post here, or how many clicks the camera went in front of us; our friendship definitely runs deeper than that. Thank you, Jaclyn, for being the person you are, for being the friend you could be. You know I will kick the arse of any bastard who dares to hurt you.

Happy 22nd. :)
And once again, we are finally at the same age HAHAHA.


I love you, soulmate! :)


mustardqueen said...

Happy Birthday Jac...

And btw, why you stretch your body like tai chi pose in the blue dress from the manly aunty... hahaha xD

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jac!! :D

PLEASE STOP PUTTING REVEALING PICTURES! *takes towel and cover wtf* People in uni are thinking i'm some porn addict by now! ='(

Suet Li said...

happy bday jac!

hahah jing's comment damn funny wtf. eh i like your white dress, huiwen! damn nice the ruffles and all. and audrey is 38kg and she's 22 also wtf

Anonymous said...

thanks hui ting, hui jing and suet li!!

and thank you my <3 for such a sweet memorable post. i can safely assure you when i say friends forever, it honestly does mean forever cos we are like two peas in a pod. MFEO =))