Friday, March 28, 2008

30 dresses.

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Haih why am I so demanding. T____T Thank you, I love you long time! :D

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I am aching all over like an 80 year-old woman now.
Went to the gym for the first time after 3? 4? months, and OUCH. And asking my sisters to charitably massage me to ease my pain was to no avail-- Jing looks away when I ask her to wtf, and Teeny treats me like a punching bag when she massages me. -_-

But my aching body is a good sign, no? Means I am building muscle!!!
Ya la, I was poking my whole body today, expecting to find toned, hard abs wtf. Why am I so impatient!!

Anyway! Girly day with my sisters today, 'cause they are both on break now. As for me, I am a permanent bummer, at least until July. ;)

30 dresses was on the agenda today!

27 dress + 3 dresses = 30 dresses WTF.

Before we booked our tickets for the movie, we were like, eh all must wear dresses ar! Haha, we have dress-up themes everytime we go go watch movies wan-- for Shrek, we wore green; for Transformers, we wore Optimus Prime colors wtf... Why are we like that!!!

I looked like I have no neck here. T___T

At Miss Read-- which is a major event for us, because we were so broke for the last few weeks, that high tea sessions were definitely out of the question. :(

I told Teeny many times not to pick her nose in public.

NAHHHHHH can see a bit of brown on my hair ok!!! *defensive wtf*

I have mocha so often that my sister suggested for me to take on Mocha as my English name when I go over to S'pore. Mocha Hoe. -___-

French Onion soup! Which is covered with a thick gooey layer of melted mozzarella cheese, baked to golden brown perfection, SLURPPP.
I tried to convinced myself that cheese = protein, heh.

Tada, how the soup looks like inside!
Scrumptious onion soup, with soft onion bunches and soup-soaked pastry.
Jing says it looked gross, but I think it looks like sharkfin's soup!

Sigh, recently I have just been craving for a lot of soup. :(

Jing's carbonora.
Ok-ish, but somehow, seeing pasta swimming in too much cream sauce (like a pool!!) always make me a little geli.

And 27 dresses is not bad a movie! Typical feel-good chick flick la, but at least some of the lines were witty. And oh gosh, the bridesmaids' dresses were horrible!!!! I am still contemplating whether in the future I'll make my bridesmaids wear pink taffeta dresses with bows in monstrosity proportions HAHAHA... Just for the fun of it. ;)



Gotten from here.
The site is in Chinese though, and I am too lazy to rake through all those Chinese characters!

Do you not want to get married at these gorgeous places! Such beautiful settings for the most magical day of my life... T___T


And I chose the dress I was wearing today because it reminded me of a garden wedding!!!

Which is what I want. don't steal my idea k! :P


c r y s t said...

WTF when i first saw yr title i thought u bought 30 dresses!! *swt*

anyway i voted for your 'HAPPY' post. dya need me to email u personally to share yr prize? har? ;)

mustardqueen said...


And you weren't even there when the familia de horreur watched Shrek 3!! hahahaha klakla, Imma be nice in at least ONE comment in ONE post hoho~~

Matching undies WTFWTF *inside joke*

Anonymous said...

wahhh the food looks damn shiok! im hungry already...

*drooools all over keyboard*

Anonymous said...

uh... don't you mean optimus Prime?! :)

revel in me said...

cryst: Hahaha I am not so crazy la! Not all in a day la, maybe 1 week wtf. THANK YOU, DARLING!!! Ok la, you email me la.. T_____T But you must include praying services for me k wtf.

mustardqueen: Aiyo, took 1 pic only mah!! T___T And erm, not Shrek ar? Shrek 2? Grinch? I remember got one movie we wore green to match the monster wannnn!

dweam: Haha damn nice right! But you have Coffee Club, lagi shiok... T____T

apricot: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!! I can't believe I made such a big typo!!! Optimus CRIME HAHHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA! I edited already! THANK GOD you corrected me, haha! :P

Anonymous said...

nyam nyam! i <3 delicious! and where are the desserts!!!

Anonymous said...

I went bangkok and bought 30 dresses! XD

Pam Song said...

Garden weddings are dangerous weddings. Everything's pretty much dependent on the weather. If it misbehaves, there goes your magical day.

Indoors lah! (Then at least nobody steal MY garden idea. =p)

revel in me said...

foongjin: Sigh we very broke la, no money to have desserts.. T___T

catherine: Haha, you lucky thing! Sigh, really want to go to bangkok to see whether stuff are really that insanely cheap la! :(

pamsong: HAHAHHAHAHA why you so smart! Boooo... We share share ideas la, then we make sure we don't invite the same guests, hehe! :P

jeanchristie said...

i think u look better with this jagged fringe :P

home home home for a week! woohooo!

and your dress is cute!

..and yes can see your brown karer hair hahah