Monday, February 25, 2008

That auspicious number that we all like!

This is damn bimbo, but I just found out that I left out one pair of shoes! So added wtf. This is not any pair of shoes! It's also one of my favorites of the lot, and it makes me a BIKER CHICK!

I just watched a rerun of The Devil Wears Prada just now! Am in such a deliciously superficial mood now, haha. Therefore here's a shrine wtf for the shoes I have bought since I got home, not that many, compared to some shoe freaks that I know of... -_- But it's still a pretty big headache to hide these shoes from my mom! ('Cause as far as she's concerned, I am on a shopping ban *shifty eyes*).

As of now, these babies are hiding under my set of drawers, sitting with some of my pharmacy buys, and mixed with clothes wtf.

Vintage-looking lace shoes with a kitschy gold button on the cream satin bows!

I have been wanting one of these transparent shoes... To satisfy my Cinderella fantasies. Glass slippers wtf.

Patent loafer platforms! The color is BRIGHT, makes me cheery when I look at it. ;)

Zara cream flats with gold padlock. Reminds me of these shoes I wanted to get from Tony Bianco from Melbourne. T___T
And it looks like a cross between Marc Jacobs and Chloe paddington right! *self-reassuring*

Another Zara peeptoe wedges... Love the straw-like detailing at the wedges part. And I like the earthy feel of this pair! :)

Bright yellow pumps, have been looking for one for ages! You can tell I really like my colors bright huh. :P Love the wedges on this pair too.

My Chanel-inspired pumps! Ya la ya la, I associate all my shoes with designer brands WTF. These shoes are slightly too big for me, but since it's maryjanes, it's something I could ignore. ;)

White patent sneaker-like pumps.

I just know the boyfriend would love this pair of shoes. -__-
Do you all have the same problem-- the boyfriend likes you in T-shirts and jeans and sneakers??? -_____-

And my favorite pair out of the lot! :D :D :D
Black velvet pumps with semi-precious stones and diamantes... So pretty right!

Just added this pic!
See, there are my BIKER CHICK shoes! Love the shiny turquoise/sky blue sheen... And it comes with a gold zipper, which is so damn sexy!!! I can just imagine strutting down in these shoes with a mink coat, damn diva right! I am anti-fur, but that's another story wtf.

And I realised that my obsession with button earrings have yet to cease... -____-



I think that I am a corn ar, 'cause corn have EARS, geddit geddit??? :P


Anyway, just now Jing was filling out some forms right next to me, and I realised something!!!

The way she writes '8' is different from me! And it's really weird!!!

This is how she does it:

She draws two circles resting right on top of each other!!!
Where got people write '8' like that right! It's as if she is in a drawing class!!!

I was trained to write my '8's this way since young:

The black dot refers to the starting point.

My grandma and mom used to grasp my hand tightly tightly and make me reiterate over and over again this way of writing my eights, so I *believe* this is the correct way of writing.

Erm, the reason why they were so persistent with teaching me the right way of writing '8' is because I used to write them this way:


I will draw a terbalik '3' on one side, and join it back with a '3' on the other side! 'Cause I really liked art mah wtf.

Anyway, I checked with Teeny, and here's how she does her '8's:
The black dot refers to the starting point.

She writes it in the opposite way from me! Which is quite alright, especially when you compare it to Jing's retarded way of drawing 2 balls resting on each other. -__-

I never knew everyone had their own way of writing the number eight... Starts making me wonder how people write their ABCs and all the numbers! Even the symbol for infinity wtf.

Such food for thought right!! So which way do you write your '8's?? Is your way more creative? :P


Suet Li said...

hahah i write like huiting's! and your shoes all damn nice! not all la but most. sell la i'm size 6 vincci! sell la wtf

mustardqueen said...

maybe im more of the genius blood wtf... i thought majority ppl writes my style... and err at first i thought u so pin sam u write about jing didnt write about me... *sour* My alphabet A gt double stroke in the left cause Im lazy I show you at home lar wtf

Anonymous said...

You actually hid all those shoes from your mum?? so many~! hahaa.. I like the black and white Mary pretty..

and my bf likes me to wear sneakers as well..why are they like that ar..

eggyoke said...

my way of writing 8 is diff from all your examples... i start from the top...

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes!!!!! <3 <3

BLInGs BL!nGs said...

babe where do u get the yellow wedges? so they come in different colors? =)

Cass said...

hey. :)

i'm cass, one of hui jing's buyer from STKL. think i met you once at 1u when i met up with hui ting for a top from hui jing?

so confusing. :D

started reading your blog when she told me she found mine and i was hooked immediately. ;)

love all your shoes especially the white mary janes. :)

oh and i write 8 like hui jing. am i weird too wtf -__-

sharon said...

i write like jing's but the direction for both circles are clock-wise! i just like that it's rounder n nicer like that. hahahahaha

my bf also like me best when wearing tshirt n jeans. -_-!!!

Anonymous said...

Score 2 for Jing WTF! =P And my bf likes me in TIGHT BLACK dresses wtf, why is my bf like that! -________-

P/s: Eee, along with my comment there's no more EIGHT comments, geddit geddit? ;P

Rebel said...

Shoe post!


Ok la, I'm a shoe addict myself! I actually hid my shoes in my car cos my mom was complaining that I had too many.

I love your biker chick shoes! Super cute.

revel in me said...

suet li: I am size 7! And if I don't mind killing my toes, size 6 also can wtf. Eh, you not pantang to buy/wear second hand shoes meh!

mustardqueen: Where got majority people write in your way! I don't believe. T__T And eh, I still don't get what you mean by double stroke on the left.. Is it a sex move ar WTF.

sarah: Haha, I managed to! Or maybe she saw, but she hasn't exposed me yet. *shifty eyes* And ya la, I also don't know why men are like that! Sneakers very nice meh! They can just look at their own feet what wtf.

eggyoke: Haha, why you so special! :P

nat: Thank you my dear! <333

bling blings: I got it from Pyramid! Damn lala place, but can get pretty nice stuff if you dig.. :P Aww, I think I took the last pair though! :'(

cass: Haha, of course I remember you! Actually when I met you at that time, I know who you are 'cause I read your blog too, but I was shy to make the first move wtf. EH WHY YOU WRITE 8 LIKE HER!!! Damn retarded, hahaha! :P

shaz: -__________________- Why so many people are advocates of the '2 balls on top of each other'!!! Am I the odd one out now... T__T But haha, you damn cute, like fat and round 8s wtf. And ya la, I really don't get men's obsession with tees and jeans! T_T

jing: Don't be so arrogant! I don't believe everyone also so weird. T__T And ya, it's proven la, sam dang damn ham sap, haha...

And ya la, no more EIGHT comments! Not auspicious anymore wtf.

simple cheryl: Yay, fellow shoe addict! <3

Haha, I usually hide my shopping bags in the car too! Then sneak out at midnight to sneak them back in... -_- And yesshhh, I damn love the biker shoes, it makes me feel so hot in them... <3

Sue Lin said...

love the biker chick shoes great great pair!