Friday, January 18, 2008

Slumber Party!

Part 2 of Jac's birthday celebration! Or should I say birth-month wtf.
All-girls sleep-over in Equatorial-- a fancy dinner out, drinks, and a whole night of girly chat and gossip! I could really get use to this type of lifestyle. ;)

Getting ready for dinner.

7 girls, 1 bathroom and only 1 dressing table. We live to constantly challenge ourselves wtf.

We had dinner at Kampachi! I have heard so much of Kampachi, supposedly one of the better Japanese places in KL. :)
Sharon, Joelyn, Amanda, Jac, Julie, me, Mey.

Poor Mey, who always have to bend in pictures.
And that's the dress I managed to get Jac to buy for her birthday, within 1 hour's time! Nice or not! :)
And my legs are the darkest amongst everyone. T__T

With the beautiful birthday girl. Only thing is, her birthday is next week.
Yep, you heard it from me first, she has another celebration coming up! -___-

With Mey. The moment I saw her (green) dress. I told her to steer far far away from me, 'cause our dresses would definitely clash wtf.
And yea la yea la, I have accepted that my eyes are the smallest among everyone I know. :(

At one side of the table: Joe (short for Joelyn), eh that reminds me, I want a masculine-sounding name too! Like Dan. Or Gabe. Or Alex. So empowering right! And Jac, me, and Mey.

At the other side of the table: Sharon, Amanda, Julie.

Jac's cold soba noodles.
It was served in the exact same way as the time we had it in Koko in Melbourne. Memories. :(

Me and my classic Kampachi bento.
Actually everyone had their individual pose-with-food pictures, and I know it would be damn meaningful if I can post everything up; BUT I HAVE TOO MANY PICTURES. T__T

Oh god, we make such a delectable picture. :P

It took every ounce of my control to not caption this picture 'Sexyback' wtf.
Bahagian belakang yang seksi WTF.

Roaming around the lobby to find places to take pictures.

Cello, and violin? I am sorry, I didn't pay attention in my piano classes! T_T
But anyway, do I look like the classical music type to you wtf.

And did you know that the hotel employees actually stood at one side to make sure that we didn't sit on the instruments! -__- Pffft. Exactly what I wanted to do, heh.

Julie coming out of the closet. HEEHEE.
And oh my god, I am never going to take pictures with the fairest girl of all anymore! We look like a muhibah couple. -__-

Forcing Equatorial employees to abandon their duties to snap pictures for us. ;)
The beginning of many many ANTM-inspired shots!

We went to Tiffin Bay. The original plan was 7Ate9, but for once jac wasn't up for alcohol, haha.
And what a coincedence! Jac's celebrated her birthday at Tiffin Bay last year! :)

Julie's nose sooooo cute here! Like a little chipmunk!

Oh ya, I am on a look-out for Mongolian friends. BECAUSE I AM SICK OF HAVING GIRLFRIENDS WITH BIGGER EYES THAN ME wtf.

Can someone please enlighten me, are the saucers and cups glued together? I have to know for once and for all!

Sharon, who is oh so pretty. I will date her if I am a guy, without a second thought! :P

Actually, all of our pictures are arranged so that Jac's back could be seen HAHAHA.

I just can't be lady-like. :(

What can I say? Yummy desserts (oh, Tiffin Bay's carrot cake, I love you so!) and milky lattes and good company, they bring out the best in me. :P

Or should I say, the best in us. ;)
Floating on a sugar high, we took some of the most marvellous pictures!

Yes, that's a REAL ladder. ;)

Now I know what short guys have to do if they want to kiss Mey. -____-

One of my FAVORITE pictures of the night! :) :) :)
It belongs in the ANTM ad, with Tyra Bank's little jingle, hehe.

By the time we were done with posing with/on the ladder, we were startled to find a group of construction workers next to us-- they were waiting for us to be done with the ladder so that they could start doing work to the ceiling, HAHAHA.

All pictures are credited to Jin, who emo-ed when I didn't credit him for posting up pics from NYE. :P

Pretty pageant-like picture. :)

And I told you, we could give ANTM a run for its money.




I felt like I was in a Hindi movie. Either that, or a game of Ibu Ayam wtf.

Back in the room.
I am sorry that we don't have pictures of us in cute PJs, painting nails and doing french braids for each other... We do have pictures of us have pillow fights and whatnots, haha, but they are not with me now!

Anyway, we had a camwhoring face-off!
We just utter a word, and we were supposed to pose in a split second!

Hahahaha, Mey's 'sexy' cannot make it! So innocent!

What was Amanda and Jac doing!! -_- And I was possessed by Dr. Evil wtf. Hello, Austin Powers! :P Julie wins hands down la, cross-eyed is way out of my league.

And I was wearing a white robe geddit geddit! HAHAHAHA.


Aaaa, such good fun!
I really love it when girls get together and have such undiluted fun. I think it was the first official girlie sleepover of my life, y'know. :(

So can we do one soon, girls?


Pretty, pretty please? :)


mizzvickz said...

my friend once told me that hot chicks usually hang out with hot chicks. how true.

all of you girls look gorgeous!

ally said...

HAHAHAHHA i'll be your mongolian friend!! i definitely have smaller eyes than you do!

Suet Li said...

eh who took all the antm pics for u all? all also construction worker take one ah wtf then he go back and wank to it WTF
your dress the front damn nice! only can wear if got boobs sigh. and jac's dress damn nice also! her legs damn nice ok i shall go comment in her blog wtf

KITMEY said...

eh woman, we had one girlie sleepover at jaclyn's new place rememberrrr mwahs

Anonymous said...

eh your new name from now on is going to be.... Fred wtf.

nothing gets more masculine than that what hahahahha

mustardqueen said...

HAHHA fred... btw, it's a double bass wtf, not cello... hahhahahahaha why is your sister so random... -______-

Anonymous said...

yeah the tiffin bay thing is memang glued together! cuz i was very fascinated and asked the waiter wtf

revel in me said...

victoria: That's why we are friends! :D :D :D

ally: Hahaha, your eyes not THAT small k! But ya la, let's form a club! T_T

suet li: HAHAHA not the construction workers la! It's Jac's friend, Jin.. He dabbles in photography, the pics damn nice hor! And I only have boobs now ├žause I put on weight! T____T And I help Jac chose the dress, damn ncie right! <333

pinkitmey: OH YARRRRR! Yay, my life isn't that deproved, haha! Muahhs! <3

aud: Fred, short for Fredula is it wtf. Can give me prettier name or not! T__T

mustardqueen: How do you know it's a double bass! Yesterday you told me it's a cello? :(

tzeching: Haha, why you so cute! Thank you for clearing the air for me wtf. <333