Saturday, January 05, 2008

NYE '07.

Lesson #1 for year 2008:

NEVER, EVER wear non-waterproof make-up to a pool party.

Winnie, Jac, Joelym, me, Julie, Shaun (yay! Shaun is down to KL from Melbourne for a short visit!), Mey.

NYE agenda-- H20 Year End Beach Blast Party by, at Sunway Lagoon.


Sunway Hotel as the breathtaking backdrop. :)

All the pictures are actually not from my camera, and are credited to Julie. :)
And the two beautiful pictures above are taken from Jin. =)

The reason why? At the stroke of countdown, when I waded into the pool (where the stage was positioned) to snap some shots of the crowd, some idiots started SPLASHING WATER, and as luck would have it, some water got into the lens, and after that, all the pictures I took had a huge blurry blotch. :(

I was so fucking pissed, because if my camera was ruined, it would be the fourth time my camera is spoiled in 2 years. And usually, someone else is the culprit for damaging my camera. T___T The amount of money I have spent on fixing cameras these 2 years is sufficient to buy a few (cheaper) cameras already! T___T Even Jac said I have no luck with gadgets. :(

But thank god, after leaving my camera for a few days (by leaving it near a window where the sun could stream through, so that the water in the camera could evaporate), today, when I switched it on, IT WAS COMPLETELY OKAY! :) :) :)

Customary toilet picture: Julie, Winnie, Joe, me, Jac, Mey.

Sunway Lagoon's toilet was disgusting!
Being away from home has made me forgotten how utterly gross M'sian public toilets can be. Bleah.

Me try to portray the skinny arm angle wtf, Joelyn with the smallest waist, Julie with the most gorgeous skin, Jac who is obviously tiptoeing, and Jin (Joe's bf) who was kind enough to get us free tickets.

New year, new start, my dear.
But our friendship remains a constant. :)

Toast to the new year!

Joelyn trying to hypnotise me with wristbands.

I can't remember the names of everyone, but the Bitch is Kevin, there is Lionel, Shaun, Jun(??)... and the girls!

Blow it like you mean it wtf.
The whistle actually blinks with light! Okay, why am I so easily amused with toys. T__T

Me with another toy (the thingy where you blow it and it extends?).
And oh ya! Mey and I kinda have the same hairstyle now... We have planned to do a haircut like that since last semester. :)

The crowd in the pool, and the stage.

A pool party is fucking awesome, though I must admit, dancing in a pool, albeit a shallow pool is really exhausting. No pictures of us in the dance pool (literally, heh) clad in swimsuits only because holding a camera there would be suicide.

My make-up completely melted off. T____T

At first, I didn't even realised that by splashing giddily in the pool, my make-up would be in the ruins... And I had two streams of black goo trailing down my cheeks.... T___T Emily the Strange, I come to you wtf.

Me and the 3 J's-- Jac, Julie, Joelyn.

Us with Nat, the (new?) deejay on
My face is censored to protect my reputation wtf.

Dancing, happy, high.


Flat hair Flat reunited!

Smalls, we need you! :'(


Anonymous said...

*cough* i love my camera *cough*

hey babe, i link u to my blog yar. : )

mustardqueen said...

wtf!! protect ur reputation???


kellster said...

looks like u had a blast :)
btw love the pics..very nicee
esp the sunway as ur backdrop hehe

happy new year!
sorry ah abit belated :P


revel in me said...

julie ann: Haha, out Ixus 70 are pretty hardy... ;) Link away, I will link you up too! =)

mustardqueen: FARK YOU LA! :(

kel: Haha, thanks! Happy new year to you too! :)

Anonymous said...

=( I want to come home. It's blazing hot here and deathly boring without you. Hows it going back home?

Anonymous said...


You're back. Received your message the other day and saved your damn number. We so must meet up super soon. I saw Mey already. When do I get to see you???

Love... :)