Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gimme a D!

*mildly edited :P*

Teeny ala mailman! We sell our stuff online sometimes. :)
Hahaha why Choppy looking at the other direction, like dance formation wtf.

Saturday night fever! Why is my sister so weird.

Proud of myself because I adhered to my ban-- I wore flats!

Not easy to incorporate flats into my daily life ok, everyday I have to come up with outfits that won't make me look like a teapot (short and stout wtf) when worn with flats. :(

Me feeling touched because nowadays Jing wears flats when she goes out with me, so that I won't feel short! :))))

It doesn't make a difference whether Teeny wears flats or not, because she is still at least 5 inches taller than me. -___-

Sisters. :)
And very obviously, me being the most vertically-challenged one. T___T

Girls get attracted to shiny objects-- mirrors are one of them. ;)

In F21 fitting rooms, heehee.

HAHAHA damn fucking stupid, Teeny and I were being all lap sap with our pink skinnies, and Jing is all princessy! We even added the extra feminine touch for her, crowning glory wtf.

HAHHAHHA really la we damn stupid!

Unleashing our inner model self, haha.
And I think I am a closet contortionist. -_-


I have a really fun alphabet meme from Sophia!

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

I got letter 'D' from her. :)

0. Dogs.
Number zero, because I used to like dogs wtf. In fact, I was the biggest dog person, I loved big dogs, smalls dogs, cute ones, fierce ones... I loved all dog-related movies: Lassie, Beethoven, 101 Dalmations... And I have always had dogs in my house. But a few years back, my own dog, Mickey (pardon the name la, I named it when I was 9 wtf), passed away, and in the place of Mickey, we got Choppy, who was not toilet-trained and tried to eat up all my stuffed toys. I never quite recovered from that, and from then onwards, my love/fascination for dogs have largely diminished.

1. Diamonds
Cliched, and predictable, but I have a special reason for it-- diamonds are my birthstone! :D :D :D How convenient is it to ask from my parents and the boyfriend, haha.

2. Dance
I love love love dancing! In fact, I've always wanted to take up ballet and tap-dancing when I was younger. I was denied of dancing (in the form of training) by my dad, so the only real chance I get to dance now is in clubs. The lights, the sweat streaming down, bodies flowing to the beat of the music, aah, instant graitification. :) Nevertheless, recently, I have a fascination with latin-dancing, and I am thinking of taking up salsa classes! :P

3. Date
I am talking about sweet dates with the boyfriend that summon a smile to the face. :) Like taking pictures with real lovebirds in the Bird Park, sneaking kisses in the Botanical Gardens in Putrajaya (I totally recommend this place! :P), candlelight dinners, watching movies on the laptop while cuddling under covers.. You know what I am talking about, the type that sends warm fuzzy feeling right down to the pit of your stomach. :)

4. Dresses
Of course, what do you expect, I am a girlie girl! :) I used to be very much a jeans-girl, but in the last year or so, I have converted to a dresses' kinda girl-- it's so easy to just pull on a dress and look good! And it's airy around the privates too WTF. I definitely buy dresses more than any other kind of garments. And you know what's good about being short? I can wear (longer )tops as dresses, MUAHAHAHA.

5. Dollars
NYAHAHAHA for obvious reasons. I am a material girl in a material world what wtf. The only reason I am actually looking forward to working is 'cause I really want financial freedom-- from my parents, that is. It is excruciatingly painful to survive on a RM300 allowance each month ok! T_______T

6. Drawing
I am not sure whether this will come as a surprise, but I like to draw. :) When I was younger, I used to draw and draw for hours straight, and my mom thought I was the most obedient and good daughter in the whole world. Until I started shopping WTF. I seldom draw nowadays, though I enjoy arts and crafts. I remember, for one of our monthly anniversary, I drew out this whole comic strip of how the boyfriend and I met!!! He loved it. :)

7. Disneyland
The happiest place on earth. :) :) :) :)
I have been wanting to go to Disneyland ever since I was a little kid, and I watched Mickey Mouse tapes religiously and one day my day brought back Disneyland brochures. He promised me year after year that he will bring me there "when your sister/brother grows older"-- I have 3 younger siblings. -_____- In the end, I was 21 years old when I actually visited this land of wonderment (I went to Tokyo's). When I stepped into Disneyland, I actually teared. The familiar Disney tunes weaving in and out of the crowds, and the magnificent sight of all those famous Disney signatures, it was just overwhelming! And at night, when the fireworks erupted into drops of pretty colored rain, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Walt Disney castle, I teared again. :)

I think it's definitely a place for the young and old, and I'll definitely be back again! Maybe the USA one the next round. ;)

8. Dimples
Haha, I don't have any though! T_T But, seriously, I think dimples are just the prettiest thing ever. Whenever I see anyone who has dimples smile, I just get so captivated! Smalls got her dimple because she fell onto a flowerpot when she was young. I was so tempted to start smashing flowerpots into my face after I heard that. T_______________T

9. Drama
Because I am a girl, haha. I enjoy healthy doses of drama, it makes life exciting. Why am I so mean. T______T But I am against spreading unfounded rumors though!

I am also referring to drama, as in acting-- I've always been extremely interested in acting. :) I played a few roles in high school plays; in fact, there was once I was the leading role as a drug addict, and there was this scene where I had to pretend I was so high I became mad, and after the play, my drama teacher came up to me and asked me "Eh are you okay ar? You sure you not crazy already ar" wtf. -_-

I am also all for good television dramas. :P

10. Detergent.
Or more specifically, the scent of detergent. I love it when the boyfriend pulls me into his arms, and when I bury my face into his shirt, I take in huge sniffs of the clean scent of detergent mingled with his cologne. And detergent brings back memories of home too! I remember when I was in Melbourne, if I smell the clothes that I brought down from home, they smell of that distinctive scent, they smell of home. :)

Actually, I thought I'd have trouble coming up with things that start with 'D', but turns out there are aplenty of things I like which start with the letter 'D'! Here are some more of the things that didn't make the cut into top 10:

11. Dolls
I was such a huge Barbie doll fan when I was younger! In fact, I played with Barbie till 14, 15. SHHHHH. :P And Polly Pocket! And Cabbage Patch Kids! And I had this porcelain doll which my mom bought from Europe, and one side of her face got smashed, and her eyeball fell out, and there was a hole where her eye used to be-- SO SCARY!!! But I still like dolls, I want to start a collection of limited edition Barbies in the future. :)

12. Dictionary.com wtf
Haha, because sometimes I need to check for spelling and verification of meanings.

13. Donuts
When I feel like binging.

14. Delicious
Not a thing per se, but I do love all things delicious! I love my food. :D

15. Drinks
I am very much a drinks-person, I always always have to have my coffee/tea, and I love juices and sodas. Which is why I usually spend quite a bit when I eat out. T___T
And as for the alcoholic kind, there's no better feeling then when you shove liquor down each other's throat and yell "DRINK!" and all get high together. :P

16. Dandelion
I used to pick dandelions from roadsides and just have fun blowing all the white furry seeds out. In fact, I was so fascinated with dandelions, I used the nickname 'dandelion' in my ICQ days. ;)

I can't believe I forgot this, OMG. My favorite word in shopping malls, my most uttered syllables in bazaars and flea markets. Hehe, give me a good discount, and i'll be smiling the whole day! :P

18. Denim
Whee, denim vests, shorts, jeans, smocks, shoes... ALL ALSO I LIKE! Denim is the most evergreen fabric in the world la. :)

Ok, it's taking all my willpower to not put in 'Dominatrix' WTF.

Comment k, people, so I can dish out letters! :P
Dish, with a D wtf.


Suet Li said...

eh you damn free la blog so frequently! makes me happy =D happy with a D wtf! see i'm the first again!
1. eh why didn't u or your sisters try out the msian dreamgirl thing?
2. i love the pink skinnies!
3. why is huiting so tall ar seriously!!! summore youngest!
4. where got such thing one fall then get dimples?!?! i tried poking my cheeks with pencils for years now (and i poke damn long one ok 1-2 hrs sometimes wtf) but it never worked!
5. think i got so many things to say ar the end wtf

Anonymous said...

WTF Suet poke for dimples wtf. oh actually i got phobia that my teeth will shift after taking off my braces that when i think noone is looking i use my fingers to push my teeth back in WTF.

give me a letter /boo

mustardqueen said...

i want a letter also at first I thought you really gonna write me a sister-love letter wtf mana tau alphabet... if not no one will read my blog already T_____T

suetli YALAH i damn tall sometimes I cannot wear heels T__T hahaha AND I AM TOO FAT TO JOIN THAT Malaysian dreamgirls wtf!! if not i sure win hands down wtf and I bought the pink skinnies *fly kiss*

Anonymous said...

Darling, you forgot your favourite and what you are best at. Distinctions!!!! =D Hahah. OI my dimples story, is a sacred one weh. Now everyone gonna try!

sharon said...

lol.. the dimples thing is damn funny... and you came til 16 Ds! -_-
anyway just gimme an alphabet!

revel in me said...

suet li: HAHHAHAHHA happy with a D wtf wtf!! I wanted to include that in my list: ":D", why are we like this, hahahaha. Sigh, this is the life of the unemployed la. Sumore I am usually online very very late in the night, no one to chat with, so I blog. ;)

1. Aiya, we not pretty enough la! *shy* maybe next year wtf
2. I love it too! I think I am going back to buy now
3. YA LA she stole all the tall genes!
4. HAHAHHAHA why you poke with pencil HAHHAHHA sumore so religiously
5. I also end abruptly wtf
6. Oops, nah, give you letter R!

aud: HAHAHHAHHA eeyeerrr why you so disgusting! But my teeth has shifted a bit already you know... Should I try pushing them in ar WTF. Give you letter C!

mustardqueen: What love letter HAHHAHAHHA... Give you Z wtf. Haha no la, give you K!

smalls: Haha, I like high distinctions more! Why am I so kiasu. T___T Aiyo, must share your story ok, let more people get dimples, save the world... T____T
Babe, give you letter W because your vocab is damn big, nyahaha!

shasha: Haha, I edited, now I have like 18Ds, nyahahaha! My vocab big what to do WTF. Anyway, give you letter J! :P

alea amin said...

I got a dimple only on my right side of the my face but wtf doesnt make any diff also. nobody notice my dimples wtf. NOBOSY SAID IM CUTE WTF WTF.
i like dresses but sadly i cant wear em cuz i have fat legs and mayjuh thunder thighs *superman theme wtf* T_______T
damn syiok lah you have sisters. fashionable sisters summore. i have useless bubble headed brothers damn sweat. might as well i'll be born as an only child T_T

Anonymous said...

hie hie...been reading ur bloggie silently for quite sometime now..*shy*
but this is FUN...i would love to join!! gimme a letter...please??

Cass said...

ehh i like to see people with dimples too! that make me smile. :)

it's so nice to have sisters that shops and updated with the latest fashion. you guys can share things!

me on the other hand, has a sister that DOESN'T shop -___- like man only wtf.

now now what letter are you gona gime?

Anonymous said...

my birthstone is diamond also!!! :D born in april? :P

Anonymous said...

i want letter also! Z wtf. zebra zimbabwe wtf.

revel in me said...

aleaamin: WALAO you so lucky got dimples! Got difference la, when you smile, it brightens up your face.. <333 And BULLL, sure can wear dress wan, anyone can! Worse come to worst wear long dresses lor wtf. And hahaha, damn funny la you describe your brothers! They very cute! (I stalked your friendster before wtf) *shy

Give you letter L! :P

joycezhi: Haha, give you letter I! But leave me your link so I can see your tag when you're done with it! :D

erintan: I bless you with letter A!


I bagi kamu letter G! :)

foongjin: YESHHH! You too? :D :D :D Why are we so lucky! <3 Eh woman you got blog ar, I want to give you letter to do! :D

tzeching: HAHHAHAHA I commented almost the same thing on Sophia's blog wtf. Eh you really want Z, give you lor! But got back-up letter of letter O wtf. :D

ally said...

what bout me! do i get the letter A!!

Anonymous said...

a bit shy okay cos u always comment on my blog haha but no camwhore pictures also see hot bimbos loves reading too! And tht was a compliment haha.
About the letter hmm, nak bagi, bagi, tak nak bagi sudah wtf. :)

revel in me said...

ally: Where can get A so easy wtf. Erm, letter T la! :D

waifon: Why la you call me a bimbo, I am quite an intellectual, really wans wtf. Haha, tentu bagi, letter F! For Fon wtf.

Anonymous said...

Gimme please!

Anonymous said...

cos you're an intellectual bimbo! hot AND smart ok u think everybody can be an intellectual bimbo issit! that's why I say it's a compliment! :D

F... wah very vulgar wor -_- ok i do! when im free :(

revel in me said...

jiameei: Haha give you a P! <3

waifon: Sigh the burden of a beautiful woman WTF. Hhahaha what vulgar la! Do k! :)

Anonymous said...

oh oh...i finally finished mine! damn hard wei...took me one whole day just to figure it out...poor vocab le...:P
anyway..this is my bloggie...-> www.xanga.com/joycezhi..0:)