Thursday, February 14, 2008


Someone found my mom's wallet lying around in Damansara, and as it goes, one good turn leads to another, and the wallet is back with my mom now! Her driving license and cards are intact, but her IC is gone. Damn that thief, he probably took the IC to sell or something. GRR!

This sort of things make me wonder whether I made a right decision to come back to Malaysia.

It's only reasonable that I blog about roses and chocolates and love in the air.

But I am so so so disturbed and depressed now.

My mom got mugged RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE this evening.


The automatic gate was jammed, and my mom got out of the car to jiggle it a bit, and was yelling at my brother (from inside the house) to come help, when my mom heard the words "Ini-lah, ini-lah!".
Before she knew it, she was pushed onto the ground, and of course, instinct shot back, and she started tugging at her bag which the snatch thief was yanking at. However, at the corner of her eye, she saw him reaching into his jacket, and in fear that it could be a weapon of some sort, my mom released the bag.

And the snatch thief escaped scot free.

My mom's designer bag and wallet, her mobile phone, her cards and identification documents, all gone in a split second.

And judging from what my mom said, most likely, the snatch thieves were just going around the neighbourhood, looking for vulnerable victims. And the evening period is chosen because that's when most people return from work. The whole family is really worried that the thieves will return for more easy loot. The most worrying this is that it happened right outside my house. For the first time, I feel so insecure and unsafe under my own roof. I hate that I can't even feel safe in my own home. I worry about stepping outside of the gates, because I don't know what is awaiting me. I am afraid of the short journey between my car to my house gate.

The snatch thief not only stole my mom's belongings.
He robbed the sense of security and belonging that we have towards our home.

Never have I felt so strongly about this.


Satay Celup at Malacca today.
More up when I am not so affected. :(


Anonymous said...

poor auntie hoe! how is she ok :((( take care dear :((((

Suet Li said...

omg im so sorry to hear that! is your mom ok??
stupid police! go catch snatch thieves la why wanna go around claiming 'muslim' bodies!!!

Sue Lin said...

So sorry to hear that!

caffeinetizen said...

Hey hui wen. Lenny here.

Sorry to hear abt your mum. I have been robbed before with the robbers using broken glass and moto helmet to threaten me.

Take good care of yourself and be vigilant the next few days becos they know where u live now.

ally said...

omg thats so disturbing. hope ur moms ok :(

revel in me said...

aud: She is ok la, a few scratches.. But she is super paranoid now! And so are we. :(

suet li: She is quite affected la, I think! It's all she can talk about now.. And she doesn't even dare to drive her own car now.. :( And ya la, the security in our country is seriously... foul.

sue lin: I know! :(

lenny: Leonard, is that you? :) Oh my god, wtf, broken glass and helmet??? That is CRAZYYY!! Arghh, ya, the most worrying thing is we are afraid the thieves will be back. :(

ally: YAAAAA we are all on quite low spirits now. :( Thanks for your concern, dear..

Anonymous said...

OMG..I am so sorry to hear that..Is ur mum alright ? I guess she must be real shaken after this incident.. you girls must take care when going out of your place k...these thieves will still be around eyeing for vulnerable victims...

I hope the stupid polices will catch the stupid robbers soon... ! Hope u guys will get over the incident soon.. god bless...

Anonymous said...

hope ur mum's all good.

hope that blady thief falls into the longkangs for 100000x wherever he goes...shitface!

m'sia is definitely not safe at all.

i had this conversation with my sis and it goes like this..
" can i go home late? walk home u know.. ? "

my sis said, " yes of course. it's safe in melbourne. unlike m'sia u might get raped! "

the thought of being back in malaysia, holding a bag ( swinging it ), walking along the streets is enough disturbing.

Anonymous said...

make sure you change ur locks and your car lock too! cos the buggers also took the keys right?

revel in me said...

yan ping: Haha, yaa, she's damn traumatized, she uses plastic bags now as her handbag, HAHAHA! Thanks for your concern, dear! <3

liing: I KNOW... In melbourne, I actually feel SAFE... But in KL, there are just so many things that I have to watch out.. It's like I can't trust anything and anyone... And I can't take safety and security for granted. :(

anonymous: Oh my god, you got my fear! But THANK GOD, my mom's keys were not in the bag when it was stolen! :) :) :)Thank you for your words of caution. :)