Monday, January 07, 2008

Operasi Save-My-Skin.

I went to MAS Kargo yesterday to retrieve all the things that I've shipped from Melbourne!

With the help of my crew...


... my very macho boyfriend.


Such an apt uniform HAHAHA!

And now I am united with the 6 boxes of clothes and shoes and bags that I've sent across the oceans. My life is complete. :) :) :)
I told my dad I really needed to ship books back, 'cause he was really against me shipping. What he didn't know was, out of the 6 boxes, there were only 3 books, out of which two were storybooks, HEH.


I have an uncanny knack of torturing myself with delectable food pictures during my darkest, hungriest moments.

At Paddington's House of Pancakes, better known as PHOP.
We went to PHOP before we went to SHOP, HEEHEE.

Teeny and Jing. Teeny looked so pretty here right!!! I think I want to get gray contacts too!

My hot Mocha (some things never change), cheapskate Jing's sky juice wtf, and Teeny's Macchiatto!

She got cheated, because she thought Macchiatto is something like cappucino... But instead, it is a caffeine shot of some sort!

an espresso drink with a teaspoon or two of steamed milk on top

I don't know whether I am paranoid, but I seem to think that without my bangs, I look hotter! -__-


Strawberry pancakes! With ice cream! And chocolate honeycomb butter! And maple syrup! Heaven tastes pretty close to this. ;)

My big mistake wtf.
Blintzes (a type of pancakes) with minced meat filling.

This tasted so wrong on so many levels... Like tasteless chicken stuffed into limp wanton skin. This will teach me to be adventurous with food. :(

And Teeny couldn't even try this dish! 'Cause usually she is the MPPJ of the family wtf.
BECAUSE? She is going to be vegetarian for 1 whole month! HAHAHAHAHAHA. She prayed for her foundation year results, and that's what she promised in return. It has only been 3 days, and already she is damn grouchy because of the lack of meat! The Hoe family are all carnivores wtf. I told her to be careful, because what if she gets kwasyiorkor wtf HAHAHAHA.

The three sisters. can't you see Teeny's hairy arm!

And I am very happy! I got to see Jac today. :) :) :)
Though we saw each other on NYE, she was drunk for most of that night, so today's intelligent conversation (about clothes and boys wtf) was a refreshing change. And I was sooooo good! We managed to get her whole birthday outfit in less than 2 hours! So much so that she has nicknamed me in Facebook Productive Wen. -____________-

Jac with her funky pink hair extensions.
Woman, you need to put on more weight! :(

We both had the same dish-- some noodles in spicy soup.

Errr, no pictures of me in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (where we were) because we met Ti Cheng and Shannon, and they started making fun of me and my bangs . T___T
Whenever I start talking, they gesture to their foreheads and make funny faces. T_____T

So, pictures of me taken before Jac came in her mom's van:


Girls, I need some huge huge huge beauty advice!
I was with Jac at some beauty counters just now, and almost everyone (the sales assistants) clucked their tongues at my face, and told me that my complexion is congested. :(

My skin condition has severely deteriorated in the past 2 months, and my skin seriously needs some TLC.

Thus, I need you girls to recommend me any facial products that you find effective, or even better, miraculous wtf. I am so desperate I am even thinking of using SKII, although I have heard horror stories that once you use it, you can't use other beauty brands, because your skin will then fall apart wtf. Is Shishedo any good? I vaguely remember some people recommending it before.
And oh! Do recommend good facials too! My skin really really needs some pampering. :(

My skin and I thank you first! :P


Anonymous said...

haha, ur face is fine!!! but i also need to find a miracle worker. i have now 2 days. HAHAHA. yay, tonight again ya? =D

Sophia said...

I love your new hair! It's a really dolly look but I like it more than your previous side swept fringe!

As for skin, facials are always good and I swear by Lancome and Thalgo products. Let's just say I believe only the French know how to work with skin :)

Kathryn said...

Cellnique products are awesome and whatsmore they have their own facial shop at Damansara Perdana :) the facial there works miracle :)

Anonymous said...


take the pill for your skin wtf. that's my beauty secret wtf.

cowiemoo said...

Try NeoStrata products! Highly recommended by dermatologists. There's this salicylic acid thingy that works like a toner which not only improves complexion, it also helps to remove scars. All you need is just the cleanser, this salicylic acid toner thing and sunscreen if you're going out. It's just as simple as that. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Dermalogica is good! :)

rae said...

i find cellnique products work only for a short period of time and then it just stops working like they promised.

like the blackhead prevention gel, after 6 months of continuous usage, i still have lots of blackheads :(
or maybe my blackheads are just plain stubborn la ish.

i read somewhere Vichy is good. try it and write a review! :)

Anonymous said...

I swear by Bobbi Brown- from their make ups to skin care products. even their foundation is moisturising + oil-free! ;P

Anonymous said...

Hey cousie..I like ur new hair..I always wanted to cut this kind of hairstyle but I have super big chocolate chip cookie suits u...guess ur 'crew' would adore u even more..hee..

For facial products....I am working in skin doctors strongly recommand this two brands..Avene and La roche Posay...I am currently using Avene facial the smell and the well cleanse feeling the facial foam leave on ur face..and I realise the brand is quite popular in Japan... (I sound like a promoter for Avene..ha) Anyway u can give it a try if u want... =)

revel in me said...

jaclyn: It's not la! Looks like shit. :(
And you'll look gorge both on wed and fri! <333

sophia: Haha, is dolly good? I dunno, the bangs are cut a little shorter than I intended, so I'll have to grow it out a little and see how it goes.. And I have used Lancome! But I don't think there was much difference in my skin... Any particulal products and facials you recommend? :)

baby kat: Is it? Cool 'cause I am looking for facial places now! :D

aud: Why are you so easily satisfied wtf, I have much better jokes haha!
And thank you for sharing your well kept beauty secret, my love.. T___T But can I not try something so drastic ar! What if I grow fat! T___T

cowiemoo: WOW, this product sounds amazing! Where can you get it? Please tell me I can get it in M'sia! :(

wanli: I just went for their facial yesterday! =) The facial was not bad! :P

rae: Really ar? =( I hate it, 'cause I have so many beauty products which promised me the sky when I was purchasing them, but when I use them, they just don't deliver results! GAH!
And where can I get Vichy? The brand sounds familiar! :)

anonymous: Ehh, ya! I know bobbi brown products are all natural! Any specific products you recommend? =)

yan ping: Haha, I am still trying to get used to the new hair! :P And my crew only said 'cute'... T___T

Hmm, I think Sui Lian che che also uses Avene! =p But you have damn nice skin la! *jealous*

mustardqueen said...

VICHY IN GUARDIAN wtf... erm... SOrry la I'm also looking at the recommendations instead of giving you... Taking but not giving wtf selfish sister... hahaha WE SHARE SHARE K!! wtf

rae said...

that's why my table is cluttered with products that do not work but im too kiamsiap to throw away haha.
yea, Vichy in Guardian and watsons too.

personally i like Aesop products, cheaper in aus tho!

Anonymous said... it..? i din know she is an Avene fan too..She is the one with damn gd skin lor ! envy envy...I even thought of having have nicer skin lor.. I think women from our family are just born vain...ha... 'crew' also said that to me when i cut my hair short... Men.. -_-" so all crews are the same..

u look damn sexy with ur new hairstyle..I like the china yet modern feel..(wtf..sounds like a bad compliment..ha) so keep it up ! When I am 10 kg slimmer and my face shrink to an oreo cookie size.. I will consider ur hair style..hee..and camwhore with u..!

Anonymous said...

paula's choice BHA and AHA chem exfoliators work like magic for me- no more blackheads on my nose and your skin texture really chabges after using it. try microdermabrasion products too. hope that helps:)
ps: those jealous i wish i had guts. (and a slimmer face to pull it off)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Aiya, you give suggestions, I won't take also WTFFF!

rae: I am actually back for good already, so no more cheap Aesop for me!=( And I am a little skeptical about Aesop, 'cause my friend used Aesop in Melbourne, and her skin broke out! :(

yan ping: Haha, ya! Her skin damn nice, even in the deserts, HAHAHA! And you've lost so much weight already! I want to lose 10kgs too! T___T But anyway, I think your features will look superb with this haircut! =)

cass: WOMAN, you have one of the most striking faces, and you say you can't carry off the haircut! -______- Hmm, where can I get Paula's choice products? :)

Anonymous said...

here:) seriously, the bha and aha products have really turned my skin around! warning though, after the first week my skin went through a detox period and i broke out. but after that it was glorious skin days:)

if you're willing to spendthe money microdermabrasion has done wonders for people i know. even pimple scars erased!

just went through a couple of posts worth of pics, the bangs really make you stand out. super cute with your eyeliner! i'm lemming those bangs now!