Sunday, March 02, 2008

Back from Singapore!

Smalls' wall post for me on Facebook:

Crap forgot to wish you. Oh well facebook wall messages is as good as FACE TO FACE wishes right? Hahah Anyways all the best for your interview in Singapore. You will definitely kick ass there *hugs* =)

Well, the verdict?

Arse kicked. ;)

Aiya, actually not completely true la. No asses kicked in the process of the interview, but I think I did pretty well. At least in terms of poise and confidence, I think I hit the right note. But anyway, I'll know the decision next week! Damn shy if I don't get the job. T___T

So ya, I've been away in S'pore for my job interview for the past few days.
Not a last minute plan, just in case you're wondering, considering that I made no mention of it before leaving, but heck, I am seriously damn last minute in packing. -_- I had to bring interview books (from the boyfriend, 'cause I am kiasu like that wtf), accounting standards (to skim through just in case they ask me), accounting textbook (for technical questions), and my giant book of certs... T___T And passport photos, extra copies of resumes, employment application forms... So many nitty gritty details to prepare!

Anyway, you would notice I am very rambly today, because frankly speaking, I haven't spoken for 3 days! T__T My mom (I went down with her) was just yakking away with my aunt 24/7 about the 'good old days', and my cousin brother was always in his room seducing his college student girlfriend wtf. And I couldn't really go online as the computer is in said seductive cousin's room. So all I did was just read S'pore entertainment magazines, right up till Nov' 2007 (it's a weekly magazine by the way -_-)... I swear to god, I can recite the personal lives of every single S'pore celebrity by now.

And the bus ride today! Oh my god. 7 hours (a delay with the bus + traffic jam at the immigration center) of just doing nothing. Now I know time actually passes by quite quickly when you are staring offspace. And sleeping wtf. I swear to god, I was sitting for so long that my butt is flat now! T_T God, I prayed for a smaller butt, but I didn't mean that I want it squashed. T___T

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that for once, I am going to have all the pictures of my trip up! :) Some of you may have realised, I always quit after day 2 of any of my travelling escapades. -_-

.... because I only have a grand total of 4 pictures from my trip this time wtf.

All pictures taken at this Chinese health restaurant that we went to!

This is called the 8 treasure tea. Besides obviously being beneficial to health, it actually promises to ward off bad chi! How cool is that! :P

A counter with a tabib (Chinese medical man?), who will actually diagnose your health by taking your pulse (just like in those olden days!), and then he will prescribe some suitable herbs for you.
Those herbs are kept in the drawers and drawers behind! Damn unique right! :)

And that's not all....

You get to sit on weird ass chairs like that!! :P
It's modelled after the Buddha's hands, I think. But it felt quite strange to be sitting on a hand la, what more with a hand posed like that... I kept on feeling that the fingers will flick my butt playfully wtf. T__T

A very yummy appetizer-- braised egg white and scallop on crispy potato biscuit.
I loved it! The braised egg white made me feel tres healthy (heh, anything white and soft makes me feel so, which is why I idolise tau foo far wtf), and I love the shreds of scallop! And the potato biscuit tasted like potato chips! But it costs S$4 per piece... which makes it the most expensive piece of potato chip I will ever eat. -__-

Ok la, since I have so little pictures from my trip, I feel compelled to post up some pics of my buys... But I seriously bought damn little stuff. :( I was down in S'pore on Wednesday night, and I actually spent the whole Thursday cooped up at home, because my mom felt happier gabbing with my aunt, and I don't know my way around S'pore too well to venture out on my own. But of course, put me in Orchard and I can navigate like a magpie to a brass ring wtf. But alas, I wasn't really up for going anywhere the day before my interview, felt safer to stay home and prepare for it. :(

Anyway, all these are in a day's work, after my interview. Which is when my shopping tendencies flood back like a dam unleashed, hehe.

I like the petal detailing on this top.. Hello, high waisted shorts! :P

Rick satin on this one. And I have to admit, the color caught my eye! Not 'cause I like orange.. But the boyfriend does...
Sigh, am I the only one who dresses to cater to the boy sometimes? T_T

Ok la, looks like shit here.. But it's actually a baggy bejewelled batwing shift dress... I like the casual, not-trying-too-hard look with this dress. :)

I love this dress... The rosettes and the beautiful back...And the luxurious feel of satin...
The only problem? I have the same dress from F21 in pale lilac. -_______________-
But the dress from F21 has the rosettes at the back! *shifty eyes*

Ruffly top in delicate silk, I like! I have a soft spot for ruffly things nowadays, heh.

And some accessories from F21 and Topshop... I have no idea why I go all the way to S'pore, only to get things that are available in KL. -__-

Colorful kitschy oversized clutch-- perfect to brighten up outfits!

Have been eyeing this in KL-- love those plastic charms!

I like the fact that by adjusting this necklace, different looks will emerge! :P For example, I can only show the black gem hearts... Or only show the gold flower... Or layer it...

My mom picked this for herself, damn funky hor my mom?

I have been looking for cuffs like that as well. :)

My retro bling. :P

Getting in tune with J.Lo, hehe.

And that marks the end of my S'pore trip! Now everyone bow your head down and mutter a silent prayer for me that I'll get the job wtf.


I swear to god, I am the most unloved child.

I have been having mild chest pains since last night, so when I saw my dad just now, I told him about it and asked whether I am getting a heart attack wtf.
(in case you are confused, my dad is a doctor!)

He barely threw me a backwards glance, and just jabbed at my collarbone half-heartedly and told me "Aiya, nothing wan la. Young people won't die so easily."

WTFFFFF you tell me!!! Why am I so unloved. T____________T


jmeei said...

Congrats in advance! Hurhur

And your dress with the rosettes <3<3<3

And YES I cater to Tat's wants also! Must grow long hair la must this la must that la but I'm putting my foot down *determined

david santos said...

Hello, Revel!
Excellent poeting! Really beautiful.
Thank you.

Suet Li said...

ahahhah why ur dad so funny! humor runs in the fmaily wtf. and i swear u have all the clothes u bought edi lor! haha


revel in me said...

jmeei: Don't so fast congratulate!! What if ter-jinxed.. T__T

Haha, it's actually comforting to know!! 'Cause I always feel that I don't have backbone when I dress to please him.. T___T Can you imagine his favorite color is shit brown? SHIT BROWN??? Ok la, actually it's khaki green, but small difference! I damn poor thing! T__T

suet li: Ya la, non-funny members in the family are thrown on the streets WTF. And wei, where got la, different what my clothes! T__T And thanks! <3

mustardqueen said...

eh i got phobia sitting on buddha chair... cause I'll flash back when I was younger jing use to squeeze my butt with her hands... T______T traumatized child T____T HOW!!???? means I cnanot go there for health check up shits lot T___T Aiyah nothing one lar, my finger almost rotten and eaten by bacteria on SPM he also say nothing wan la it's only infection T___T

Anonymous said...

Good luck~! Hope you get the job in S'pore..But the place damn hectic hor..Last time went there to shop in Orchard, sigh so many ppl walking here and there I felt so confused wtf..

The egg n potato chips looks good..they served that in the chinese health restarant ar..but why it looks unhealthy one..hahhaa

and your necklace very pretty!

Anonymous said...

You know it's funny how my sister who's gonna be an accountant in no time (graduating from ACCA)is so petty with her finances, in flow/ out flow whatever it is. I get nagged for obsessive compulsive shopping ALL THE TIMEEEE YA ALLAH but funny enough, the accountant bug doesn't bite you!

Can you be my sister and we can go shopping like there's no tmr wtf! And your sisters can pinjam your clothes too! So fun! Kakak aku? She might turn me into a yo yo wassup dude in a sec and i dowan T_T She really wouldn't spend any unnecessary penny on clothes wan lor but very conscious abt wht she wears pffft :) All the accountants in my family is financially- conscious! Except for me, that explains why I decviated from the ACCA pattern and read law instead.

You know I was waiting for your reply for David Santos' comment. Is he your dad that's why u tak layan wtf. and ur dad is very funny :) I can already imagine his face, macam la I tahu how he looks like, but that's cos my dad WILL do that too T_T

Adeline said...

you should go to far east plaza and bugis village! i often check those places out.

Anonymous said...

See, the goodluck of facebook actually works ;) OMG!! I got the same dress from forever 21! It's gorgeous!!! =D Good taste good taste

Anonymous said...

Waifon, are you sure you can keep up with the Hoe sisters? ;P If so, come join the bandwagon! :D

Anonymous said...

Jing, on second thought, I don't think so cos I do get tired of shopping you know. And your sisterly bond is damn awesome la. I fought with my younger sister before with a cuestick and we broke the cues wtf. And yeah, I dare not put myself on par with the Hoe sisters cos your terrific camwhoring skills are absolutely uhh... terrific :) I shy la wtf HAHA shy wer wtf.
And oh, why all of you have such pretty genes. Mama Hoe must be a hot chickadee mama and tht nickname is so wrong on so many levels.

eggyoke said...

wah... you come here to shop or come for your interview leh? hope the best for you that you get your job... Which company you interviewed for?

Anonymous said...

WTF hahahahah david santos wtf.

good luck on your job! sure can wan la :D

and no i don't cater to him cos he thinks i am perfect the way i am WTF WTF

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Ya la she still does that to me now wtf. And our dad cannot make it la! T_T

sarah: Yea, I admit the pace there is faster la, but better pay and better opportunities, so it's a step I have to take for the near future la.. :) And hahaha, ya hor, now it looks quite unhealthy, but got EGG WHITE! *self-reassuring*

waifon: HAHAHAHA that dsavid santos is a smap comment la! You idiot. :P And err, crap, you mean accountants are usually more careful with their money wan ar. Don't worry, my flatties prove otherwise WTF. And my dad is funny sometimes, but damn mean. :(

And yesshhhh, let's go shopping together! <3

adeline: Oooh, I usually go to Far East too! But no time this round... And I don't think I've been to Bugis... When I get there, you be my tour guide k! :P

smalls: WTFFFF why like that why we have such great taste... <333 But eh, when you want to wear it gimme a call k, so that we don't look like twins in the same event! :P

jing: Are you screening the recruitment process WTF.

waifon: Why you puji us so kao kao.. T___T I get tired/bored from shopping too! But I bounce back easily WTF. And ya, now that you mention it, why got no camwhore pics on your blog wan ar!

eggyoke: Haha, shop after the interview to calm my nerves WTF. I got the job already! :D :D :D

aud: EH ya la why got people think David Santos is my dad WTFFFF!! And oh, I got the job already! *shy*

And aud you are a lucky girl clutch onto him and don't let him go wtf wtf.

Anonymous said...

Yalah we get tired too, when funds run out WTF! Which happens alot unfortunately! ='( And AWWW, now i'm going to get super perasan with your abundance of compliments! <333