Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy heart day.

I scrambled onto your bed, and stood on it like a proud conqueror.
Flailing my arms excitedly, I started bouncing and dancing on the bed to get your attention.

You saw me, and with a booming voice, you announced:

"Welcome to the Discovery Channel!
We are now showing a rare footage of the bedroom monkey...
...Doing the mating dance!"


This is when I jumped onto your back in mock anger, and I was given a (half-) piggy back.

Such is why we are perfect for each other. ;)

Somewhere along the way, we... I faltered.
But we are back on track. :)

I have never been happier, once again.
I miss you when I don't see you;
My head is filled with thoughts of you when we're not together;
I let out little sighs of contentment when I snuggled up to you;
Our daily good night messages are mushy and gooey;
We spend at least 10minutes saying goodbye to each other whenever I have to leave your car.

Definitely back on track. :)
And stronger, bigger and better!


Because we got that I love you, no I love you MORE, kind of love. :)


Suet Li said...

hahahhaha why he so funny mating dance haha emo nya this post

jmeei said...

I just read your previous post!!!

I hope your mum's okay hugs

eggyoke said...

I saw a girl look like you on the 13th Feb at City Hall Raffles City, singapore lah.. So I wondered if that was you... I didn't approached her cos' I was with my dear mah...

BTW, is your mum okay?

revel in me said...

suet li: Ya la, he memang damn idiot wan. :P And yaa, why only you realised how emo this post is! <333

jmeei: She is! Thanks love! :) Meet up! :D

eggyoke: Haha, my interview is arranged towards the end of this month, so it wasn't me you saw! :P And she is now, thank you for your concern! :)

eggyoke said...

so i hope to see you in singapore next month on the streets loh... dun say i no good host, i treat you ice cream and coffee lah...

eggyoke said...
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