Thursday, March 13, 2008

I don't want to die young.

I am having a mild chest ache again.

I think I am going to die.


Anonymous said...

i have mild chest ache quite often too.. :(

Cynthia said...

eh i get that sometimes too! but i shrug it off.
Oh my god you mean we are going to die.

Suet Li said...

eh i get that too! when the bf kisses me =) wtf

mustardqueen said...

eh I told you already lar!! Your boobs too big la maybe... I get that too sometimes... Don't worry too much... hahahaa

Anonymous said...

like everyone else i get that some irregular heart thumping liddat. quite scary. :/faster ask your dad to check!

revel in me said...

wanli: Why we like that ar... :(

cynthia: Should I shrug it off too! Am I being paranoid! T__T

suetli: HAHAHHAHA why you come here and rub it in wtf. And when my bf kisses me, my heart flies wan wor! *competitive wtf*

mustardqueen: Big my foot la.. T___T Why you laugh so much... T___T

foongjin: Mine not irregular heart thumping, yesterday I got no pulse at all wtf! -_____- My dad is bored with me already la, everyday I got new ailments to bug him with, haha.

Elwyn said...

if u dun mind me saying, i think its heart burn, usually by gastric problems.

i used to have chest pains too, to the point it was hard to breath. went for full check up,including ultrasound the heart. but still nothing wrong.

just a thought