Monday, January 21, 2008

Play things.

We were talking about whether I have changed after Melbourne.
Specifically, whether I have became more superficial after going to Melbourne. (The answer is yes wtf)
Then I asked, "What about vanity? Have I become more vain after Melbourne?"
Jing: No la, that one not from Melbourne. That one from birth.






I like new toys. :D


Rebel said...

Hallelujah to vanity I say!

On a different note, I'm loving your bag.

Anonymous said...

girl u r so adorable!
just wondering if u use liquid liner or pencil liner. i have both but my pencil liner tends to smudge and my liquid ones..well, i have shaky hands :/

revel in me said...

simplecheryl: Haha, ditto! :P
And I am very in love with my bag too! <333

anonymous: Thanks dear! :) Wow, I use liquid and pencil, actually! I use liquid for the top lid, and pencil for the bottom rims. Currently, I am using the Bodyshop's liquid eyeliner, and Lancome Kohl pencil for the rims. I was previously using MAC's gel eyeliner, and I have also tried MAC's supposedly smudge proof eye pencil. I have also tried this ciplak brand called Silky Girl! But I didn't really like it, 'cause the color is too light, and you need to re-coat to have any effect at all. MAC's gel eyeliner is good, though not entirely smudge-proof, but i lost it. :( I think the body shop one is quite functional, it's not water proof, but it doesn't really smudge, and it washes off easy! As for the Lancome kohl pencil, it's one of the rare pencil eyeliner I find that don't really smudge. :) But then again, I have oily skin, so everything smudges off easily for me! T__T

revel in me said...

anonymous: And oh! I have heard that to have smudge-proof lower eye rims, it's best to use liquid eyeliner for that, but I have yet to master it. =( Hope it helps! :)