Sunday, January 20, 2008

Money is funny in the rich man's world.

I am so low on cash now. :(
Since I have been back, my parents have been extremely reluctant to pass me any money. I think it's a ploy to get me to go work as soon as possible. T__T

I begged my mom for 2 days, and in the end she stuffed 100 bucks into my trembling fist ('cause I had to act very kesian). ONE MEASLY HUNDRED BUCKS. WHat can I do with it??? Arghhh. And yes, I brought back some aussie dollars to spend, because I suspected something like that would happen, but if my cash supply isn't replenished soon, I will have to declare bankrupt. No joke.

In fact, I have become one of those annoying girlfriends who have their boyfriends pay for everything. Well, almost everything for me. I have always split bills with the boyfriend, I think it's the feminist in me. But now, I am a kept woman! T___T

Anyway. Pictures from Laundry last Thursday.

Shannon, Brian, Smalls.

Sai Meng, Mey, me.

Damn annoying, there is a gap amidst my bangs!

Flat hair flat, minus one. :(

Comparing heights-- the six footer and the five'X footer.

An older woman wouldn't expose her age. A short(er) woman shouldn't divulge her height! :P

HAHAHA look at Smalls! Like she just watched Titanic for the first time hahaha.

Shannon, whom I insists that he looks like a monkey after he shaved his hair. But I admit, his hair quite nice to touch. :P And I have cheekbones!

And Bangsar shopping with the sisters!

Lunch with Teeny first.


I have something to confess.
But please don't banish me from your life after hearing me out.

I was wearing a size 12 top!!!!
Hehe, it's a smock la, but it's really pretty, and all the smaller sizes were sold out! And 'cause of the bigger size, I can wear it as a dress ok! *defiant*

But I was wearing shorts inside la. ;)
In one of the Bangsar boutiques.
I felt like wearing a sign around my neck "I am wearing shorts underneath", what with all the disapproving looks I got! -__-

And look what I found!

It's a phone, HAHAHA!!!



mizzvickz said...

I LOVE your blog. it's the only blog that is keeping me sane for now because NOBODY else updates their blogs and i have nothing interesting to read. lol.

ahems..anyways, after readin this line... "I have become one of those annoying girlfriends who have their boyfriends pay for everything"...

I TERASA abit...even though i don't have any bf to pay for me now. HAHAHAHAHA... but if the guy is more than willing to foot the bill all the time, then WHY NOT right? hahahaha

mustardqueen said...

hahah eh want anot?? we go get the lips phone one day damn cheap lor!! ahah then we can always pretend we have fat luscious lips wtf!!

revel in me said...

victoria: Haha, it's only so 'cause I like sifting through my pictures. :P So are you only reading my blog as a last choice 'cause no one else is updating! =(

And haha, no la, no need to terasa, I have accepted that it's part and parcel of you wtf. But no, seriously, like you said, if the guy can afford it, and he is willing, I saw yeah! :D

mustardqueen: How do you know the phone is cheap? But it will clash with my room la!