Sunday, February 10, 2008

All things auspicious!

Since it's Chinese New Year and all that, it's only apt that I present you with all things Fatt-Choy, festive, and well, CNY-ish! :D

Outfit for the first day of CNY.

I have been wearing red for the first day of this festive season for the past few years. At first, it was just a matter of matching my family ('cause sometimes the whole family is draped in red, and we look so cute travelling in and out of people's houses!) and finding something cute and red; but slowly, it built into superstition. A case of 'shit, I wore red last year, and nothing bad happened to me, what will happen to me if I don't wear red this year!!!' -____-

And I was so emo for the past week, 'cause I couldn't find my perfect CNY first day outfit. Now, the CNY first day outfit not only has to be red, it has to be absolutely cute and gorgeous! I mean, of course must start the year right, right? And I couldn't find something smashing enough. T_______T Well, actually, I did; I saw this really really gorgeous dress that day, it was a white linen tunic dress with a grecian collar, and it had fuchsia chrysanthemum outlines printed all over it, and clear hot pink gem stones were adorning the beautiful delicate neckline. Fine, it was hot pink, and not red, but pink is made of red and white, and hot pink is really near the red family, right? You get my point And most importantly, it was really really gorgeous.

But I didn't buy it when I saw it 'cause it was kind of out of my budget.
And when I went back the next day, It was gone. T____________________T

So I didn't have my perfect CNY first day outfit and goodness knows what is going to happen this year *superstitious*

And I started this year with a precious lesson: When in doubt, BUY. T___________T

So I just wore this dress which I bought when I first came back. Red with cute roman-like ruffles. Will do, will do.
And I look like a rat here right! Rat year wtf.

Pai Tee with a twist! With curry chicken and potato (i.e. curry puff filling) filling!
My aunt makes it for me every year because I just LOVE it. :)

And CNY has been pretty weird this year, because two of my relatives have passed away last year. Very very sad. Curious, I looked through my old post, when we first found out about Baby Che Che's departure, and it makes me feel so heavy-hearted. :(

And it was so heart-breaking. We were at my grand-aunt's place on the first day of CNY, and we were still laughing and chatting, then her son-in-law (Baby Che Che's husband) came over, and my grand-aunt thought back to those days when they would visit her in a pair, and now it's just him. :( And she started tearing. It was just so sad. :(

Anyway, moving on to less bleak subjects.

Teeny and I had auspicious nails! :P

Teeny is the one with the funky french manicure, she is always doing french manicures in different shades! And me with the red nails. Done by Teeny! :)

My mom actually agreed to pay for a manicure for me, but I broke 2 of my nails very recently, so there's no point going for a manicure. :( I actually requested Teeny to paint little white flowers on my red nails, but she drew what that looked like white windmills on my nails, so I told her to strip it and beat it wtf.

So boring red nails for me. Which are all chipped now anyway.

The little red packets! The only thing that managed to attract me out of bed before 12 noon.

With Teeny who was in a MOD-looking dress, CNY la, MOD for what!

Playing with mini mandarin oranges at Grace's open house today.
Looks like the Journey to the West monkey! And its pet dog.

Proof that I am a true bimbo! I got a PINK fortune cookie, whereas everyone else got the typical boring brown ones! How cool is that! :D :D :D

My fortune. Apparently it's supposed to be quite accurate.
Guess Amway is delving into feng shui as well WTF.

And the good news has nothing to do with weddings k! T____T
I am so paranoid now, seems like everyone wants me to get married wtf.
Today when an auntie gave me an ang pao, she told me, "this year I give you, next year is your turn ok!"
WTF. T__________________________T

With Choy Sun Yeh at the boyfriend's uncle's open house just now!

Last year when I was at the same function, the Choy Sun Yeh gave out ang paos (albeit with only RM1 in it) to everyone! But this year he gave red packets with a sweet inside. -____________-

Anyway, here's to a Happy Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!


Many many ang paos and loads of new year goodies, but don't eat till you're as fat as I am now ok. T_____T


Suet Li said...

sigh so sad abt your baby cheche =(
and last time i did french manicure with red then everyone said damn ugly i was sooo sad T___T

and and fortune cookie damn fake one ok! once aud got something like "what's a cloud with black legs" "ans: sheep" u tell me what kinda fortune is that..............

S h e r v e said...

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh your dress!!!!
I spent the beginning of first day fretting what to wear.. serves me right for not planning in advance. heh :p

mustardqueen said...

yeah champion, my nails are featured in ur blog wtf... hahahaha Shit la, you will share good news with ur loved ones, GETTING MARRIED ar wtf?? later "MARC yi seng cui" wtf... haahaha

smallswong said...

the chow sun yeh looks hilarious. hahaha!!! when we meetig up? =D

revel in me said...

suet li: Ya, I know. :(
And no la, I think red french manicure is quite nice la! They are just not fashion forward enough wtf. And HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH why the fortune cookies so funny HAHHAHAHHAHA why so stupid HAHHAHAH where she get wannnnn!!!!

sherve: Aww, thanks dear! :) :) :) Aiya, I am sure you looked fabulous despite the fretting. :P

mustardqueen: Meh, he doesn't get the hint. T__T

smallswong: Hahaha, he is! And seeing the little kids pat and poke the lions' asses is pretty darn funny as well. :P Malacca soon, whee! :D