Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cracks me up!

Text message from Smalls which woke me up from my nap:

"I am buying stuff for cheng beng now and they have lv alma here! hahah! We are going to be cool even when we are dead"


Random pictures from last weekend:

Me in my kaku pose because it makes people look slimmer, hehe. And my sister the ghost next to me wtf.

One of my favorite pair of shoes, but I rarely wear them!

See, Jing's hands so long! When she holds the camera, she can actually capture ALL of us, see, you can even see our shoes!
My limbs are no where as impressive as my siblings' wtf. :(

And my brother is on a growth spurt now, WHY MUST MY FAMILY RUB IT IN THAT I AM SHORT. T___T

At lunch with Teeny.

Jing doesn't like all the pictures that I took of her, so she took the matter into her own hands. Literally.

Eh, this girl damn fussy ok, whenever I blog while she is around, all pictures of her have to go through a screening process, and has to be pre-approved by her. -__________-

Tralala, you all still haven't realized what's different with Teeny! ;)

She cut her hair while we were having lunch!
Now she has short-ish hair. Boo, I am the only one with long hair now.
Eh this picture looks like passport photo! Heh.

And ooh, she dyed her hair today! :)))) And it is getting greener by the minute, my mom is going to KILL her, muahaha! I'll post up pics of her hair when she reaches maximum green-ness ok. :P

Me and my mega butt. T______T

Shorties! Short hair la.

The REAL shortie. T___T
Touching my soon-to-be-not-black hair! :P

Anyway, I *might* not be dying my hair this Thursday, due to unforeseen circumstances. :( Might shift it to next week. But what I want to know is, since I am such a noob in hair-dyes, do you need to bleach your hair prior to the dye-job? Mind you, my hair is extremely extremely black, and I have been told that it would be a bitch to get any color onto my hair. :(


jeanchristie said...

i like teeny's new hair!
eh babe, only way to contact u is email lah, facebook not convenient!
why u never come on msn during office hours wan.. ;p

Nur Aziah Rahimah said...

wow. it's been like, millions of posts since the one about jac's birthday party >.< i must read ur blog faster!

hello stranger! we are BOTH the shortest in our families then :( sucks.

as for your hair, i dyed my hair PROPERLY for the first time, right after college ended. because my hair hadn't been properly dyed before, they had to leave the bleach + colour for much longer than expected to achieve the bright red i wanted ( think er... ferrari red ), and i did it on the day of my prom. what was supposed to be a 4-hour appointment ended up as a 6-hour session. * bleh *

love, from cardiff -
aziah xxx

Anonymous said...

hello hui wen, don't think Yen would bleach your hair unless you want to dye your hair with colours like pink, purple etc. and dont worry, your hair would be as healthy as it is now after a hair treatment! :)

Anonymous said...

We'll be cool for a LONG LONG LONG time! Sorry I had to rush off last night. Anyways you should never ever bleach your hair because it fades. Like when i went to wenawave, Yen Lim used the dye with bleaching substance without telling me and barely 3 days after I dyed my hair, it kept fading and in patchy areas because certain parts of the hair absorb more bleach. So I dyed it again and it faded again. So now I am JET BLACK. Hahah. So don't bleach and if you were to dye your hair, ASK them whether there is any form of bleaching substance in the dye. Have fun with it dearie! Your black hair is gorgeous but I am sure you'll look good with any do =)

mustardqueen said...

to jean> hahaha I like it too thank you!! And my hair i GREEN now wtf, supposedly ash brown but ther's more green tint in it!! T___T

AND HOE HUI WEN!!! GET THAT PICTURE DOWN RIGHT NOW!!! cause i look fugly!! I'm in some unstable stage right now cause I got a new hair cut and colour!!! TAKEE IT DOWNNNN!!!!

kiM said...

love the way u and ur sisters dress...*nice*nice* too!!the shortest one in the families..and
the worst things is im the eldesT!!!!SOB~

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, 'cause by the time I wake up, office hours ended already WTF. Email me then! :)

nur aziah: Hahaha, why you never update yourself on my entries wtf. Giddy up! wtf. Shit, that's what I was afraid of la, that 'cause it's my first time dying my hair, there would be.. complications. :(

michelle: Phew, what you told me is a HUGE relief! 'Cause they bleached Teeny's hair quite kao, and I don't famcy spoiling my hair. :( Somemore smalls said yen used dye with bleaching substance on her hair!!!! OOh, you're the one who has been to Yen before right? :)

smalls: We will be cool FOREVER!! Okok, I've kept your words of wisdom in my head already-- NEVER EVER BLEACH MY HAIR! Haha, you look so young with your new jet black hair! <3

And do you think I should put off dying my black hair. T___T

mustardqueen: Lalalalala! You very pretty. <3

kim: Haha, thanks dear! :) And ya la, the younger siblings will bully and make fun of us.. T___T

Michelle Chong said...

yes its been heaps long. yen started cutting my hair since i was back in high school. hahaha. m not sure why yen bleached smalls' hair tho.

smalls, was it the time in luna bar that you told me our hair colours were similar?

Anonymous said...

Hello there! If you bleach your hair (which i have done before and ended up looking super lala after the original colour faded away) you need to take vereeeee gooooood care of it. In case it fades. :D

Anonymous said...

huiwen : No no you should always try something new right? =) WOI i miss you a few places i want to go vintage scurrying and you are the only person I know who will go with me on these excursions

michelle: she probably only bleached it because I was going for an ash colour and it wansn't possible without bleaching =) yea our hairs were the same colour, but that was after i redyed it after yen. girlll we didnt meet up before u left!

ally said...

:( i like your black BLACK hair though!

i vote AGAINST dyeing wtf

revel in me said...

michelle chong: Haha, damn random, but now I know which michelle you are! But yen is good right? :)

michelle: I don't want to bleach if I can avoid it, 'cause it will ultra spoil my hair! T___T

smalls: WOI FASTER CALL ME!! Vintage shopping (why scurrying like rat only, sigh), WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Then you can give me counselling on whether or not to dye my hair wtf.

ally: ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Don't give me more doubts la.. T____T

Can you email me a proposal on why you think I should not dye ar wtf.

Michelle Chong said...

ehmmm i was the first michelle who commented! i just forgot to log in and coincidentally there is another michelle. hahaha. anyway, yen is good! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, i still find the message Smalls sent you damn funny! =P

ally said...


no lah i just think u look very good with jet black hair mar :) or maybe just used to it wtf.

maybe try dyeing it a dark colour first then progress to lighter ones.

revel in me said...

michelle chong: Haha, I KNOW! I've heard about from the other DJ girls before... :) HELLO! :D

jing: HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA I KNOWWW!! I still smile whenever I think of that msg! :P

ally: HAHHAHHAA why your proposal dwindle to a short comment!! Insincere wtf. Isn't a change good? You only live once what wtf. :D