Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy birthday, Paris!

Today (17th February) is a significant day.

Happy birthday, Paris!


Wrong birthday girl.


The other Paris. :D

Happy Birthday, Jing!

Your idol is Paris Hilton, but you're in medical school.
And when you found out that Paris Hilton shares the same birthday as you, it further etched your fascination with her. -__- And you're convinced that it is meant to be-- you're meant to be a diva slash bimbo, that is, haha. :P


I am so so sorry for the late b'day post, but my stupid computer has crashed, leaving me with NO pictures of us!
So I only have pictures from these 2 days. T___T

Us at Marmalade today. :)

Jing's pita pizza with turkey ham, cheese and olives.

My wholegrain sandwich with smoked salmon.
The salmon slice was so thick!

Birthday girl and I. :)

What will I do without you, I don't know.

I get mistaken as the younger sister quite often, HAHA!

I look like this here.



My best best best most layan camwhoring partner. :)

Outfit for the day!
I was under strict instructions to not dress nicer than the lead woman of the day wtf.

But her dress damn nice right! I love the mermaid-like bustier. :)

Why she is my best best best most layan camwhoring partner in the world:

The First Wives club.

Eh, guess which camera is this picture from? WTF.

Spank me harrrrderrrrr.


(All pictures from yesterday and today's dinner)


Since young, we have been inseparable.
Until grandpa asked mummy whether we are lesbians. -__-

My biggest joys and pride. :)

You have one of the biggest hearts around, being so compassionate and sympathetic, so easily bursting into tears whenever there is anything that tugs at your heart strings.
Though you're damn calculative and stingy when it comes to money, haha.


You have a pink stethoscope, much to daddy's horror.
But you're just living proof that bimbos can have their brain, and use it too. ;)


You are blur and slow, especially when it comes to witty lines. But yet, you are always the one to make me howl with laughter at your sudden funny anecdotes.


You are the flipping your hair with me and saying "Why we so pretty wan!", but during those late nights, we jiggle our tummies together on the bed.


I can always trust you to give me the most honest opinions; you are the one who keeps me firmly grounded. Being only 19, you have helluva mature head on your shoulders. But though frank, you're never destructive, instead, you are always encouraging and supportive.

Not many people can say this, but you are really more than a sister. You are more than a friend. More than a soulmate. You are all of those rolled into one. Wait, you are all things good rolled into one. :)

When I start singing to you in dialogues, you will reply with warbling verses, thus sparking off an entirely musical conversation.

When I start dancing in front of you to Soulja Boys, you just cluck your tongue and give me the "Why you like that" look. But at least you let me continue dancing! Unlike our brother who pushes me away and tell me to stop hurting his eyes WTF.

When I push your door ajar, you always welcome me with a crisp and clear "NGOI YAN!", which is "lover" in Chinese. Except for when you fight with your boyfriend la, haha.

When I am laughing grossly loud at something lame that only I could deduce, you are the one snorting with laughter by my side.

When I order anything that is not edible (to me, 'cause I am just the fussiest eater), you will willingly exchange your food with me.

When I dress up for any outing, you're the one bustling around with me, asking me to ease it on the blush or to team it with shorts instead of jeans, to wear necklace A instead of earrings B.

When I am upset, and whether it's written on my face or not, you know. And you always give me space. Only probing me gently when you know I am ready to spill.

When I am bored to tears during family gatherings or stuffy formal dinners, you are the one laughing with me, and attracting dirty looks from daddy and mommy.

When I am eyeing something, you are the one given the task of subtly dropping hints to my boyfriend WTF. Though, not once have you succeeded. -__-

When I am hungry and itching for supper, you are always the one with the bottomless stomach, ever-ready to hit the nearest mamak with me.

When I stroll down the brightly lit corridors of shopping malls, you are the one bouncing along with me, and we will make fun of all the people who cannot make it wtf.

When I am on a bitching roll, you're the one to encourage me, and we will gossip till the wee hours. :P

When I am poking my fork at the piece of carrot cake, you are the one who is stabbing at the exact same piece; because we have the same taste, that's just how we are made.

When I am revving to shop, you never say no. You are my ultimate shopping partner. :) Though you never say no to what I want to buy, haha.


What can I say, you are just fully entwined with me.
Every aspect, every bit, every nugget, every corner of my life, you are embedded within. How could I just list down everything into words.


Where there is "I", there is you. :)


Happy Birthday, my love!


May you continue to grow and blossom into that wonderful woman you already are and would become.

I love you. :)


Suet Li said...

awww so sweeeeeet and her dresses all damn nice! happy bday hoe hui jing! (i hope that's your name wtf)

Anonymous said...

Haha. I wish I could write something so detailed about Jing. Quick, say its from me. haha!
That's a realy sweet post there. I think i teared a little bit. Haha

mustardqueen said...

Jing u reading this sorry la I'm uni now wtf cannot write you a post I promise I go home I'll edit all the damn pictures and do it hard ok wtf( UNI STUDNET IM ALL GROWN UP WTF!!) and err... BLOODY HELL LA!! You all alwasy talk and bitch and gossip till wee hours while I AM SLEEPING OK!!! wtf!!!!!!

ally said...

eh so sweet you and your sister :D

(hoho i recognise that dressing room too wtf)

revel in me said...

suet li: Haha, ya la, that's her real name wtf! :D

sam dang: She teared too! :P

mustardqueen: Eh, ya la, why you never join us in our midnight chats!

ally: Thank you, dear! <333 Haha, ya la, I think it's one of the more prominent boutiques around la.. :P

Anonymous said...

ur sooo "pin sam" la..u wrote jing a birthday post but never ting. xD

Anonymous said...

I like her dress with the mermaid detailling at the front. where is it from? or is she selling them off sell trade already? hahaha

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, jing!!!

Joshua said...

Kawan, since everyone is responding to your in your sister's blog, I shall do the same, wtf.

Lol. Enjoy your birthday cakes! We shall have a one-to-one shopping excursion soon!

Welcome to the 19s Club, :P


Mucho amore from your bestie.

eggyoke said...

your sister look so much alike you.. both of you twins ah...

revel in me said...

anonymous: Ting, is that you?? Wtf. Haha, no la, long story, but the circumstances were super off during her Teeny's b'day, hence my inability to do up a post for her... She knows the gist. :P

smalls: Haha, I damn like that dress too! :P Eh, serious lor, I think she will sell it off soon... -___-

jaclyn: Buy 1 free 1! :D

joshua: Am I included for the shopping excursion? ;)

eggyoke: Haha, if we are twins, it would be MY birthday too, ain't it? :P And we don't look alike lahh!!!

Anonymous said...

you are your sister both look damn ugly, no wonder you are sisters.plss don't camwhore like you're so hot. gosh. whats with the hair covered face

mustardqueen said...

hotter than your mama's ass ;D

Anonymous said...

no la, i think they're both damn fucking hot.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i think they're fucking hot!

and your comment doesnt even make sense anonymous. "no wonder both of you are sisters"? thats the most fucking retarded sentence anyone has ever put together. Man, go back to school and learn some england prease. fuck off and have a fucking terrible life you mother fucker

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hair is in.
haha, and how amusing it is that everyone who commented here have the best wishes for my sister, and the highest regards for the bond between my sisters and I, and here you are. So sour and bitter, my dear. Had a stinky Valentine's? ;)

mustardqueen: Eh you haven't answered me, were you the one accusing me of being 'pin sam' WTF!

anonymous: Thanks. ;)

sam dang: HAHAHAHA you are hilarious! :D

Anonymous said...

you're welcome!!

mustardqueen said...

haha welcome wtf ;P

To the first anonymous who sided me on my birthday post wtf: ARE YOU YIN???

And Che, it's not me I SWEAR TO GOD!! Or I'll stop flipping from my grave lor!!! (you know how important for me to flip in my grave wan lar, to express my feelings and emotions wtf)

Bhavani said...

Ehh, am I the only one who thinks that there's something fundamentally WRONG with that picture of Paris Hilton??? Her boobs look disturbing. Isn't she like flat-like-runway, how come suddenly so besar leh?? *suspicious*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wishings! *beams happily* <333

You who made me cry, i love you loads loads! *mwah mwah mwah* :D And i can't believe that it's gonna be ANOTHER YEAR till my birthday again, i feel like crying! *emo wtf* ;P

And Happy Birthday Paris!! *hearts* <3

sharon said...

you are such a sweet sister to your sister. T_T