Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Barney says it all! We are happy family.

My grandma said to my grandpa:

Eh, nowadays why you sleep so much! Look at you, your head shape all weird!!!

Haha, why my grandparents so cute!


I was trying to access Thesaurus.com to search for a word for this employment application form that I was filling up, but I just couldn't connect to the darn page.

Jing: Maybe May Zhee is using the website!

HAHAHHAHAHAHA! Maybe you will get it if you loath her as much as we do wtf.


This set off the whole car into bursts of laughter.

Teeny: What did A said to B when they met?




And my dad eats funky foods which look like that:

Hehe, it's actually a durian doughnut. :P


Sigh, why my family so weird! But so lovable right. :P


Pictures with a quarter of the family:

Pouty in the car.
Damn nice to be home, Jing fetches me everywhere! :P

Teeny, who was afraid of the sun.
But she damn stupid, what if one side of her face gets dark, and the other side doesn't!!!

Jing tried a new make-up look that day-- smoky eyes and very pale lips.
The whole day we were making fun of her: EH, WHERE ARE YOUR LIPS? EH, YOU LOOK BETTER WITHOUT A MOUTH LA etc.

Then the next day when she went back to her usual look, we told her, EH WE NOT USED TO SEEING YOU WITH A MOUTH wtf.

I really like the asymmetrical hem of my dress! I was fantasizing of wearing this dress and run around lush green meadows, y'know, all bare-footed and hitching up the skirt...
Eh, all my photographer friends, who want to offer to take said pictures of me! :P

Couldn't resist taking a leaping shot with my dress.
Yea, give me a swishy skirt and I become hyperactive. -__-

Serious, I met a friend in the Curve the same day, and without realising, I was talking to him while swishing my skirt to and fro... -___- Until he asked me, eh what are you doing with your skirt... T___T

I just realise something! All pictures have Teeny as the tiang HAHAHA.
Serves you right for being 5'8! *bitter wtf*


Heh, told you we are weird.


Suet Li said...

hahaha damn funny wtf and i love your dress! not the colors and patterns la but the swishy part. so 50's! or 60's. eh why am i always the first ah wtf

Anonymous said...

omg, i do the swishy thing with my skirt as well. the amount of people i've accidentally flashed is obscene!

Cass said...

hahaha ya la suet li why are you always the first! do you keep refreshing to wait for her new update wtf!

heyyy don't be shy la! do i look scary -__- next time if i ever meet you again i'll start talking but don't complain i blab too much k. :D

oh and i've actually linked you to my blog. and i locked my blog as well due to some reasons which you will read it in my blog.

if you'r interested in reading my BORING blog i don't mind adding you into my readers' list. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, i love you gucci tote! It's so so so pretty. Mind to tell how much u get it for? Please?

mustardqueen said...

eh! why say I tiang?? ahahaha wtf mayzhee must be using thesaurus for the past few days to reply people's comments wtf, jam kao kao lor that site...

mustardqueen said...

eh diu is the may zhee replying hate mails ar?? why hotmail not working also one... sorry lar vulgar cannot tahan lor...

Anonymous said...


Adeline said...

thanks for the very pretty clothes =)) have a safe trip to singapore! how long will you be there for?

revel in me said...

suet li: Haha, ya la, I love swishy skirts, make me feel so pretty! And yea, I was wondering why you always comment first... Gimme support wtf...

tastywords: HAHAHAHA, omg, me too! And my sisters will just be totally aghast, but I would still be swish swish swish, haha.

cass: Haha, you don't look scary la! Just that... damns talker-ish right, if I straightaway say hi, I read your blog! :P

And yes yes, please do add me! <3

peggie: I got it in melb, I think it was almost 900aud... But it's more expensive in KL though, I think about 3.1 k!! -___-

mustardqueen: Ya la, benci betul may zhee wtf.

tzeching: Haha, jing will be proud! :P But yea, I laughed to death when she said that, hahaha.

adeline: You're welcome, dear! I will be back on saturday! You have a safe trip too! <3

cheesie said...

i love your dress alsooooooo!

Anonymous said...

you and your sisters look like you guys came from the runway. too hawt ;D Anyways, how did the interview go? you have been mia!

revel in me said...

cheesie: Thank you so muchhhh! <333

smalls: WHY YOU SO SWEETTTTTT you made us very happyyyyy WE FEEL LIKE FLYING NOWWWW! Hahaha. Meet up SOONNN! :D

Anonymous said...

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