Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hair talk.

Hair has been the most hangat topic in the Hoe household recently (alliteration, H wtf); what with Teeny making a bold decision to cut her hair short and to dye a socially-unaccepted color (haha, drama)!

And I've made a life-altering decision as well-- I've made a hair salon booking for next Thursday! I am going to DYE MY HAIR!

Yea, you heard it, me with my untouched locks, I am going to change my hair color!

I have no idea what am I going to do, am just going to leave it into the hands of my hairstylist (Yen from Wenawave) come Thursday; though I suspect it won't be anything too drastic, what with the recent consultation she gave me.

Ya, so as you can see, hair hair hair has been all my sisters and I could talk about, and anything to do with hair catches my attention easily nowadays-- so being the kepo that I am, I am going to dissect the recent hair makeovers in the Malaysian Dreamgirl competition wtf.

I picked the pictures which best depict the hairstyles k, 'cause some of the after-makeover profile pictures of the contestant didn't really show-off the new hair well. I actually sifted through the whole video, and got the pictures from video stills! T_____T Sorry la, I am really very excitable when it comes to hair! T_____T

All the new hair are done by Shawn, from Shawn Cutler... Seriously, some of the new haircuts are amazing, I think I might be a new Shawn-converted fan. :P

I am going to start with the more mediocre hairstyles first, those 'no-surprises' ones!


Don't really see any difference with the old and new hairstyle, though the new color is a tad lighter. Very typical haircut, in a good way. But I kind of like the new shade though, you think I can carry off such a light color ar!


She got this Rihanna-like bob (long in front, short at the back)-- neat, chic, but lacks the vava-voom factor somehow? Is it just me, or the whole Rihanna haircut seems a little overdone? Everyone seems to be sporting the same cut nowadays. :/


Is it me, but doesn'y she look freakishly like xiaxue?????
Damn poor thing la she, I think she looked so much hotter with her long hair! And her bob isn't too flattering too, it looked as if they just sent a goat to her head and it chewed off her hair. -__-


Predictable, even following ANTM's style, they will usually award at least one girl with a really short tomboy cut, followed by tears and drama! Her hair is seriously quite short, it might take some getting used to, but with a bit of attitude, I think the hair could really rock! :)
If only I have the courage to go boy-ish la. :'(


I can't decide whether I hate or love this cut!!! It's a fresh change, but it reminds me so much of a China schoolgirl. :( And I saw some of her pictures on the website, sometimes they comb her bangs down, so it really looks like Saelisha's haircut (from ANTM cycle 9)! Or if you don't know what I am talking about, it looks like a mushroom, hehe. Can't decide whether it's mainland China or high fashion, this one.

Cheesie/ Ringo.

They chopped off her long black hair! Kind of reminds me of my fate this Thursday, eek.
Fresh change, but I think it makes her look so much younger! Not sure it's a good thing in a modeling competition.
But for me, since my birthday is creeping up on me slowly, I think looking young is a blessing wtf.


UGHHHH!!!! I am so sorry, but I cannot cannot cannot accept this hairstyle! T_____T
It's just wrong on so many levels!! Sigh, but actually hor, it reminds me of my old hairstyle:

I went through so much trauma then. T______T


Oh god, I love her hair so much! Proof that a good shade, and some layers, really do a whole world of difference! :) And the purple/auburn shade is so pretty!
And I am going sweep my bangs to cover one eye like a pirate, instant sex appeal, haha.


I felt so sad when they cut her hair. T_________T
Her quirky afro. T___________T
But I have to admit, with her new chic boyish bob, her features really pop-- check out those EYES! Boiiing wtf.
It always amaze me when statements like 'a good cut could make your facial features stand out' are really true. :)

Ok, now to my top 3 favorite hairstyles! :)))))


Pornstar hair! Haha.
It's all very Guess model-ish, and I LOVE IT. I am always salivating over Guess ads ok!
Big hair seems very passe, but face it, it is the ultimate classic k-- just check out those hosts on E! And all the music videos! And of course porn stars wtf.
Heehee, now you know what my next next hairstyle is going to be! :P


I never knew long hair could go short so drastically, but yet look so good! T___T I love the asymmetrical take on the cut, and the red highlights really cinch the look together. Aah, instant love! And the best part is, it's funky, but yet, it seems still feminine somehow. :)

And for my most most most favorite haircut!!! *heart*


ISN'T THIS THE COOLEST HAIRSTYLE EVER? I love how it is short, but there are long uneven bits to create dimensions... And the colors go so well! All very bold and distinctive colors-- brown, black, gold, copper; but every color just blended with each other so seamlessly!
I would totally get this haircut if my face is the size of my palm. But unfortunately, in reality my face is the size of a plus-sized waffle wtf.


Wheee, now I feel so inspired for my hair session this Thursday!
How to wait another 5 more days! T____T


S h e r v e said...

i'm also super obsessed with hair! cos my hair sucks : ( hehe

good luck with your colour!

jeanchristie said...

yeah I like Jean and Fiqa's hair too!

I've been chopping my hair like very often in the past...3 months.. the gap in between varies from 3-5 weeks >.< now I'm having the shortest yet (I did not expect to be like that lahh..I wanted a trim!) but luckily after a week, it looks abit more acceptable!

Short meaning.. as short as Jean's(MDG) shorter end..huu>.<

Anonymous said...

hey! u should get your hair cut & coloured by Albert @ Albert Nico in KL Plaza. He is a pure genius with revamping hairstyles. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Cindy and Adeline looks soo much better with their previous hairstyle..

They could've curled cindy's hair..but then they just cut it short..sumore no style also..

and you're gonna dye ur hair ar?? the first time i dyed my hair i was soo scared it wasnt gonna turn out nice but end up i loved it. and i nvr turned back since...hahhaa..

try a darker color for ur first time if u're scared..then slowly change to ligther colors..i thnk copper/dark shade of brown might look nice on you..or u can always be adventurous and have blond highlights..

p/s show pics of ur new hair k!!

mustardqueen said...

why everyone love jay?? huh?? huh huh?? WHY!!??? I think she looks like a horse so need hair to cover up wtf...


hair dye also


sour prune

alea amin said...

I got most upset when they cut Valerie's hair.


i want an afro myself T-T

Anonymous said...

I think all their haircuts look worst. Hahah! I dyed my hair dear. To jet black. I now look like Wednesday from Addams Family. Gothness =) I wanna go with you go dye hair!! Actually I wanna shop in Bangsar also la...Nyehehe

Mei said...

fiqa's hairstyle is my favourite!

Anonymous said...

eeyer i hate saleisha from cycle 9. HOW CAN SHE WIN?!??! everyone is saying its a conspiracy because she worked with tyra before. dora the explorer hahahaha :P

revel in me said...

sherve: Alah, your hair does not suck! -__-

jean: Yay, damn nice right their hair! :)

And wow, you damn brave, cut your hair so short! Show picccssss. :P

c: YAAA I have heard some wonderful things about him!! <333 One of the top 8 Loreal ambassadors as well right... I think I'll give Yen a try first, cross fingers for me ya! :P

sarah: I KNOW! I think cindy suits long hair so much more! And you're right, her new bob got no style or shape whatsoever! Meh. Hhahahha, eh serious ar? You're giving me a lot of encouragement to dye wtf. And yaaaa, I think the colors you mention would suit me, 'cause I am more tanned! But I am leaving it to the hands of the stylist, fingers crossed! :)

mustardqueen: You're the only one who doesn't like her! Her body damn hot la. But face.. you're right, a bit like horse; but hot horse la wtf.

Aww, you're going to do your hair soon what! *sayangs*

aleaamin: But you have those spunky curls now! A bit like afro what! (I mean that in a good way!) <3

smalls: Haha, all their original hairstyles SUCKED big time la. Just that they didn't choose the BEST makeover for them, except for some, IMO la. :) WTHHHH!! You dyed jet black??? How many times you want to dye in a month????!! -___________- How do you look now! *excited* Eh, we go bangsar shopping soon? :)

mei: EXACTLYYYYYYY! Damn nice right! :)

foongjin: OMG OMG OMG I think the exact same thing! I HATE HATE HATE her!!!!! She is like a effing mushroom, spora wtf. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WON. So obvious Tyra sided her in the whole show!!! Eh come, add me on msn or something, I want to chat about this, subject I feel VERY strongly about wtf! hahahha

Dan-yel said...

Cool shades last night. Here's the guy who got the help of his housemate to put on eyeliner, who step into BBC with light blue bathrobes, sweatpants, and nice knowing you.

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