Friday, March 21, 2008

Bon vivant.

-- A person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink.

I learnt a new word today! Haha, the boyfriend told me,

"You are such a bon vivant."

Proudly so, mister! :D


One day after waking up, I groggily walked into the computer room, slipped (on what, I've no idea), flew upwards to the ceiling, and while I flopped back towards the floor, I jammed the underside of my arm onto the jagged broken part of a chair, and I have an ugly gash and a bruise now. :(


This picture was originally much bigger, but I cropped it to half of its size because I wanted my arm to look slimmer WTF.

Anyway, for people who has been wondering how Teeny's hair looks like now...

Stoned from all the bleach in her head wtf.

You can't really see the blonde and green-ness! In real life, it is taking on a mossy-drain look as the days go by wtf. My mom still doesn't know she has dyed her hair, she was out of the country when Teeny did it, but I saw her looking at Teeny's hair suspiciously today, haha!

And Teeny is damn obsessed with her hair now!



Everyday only touching and stroking her hair! Like a pet kitten stuck on her head wtf. And and and, she has been in a furiously angsty mood these few days, because she is broke from spending her last cent on her dye job (in fact she owes me money! *gleeful*); but all you need to do is just start talking to her about her hair, and she literally break into a smile; like she seriously shines with happiness! -__-

So yea, that's out secret weapon when she gets into a foul mood nowadays, Teeny, please don't reject our compliments on your hair k! T__T


Nah, I tried to take another picture of Teeny's hair! But the real color is still not entirely depicted! But it is nice, it's a bit out of the ordinary, a little quirky, and it suits Teeny, 'cause she is eccentric, HEEHEE.

Saja got picture of me 'cause I look fair here! :P

And I didn't dye my hair today. Pushed it to Monday. :(
I am like a pendulum, everyday I am swinging from one end to another-- one day I am all excited to get a fresh new look, the next day I am terrified of damaging my hair/looking like a lala/not having enough money to pay for the dye job wtf.

Oh, my mom just came back from the Venetian, Macau, yesterday!
Now now, my mom is a fussy, fussy woman, but she has non-stop praises of how fancy and beautiful the place is!!!
I damn want to go. :(

And I am sooooo happy and relieved today!
My credit card arrived today, and I hid in a corner as I peered over my dad scanning the bill.

Compared to last month, he summoned me (like a ghost wtf) to his room, threw the credit card bill onto me, and enunciated two syllables clearly:


Damn scary right my dad! T_____T

So I am damn happy now, means I am off the hook, I can swipe my credit card more freely again! :D

*Update: The boyfriend said that maybe my dad is keeping mum and then curi-curi go and just cut my card.
WTFFFF I will not tolerate negativities!


Anonymous said...

EH MY DAD ALSO LIKE THAT WAN! worse ok he takes the bill, shouts for me, and then READS OUT EVERY SINGLE ITEM I BOUGHT WITH MY CARD oh god i want to melt into a hole and die there and then wtf. eh i dont want to go back msia ady la what if he compiles all the statements i have generated since i came to england and u know la pounds sure much more wan wtf what if he's waiting to take revenge on me!!!

Suet Li said...

ehem *clears throat* do u wanna know wht bon vivant means literally? wtf it means good living or something like that..or good vibrant wtf

haha why u and tze like that! i got credit card but i would never use it! *proud wtf

jeanchristie said...

yes... dads dont have to say much to appear scary,lol.

btw is ur email the same as ur msn? o.O

just let me know when u plan to move.. ;D

btw i will be back in subang today! woohoo! thank god for good friday!

Anonymous said...

i get that almost every month.. FROM MY MUM (even scarier). monthly routine includes (in whee hours of the morning *cough* 8 am or so) mum pounding furiously on the door, me grudgingly opening it with both eyes shut, the credit card bill highlighted with my mum asking me to explain my unnecessary purchases.


mustardqueen said...

Eh why no one talk about my hair wan?? *sour* WHY LAR ALL TALK ABOUT CREDIT CARD BILLS??? this post supposed to be about me right wtf *attention whore*

revel in me said...

tzeching: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so funny HHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHA why you so paranoid wan! HAHAHHAHAHHHA I cannot stand you la HHAHAHHAHHA!

And yes yes, I think he is waiting to pounce on you and take revenge *mock seriousness* :P

suet li: YAAA I know! Bon means good right, like bon voyage and bon appetit, sigh, I am so connected to the french language... But that is literal meaning right, 'cause I checked for bon vivan't meaning already... :P And you so good in french, can teach me ar.. <3

And err, I also never use the credit card when I was in melbourne! But back home, 'cause I only get a meager amount of allowance, I have to swipe for certain things. But my credit card is 'supposed' to only for emergency/'business' purposes. *shifty eyes*

jean: I AGREEE! That's how my dad gets us under control, we are just so terrified of him! T___T Yes, my email is the same! :)

jaclyn: Haha that's 'cause you gila swipe! And I think silent parents are scarier, 'cause you don't know how/when they will erupt! T____T

mustardqueen: Sorry la babe, your hair old news already wtf!

Anonymous said...

er...maybe i should be thankful i don't have a CC. i think my dad will kick me out of the house and force me to work to pay it off T_T. seriously though, i am contemplating not getting a CC :P a debit card will be a much better option for no self-control me :P

mustardqueen: i can't see green colour la! faster take pics with your dslr la!

Cass said...

i feel like an outcast because i don't have a credit card -____-

but i don't think i'll have one, for now cos with the way i'm shopping, when i like something i buy -__- and buy alot at one go! crazy can die!

tsuming said...

huiwen: HAHAHAHAHA! so much for emergency/business purposes!

Yeah i told my dad not to bother about getting me a card. i only need it for airticket purchases which i can pinjam and repay later lol

tsuming said...

oops sorry. am using bro's pc.
its jean here btw :P

Anonymous said...

My dad's telling me to use my credit card more so when I apply for one next time I'll have a contant usage record blabla

But bluff one if I use it for 2000rm dress I'll prolly get disowned huhu

revel in me said...

foongjin: Haha, but having a supplementary credit card is useful though! 'Cause I don't have to pay for it wtf. But even with debit card, also sure die wan la me, like how I was in melbourne-- I wiped my debit card one time too many, and it broke. T___T

cass: Haha, sure can control wan la! Like with my card now, I have to be careful with my spending, 'cause my dad tracks my spending... And next time when I get my own card, I'll be cautious too, 'cause it's my OWN money! :)

jean: WTF why you so stupid! Take only the credit card la! Err my dad doesn't know that sales + pretty stuff = emergency/business purposes for me HAHAHA!

jiameei: WHATTTT why your dad so nice!!! Does he want a god-daughter? *bats eyelashes wtf*

alea amin said...


my dad would skin me alive first to give me a credit card sigh you lucky pfft. *cries*

sharon said...

OMG teeny looks like Cindy (MDG) in the first pic!.. can see a bit of green already in the pic.. :D

revel in me said...

alea: Haha. but are you going overseas to study soon? He would/should/might give you one then! That's what happened to me too! Wrong move on my dad though wtf.

shasha: HAHHHHH I don't think she'll be too pleased with that comment, haha... And it's n longer green now!!!! She's goldie already wtf!!!