Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lap Sap.

I am officially on a shopping ban. :(

My mom orchestrated a yelling fest at me both last night and this morning, and the crux of all the screaming and shouting is:

1. Why the hell do I buy so much clothes (I use 'much' because I think the amount of clothes I own has reached an incomprehensible leve;).

2. Where the hell am I going to keep all my clothes. The boxes and luggage bags in the living room is temporarily stored in my brother's room in conjunction for CNY, but this is just a short term solution. I have green light to get new wardrobe closets though. ;)

3. How dare I ask for more money to shop and to buy CNY clothes when I already have so many items I haven't worn before.

So the ultimatum is clear; Stop shopping, or else. :(


Anyway, the last you will hear from my shopping escapades for some time. Let's see how long that will last wtf.
Lap Sap sale in Palate Palette!

Lap Sap is translated to junk or rubbish from Chinese.

My outfit for the day. Wearing a practically backless dress during day time is something I would only do in Melbourne! -_-

And I always feel damn stressed on what to wear to these junkyard sales, because needless to say, there would be plenty of fashionistas and fellow fashion junkies present, so you might get the head-to-toe look-over! Cannot look bad in front of other people. Cannot lose!!! Wtf.

But I was feeling damn drowsy, hence just simply pulled on a dress. T__T

Upon reaching the lane where Palate Palette is located, Jing and I were worrying about parking, because the lane was very narrow, and there were roadblocks placed all over. However, as we were nearing the place, this security guard run up and started diligently removing a few roadblocks, to make space for us to park. Jing and I smirked, and we were like, "Haih, pretty is like that wan la!" wtf.

And then when we got out of the car, the security guard came up to us, palm stretched outwards, and asked for "lima ringgit" (5 bucks). T__________________T

Are we not pretty enough! T__T

And we actually reached Palate Palette too early! The sale was supposed to start from 1-7pm, and we reached roughly at about 1pm-- we didn't want to miss out on any goodies! But when we stepped foot into the place, most of the 'stalls' (each individual dining table was a stall) were't even set up yet! And it was obvious that a lot of the sellers haven't even arrived. T___T

So Jing and I and Joshua (Jing's bestie) make a quick browse-through of the stall already opened (which is one wtf), and we made way out for lunch. Nagasari Curry House wtf. Palate Palette is too espensive ok! :(

The entrance of Palate Palette. It's definitely a cool chill out place!
ALL MY FRIENDS, please make a date with me soon to go there aight! :)

I love those round old chairs... My mom's wooden house where she grew up in Johor has those as well. And do you see the colorful plastic hula-hoops! Damn random.

And random, Palate Palette was! :P

Carousel horse with colorful afro perched proudly on the bartop.

Mr. Giraffe, I see you!
Not many people noticed this!

Colorful flamingo heads jutting out from the wall. An artpiece of some sort?

Not to mention the chandelier made of paintbrushes hanging at the entrance... Sigh, I didn't really explore the place la!

Heh, the lighting was good.
And my hair looks messy here... So it looks a little wavy? What do you think if I perm my hair next?

Tralala, disco ball. Saturday night fever, BAYBEH!

The dreses looked like they are dancing under the twrling disco ball!

Fellow shoppers in the Lap Sap sale. Most of the sellers are so good-looking, and dressed so well! :)

And I LOVE the hair of the girl sitting down-- she is totally ROCKING a hair color I would never dare to touch with a 10-foot pole!

Peacock! I like funky murals like that. I want them in my bedroom!

Furry ball earrings. Kind of creepy. Reminds me of CRITTERS! Omigawd.

Met Cheryl and Shervin there as well! :)

And erm, this is going to sound really weird, to the so extremely pretty girl from Aussie who came up to me that day, the one with the funky yellow batik skirt! I am SO SO SO sorry I was so disoriented, and so RUDE! I didn't even ask for your name! I was too groggy from a lack of sleep. :(
But you are so HAWD, and it was nice meeting you!

And as usual, moving on to my buys!

Cream lace corset.

Oversized men's striped cardie, have been looking for one of this soon! :)

Backless chiffon top with a generous sprinkling of shimmery sequins and diamantes with a back-sash!
But it's sheer, so I have yet to find out how I am going to wear this. -_-

Vintage dresses:

Polka-dotted dress with a 80's feel.. I love the fishtail hem!
Wearing this with a red corsage in my hair would make it so Sex and the City, hehe!

Cutesie vintage dress with a lovely turquoise shade!
Eh, I just realised both the vintage dresses I bought are polka-dotted.

This is my regret of the day.
It's actually a sheer bathrobe, but I was too ambitious and was planning to get it and wear it as a dress/top(with a slip underneath), but when I tried it at home, it looks like... a bathrobe! -_-

Haih, never mind la, looks like its only function is to seduce the boyfriend. Though I suspect the picnic-blanket look won't bode well with him wtf.

Patchwork shirt with wooden buttons. So cute!

Silk white cheongsam. The owner actually revamped this conservative piece a notch, by adding black lace onto the mandarin collar. A rather interesting touch, I'd say. And I think she altered the dress as well, 'cause it's so fitting and indecently short! :P

Plaid jacket, with a ruched bottom and a matching belt, love the slanted zipper, love the fit. It's a tad too thick to be worn in M'sia, but oh, it will look so good with tan boots! I want Melbourne now. :(

Lilac corset with bow. A little too tight, this one. Must. Try. Clothes. Before. Buying.

And a bad!

A white silk evening bag. Love those pleats! I saw a similar clutch in Lulu Guiness which I fell in love with. :)

And that, is the tale of buying other people's lap sap to add to my own lap sap.

Stay strong, hui wen.
Stay strong.


You can turn a face away from shopping.


Suet Li said...

and that's why you are banned!

c r y s t said...

omg how dya manage to get to so many lapsap sales that i've never heard of?!! and that evening bag... so gorgeous can die T_T

mustardqueen said...

wtf why is Cheryl there again wan wtf hahahaha erm erm... yer no fun luckily I didnt go ok, i will feel so left out and I will throw bitch fit again...i wanna dye my hair like the ah beng we saw today with the coconut hair!! It's plum i think so cantik ok!!!

jmeei said...

There there it's okay *sayangs

The cheongsam's really pretty!

ally said...

i really like the cream corset!! <3

Anonymous said...

love the lace corset, silk cheongsam, lilac corset and the purse!! (although the purse looks highly unpractical!) why these people selling these nice stuffs ah? i don't think they're lapsap :P

and i think my mom is going to yell at me like yours did very soon. my sister has started on her behalf already :( we're going to HK tomorrow for CNY and my dad refuses to give me extra pocket money for shopping! T____T he said, use your ang pow money la. my sis said, no money mah don't buy so much la. how can!!! what if there's this absolutely worth it buy!!! cannot simply go and fly back to hk to buy anytime right? T____T

Rebel said...

No shit. Kelz, Sherve and I was thinking.. "Wah, damn nice la the security guard."

Then wham.. "RM5 please."


ehhhhh..where were you la!?

revel in me said...

suet li: Boo, why you so harsh with me. :(

cryst: Haha, I just kept an eye out for this type of sales! And I damn <3 the bag too! Had to bargain kao kao! :P

mustardqueen: Because true fashionistas will go, boo to you, for ffk-ing us! :( Must come with us for the next one k! Whenever it will be wtf. And it's pplum meh? I thought silver??!!

jmeei: Are you sayang-ing me! Or my sister! T___T Nvm, I chup.. *LOA wtf* And yaaaa, I like the cheong sam too! But my sis said it looks eerie. -__________________-

ally: Haha, me too! But dunno why I have damn alot of corsets recently.. -_- I think it's a subconscious will to shape and mould my body wtf.

foongjin: Hah, you like the corsets! You maing! wtf. And I'm planning to uyse the bag for night... and clubbing I guess, which is not entirely practical too, since it's silk. But if I were to get the Lulu Guiness one, it'd cost me about RM700-plus after discount!!! Even then, that is made of fabric as well. Bah.

And oh my god! I totally feel you! T___T I mean, HK is a once-off opportunity right! If you see something you like, of course must buy la, not as if you can get it anywhere else also... Why our parents don't understand such a simple core human instinct... T___T

simplecheryl: HAHAHA you also kena-ed??? Haha, damn shy la we all! :P

Anonymous said...

hey! i'm the crazy girl in the yellow batik skirt lol. dude, i thought i shopped a lot, hope your ban gets lifted soon!