Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tickle the funny bone.

This is totally random.

But just suddenly, I feel this need to tell everyone.

I really, really, really , REALLY think humor is DAMN IMPORTANT.

Like, if you look at all the people that I love/am close to, they are all entertaining/funny/witty people (excluding my grandparents, I think their humor fell out along with their teeth wtf).

One of the most important criteria that I look in a guy is not security or good looks or intelligence but the ability to make me laugh. I mean, a relationship without laughter is like sharkfin soup without the sharkfin, sweets without the sugar, biji benih without the air-- bland, tasteless and dead.

From young, I am automatically attracted to people who can make me laugh. The feeling of cinching the punchline, when the fragments of the joke all piece together, and this huge swoop of warmth surge through your insides and erupt into a loud guffaw, that is the most exhilirating feeling ever. Or when you are the first person to get a joke, it just hits you like a slap on the face, and everyone looks at you in bewilderment, and one by one, everyone chimes into the laughter as the joke dawns on them. Or when you laugh till you keeled over, stomach heaving, gasping for air, and still you want more; keep them coming, you say.

I love wit, the ironic kind, the satyrical kind, the sarcastic kind, the faster-than-bullet kind... I love all of them! Wit is something like IQ, you either have it or you don't. Though I believe that it is something that can be cultivated (through books and hanging out with witty people), essentially, it's something in-borne, I think. Have you ever been in a situation when you are with one (or two or more?) people who are just soaked in wit, and you start firing lines at each other, and you just have to think on your feet to keep the momentum to going, to keep the chuckles coming? Oh, it gives me such a high! :)

Have you ever have friends whom don't get your joke, and pretended to have got it, and laugh along with everyone? I have friends like that! They will just nod along and laugh away with everyone else, but later they will pull you to one corner and ask you what was the joke HAHAHA. I remember there was one friend who was laughing with everyone at this one joke, and the 2 days later, during class, she started howling with laughter out of nowhere; and when we asked her why, she said "OHH! Now I get the joke!!! Damn funny!!" and proceeded to slam the table wtf.

And I love making people laugh! I don't claim to be the wittiest person around, but most people would call me entertaining. ;) But the feeling of churning out line after line on my good days, and being greeted with roars of laughter or even a titter or a teehee, it just puts me on top of the world! I feel so empowered. Damn, I think I am in the wrong field, I should have been a clown. -_________-

Anyway, here are some of the people in my life who has made me bubbled over with laughter, some of the witty crew...

Jing, who used to be slow as a wheelbarrow wtf, but who has caught up in terms of witticism. She constantly has me bowled over in incessant snorts of laughter. :)

Teeny, because she is damn garang and crude like that.

The boyfriend. But work seems to have dulled the humor blade a little wtf. Do all working people get dull! :(

Smalls, who complements me in every way when it comes to bitching and throwing witty comebacks. Remember how we are always the only ones laughing!

Priya, my high school best friend. The most stoned person you can find, but every word of hers is dripping with sarcasm, and you can't help but stifle a snort. HAH!

Audrey, friends for a few months, but laughter for life. Woman, you never fail to make me laugh. 'Cause you're damn sohai! Hahaha!

Victoria, because she has a poker straight face when she is telling the most ridiculous stories.

Shannon and Jon Lai, though I have only met them last month, but they are the funniest duo you can find! Like Dumb and Dumber, haha.

Michelle giving me where I want it the most wtf, Jon, and Shannon lurking (read: jumping to get into the picture) in the background.

And J.K. Rowling and and Ben Stiller wtf.

(This is not an exhaustive list, so don't come crying to me asking "Am I not funny! T__T" I love all of you!)

Anyway, pictures from Carl's Jr last week
Yes, food is such a big part of my life like that.

The first time I have heard of Carl's Jr was when Paris Hilton appeared in its ad wearing something (or should I say nothing) that will make my grandmother blush while washing a car, and it created heaps of hoo-ha.

Taking weird pictures while waiting for Jing at the ATM.

Stopping in the middle of the mall to take more weird pictures.

Why do I look like I have a uni-brow here! T____T

Haha, I love the captions! They are all so naughty! :P

And I love how suggestive 'it's gonna get messy' sounds! Just roll it off your tongue, it just sounds so devilishly sexy! Heh.

Big fat juicy burger waiting for us!

The emphasis on BIG. Because whilst we were ordering, the cashier kept on emphasizing on the fact that the burgers are humongous. Needless to say, we had expectations la. ;)

Teeny's chilli beef burger.



Teeny's chilli BEEF burger?????

Isn't she supposed to be on a vegetarian diet now? You ask.
She declared herself a break HAHAHAHA.

My Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
I was kind of disappointed, 'cause their bestseller, the Portobello Mushroom Burger was sold out. :(

My obsessive sister dabbing furiously at the mayonnaise.

HAHAHAHAHA look at the table next to us! They were taking retarded pictures of the napkin dispenser.
And on the left is Jing's equally retarded nose.

And I was severely overdressed for a fast-food outing! -___-
(It's a LBD)

Remember we were forewarned, "It's going to get messy"?

Look at how dirty her hands were! Ketchup and mayo all over, tsk tsk.
Grubby little kid!

Look at how a lady attacks her burger.

Actually, I was really quite neat with the burger ler. I think I eat too much burgers in Melbourne! -___-

Our aftermath.
And I am a closet carbo-phobic.

Overall, the taste of the burgers are alright, though I have to admit, I expected more. And the burgers aren't as big or filling as they claimed! We could all still eat some more after demolishing our burgers. It's priced around RM15 for a burger, and around RM20-ish for a set meal which comprises of the burger, fries and a bottomless drink. Pretty pricey for a fast food meal, but then again, I guess you pay for the quality and the size. And the fries were pretty yummy as well, they had potato skin on them, NYAMM!

As for me? I think I am going back to try my luck with the Portobello burger. ;)

Oh, and we only finished our meal at 10pm!
Only to remembered that our main purpose to OU was to spend some Parkson vouchers of my mom's which were going to expire that day itself. -________-


Vouchers wasted. :(


Anonymous said...

*watery eyes

only a few months and i'm included in the list *dabs at eyes

i beat even the dumb and dumber duo ok! even tho u met them a month ago only. cos there's 2 of them double combo *stubborn wtf.

muah love u!

Unknown said...

am i not funny *sour

mustardqueen said...

till you keeled over, stomach heaving, gasping for air, and still you want more; keep them coming, you say.

wtf like having sex lor this part -.-

And erm... NYAM hahah damn small lar i think we need 2 sets each lor then the bill come up we can get like banyak clothes from Gsquared wtf

And I'M FIERCE!!!! *shakes flabby arms*

mizzvickz said...

excuse me woman. my stories are real life heartbreaking stories ok..tsk tsk. lol

Anonymous said...

I'm the first because i'm the funniest RIGHT? :D

Or is it because you want to pujuk me back because you'd rather SING than SHOP! *gasp*

Anonymous said...

You should get to know me wtf

Portobello burger damn nice!

Anonymous said...

i think the person taking pics of ppl across not the napkin dispenser

revel in me said...

aud: HAHAHAHA why you so competitive wtf. Faster come entertain me on MSN! <333

tzeching: Haha, you are! Are you competing with aud wtf. I talk to her more! *sayangs

mustardqueen: WTF. Your forte ar, why you so familiar wtf. And ya, the burger damn small! *blows at nails*

victoria: Which is why they are evn MORE ridiculous HAHAHAHA!

jing: HEEHEE you know why! :P :P :P
I am sure everyone else is ITCHY to know too HAHAHA!

jiameei: I foresee that soon. <33333 And I want to try it, but Carl's Jr say that they don't know when they will replenish the stock!

jane: Heh, I think they were actually taking pics of the napkin dispenser, 'cause we were observing them, and we actually took a few pics of them, just that I chose this pic, 'cause you can see the napkin dispenser the clearest!:)

Suet Li said...

i dont see why i should comment in this post wtf
OK COMPETITION STARTS SEE WHO CAN MAKE HUIWEN LAUGH THE MOST wtf how lah we got no chance to chat properly, how are u gonna see my potential wtf
rm20 for a meal of fast food!? siao ah!