Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Little anecdotes.

Hehe, just a few things that have been keeping me cheery:

I found this damn funny hehehe--

The boyfriend along with his cousins, planned an overnight bachelor party on Saturday for his cousin who is getting married this week.

But then hor, the groom came down with measles and was sent to the hospital right before the party! So they had a bachelor of party with no groom! Hahahaha damn sohai right, where got so coincidental wan right! And I know it's damn bad to laugh la, but HAHAHAHA really very funny la like in soap operas, damn drama!


Oh, I got the job! :)


And I got an email from Jaclyn today. A wordy, lengthy one. :) Ya, I know, emails do not compare to real, hand-written letters, but a wordy email works for me in this advanced society too wtf. Damn nice to read la! I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. Reminds me of those days when I used to write and send letters to my primary school best friend! I would get a letter every week, and coming home, and seeing this envelope with your name scrawled on it, the feeling is just indescribable. :) And how we would used to sign off with BEST BEST BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! :) :) :)

Err, that was until I found out that my mom opens up me letters and read them! (BLASPHEMY right! )And it was quite shy 'cause my best friend was writing to me about certain newly-grown bodily hair WTF.

Anyway love, will reply you asap k! <3 style="text-align: center;">********************************************

And on a completely unrelated note, sometime ago the boyfriend asked me "Baby, why nowadays we seldom take pictures together wan?"

So I tactfully explained to him that it's 'cause he always posed with the same expression and angle, whereas I have brought camwhoring to another level wtf.

Which leads to peer pressure on his part, which led to this:


At least he's trying, haha.


We watched Flood, this UK-made film yesterday, and I swear to god, now I know why Hollywood movies sell so much better. In a nutshell, the only synopsis I can come up for the movie is 'all things banjir'. -_-

And while I was taking this picture (right outside the movie theater), I was damn afraid that the usher will see my digital camera and take it away from me because he thinks I want to go in and record the movie and reproduce it secara besar-besaran! Pirated VCD seller face wtf.


Suet Li said...

i win again wtf why am i like this =.= congrats on getting the job!!!!!!!!!! where? who? when? how??

Anonymous said...

congratulations, sweetie!! MUAH MUAH. now you can go be a tight-ass corporate bitch in singapore =PPP

*cough* email me back, whenever!!!

mustardqueen said...

face problem la u that's why so scared the usher will kick you out wtf hahahahaha

ally said...

yay congratulations on the job!!

wtf all things banjir. now i know what not to watch.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Darling!!!! Im so happy for youuu =)
When you commence work?

Big Boys Oven said...

i hope the groom is ok!

revel in me said...

suet li: HAHAHAHHAA why you so sohai! Thank youuuuu! Em, I tell you online ok, I am trying to keep the corporate side away from my blog WTF.

jaclyn: Tight ass, don't have la.. Never go gym, loose already... T__T And I damn sad, if you are here, we would be going out for celebratory dinner ('cause we find all excuses to dress up, heh)! T_T

And yessss, reply coming up soon! <3

mustardqueen: Eh why you like phantom, you not at home but always got your comment WTF.

ally: Thank you dear! <333 Hahaha ya la damn stupid, all the bf's fault, pick this type of movie. -_-

smalls: Haha,thank you!! :D :D :D I start in July, so MORE. BUMMING! :D

big boys oven: He is in the hospital now! Have to recover before his wedding this weekend, damn poor thing right! :(

Anonymous said...

just wanna say..i love reading your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

hiyeee...Which company u applied for? I would like to work in Singapore as well but I have no idea which co and how to apply. Thanks

jeanchristie said...

congrats on the new job!
when are u starting? be my hsemate lah wtf.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Now you get to shop in singapore and we STKL-ers get to buy from you hahahah :P

i love those singaporean livejournal boutiques man :P

eggyoke said...

congrats you on getting the job.... so see you on the streets..

revel in me said...

germaine: Awww, that's so sweet! Thanks! :)

anonymous: I applied for some of the Big 4 accounting firms! :) I sent my resumes by email.. :) Actually, you just need to check out the websites of the companies that you're interested in, most of the time, they have helpful Career sections to teach you what to do! Hope that helps! :)

jean: Starting in July! Can bum somemore, nyahaha. Eh, serious ar, I am looking for a place to stay! :D Talk online! :P

foong jin: Hahahaha why you so self centered , happy 'cause can get clothes to sell, hahahaha. Eh ya lor! S'porean online boutiques have SO MUCH better quality then m'sian ones! -_-

eggyoke: Haha, maybe! :P

Anonymous said...

congrats! Hui Wen wears Prada! watch out for office politics. I like to read dilbert comics for some ideas on how to handle my boss etc.

Anonymous said...

LOL pictures of you and your boyfriend are so chomel. XD

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the job ! =) I din get to see u that day when I went upstairs.. when u starting ur new job ? U r going to KPMG right ? I guess I will be seeing u here again pretty soon =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats on ure job. Will need to get more info from you. I'm coming home this Sat. So sad to leave Dublin and my bf. But what to do right? Like I told Pri, I dont know if i have time to catch up with u guys immediately, coz got LOADS to do. And dad's dragging me to penang like on tues. So will text u etc, and hopefully can see u guys.... =D

revel in me said...

jo: Hahaha why are you so cute! Hui wen wears prada, I like the sound of it! :P And yaaa I am bracing myself for office politics sigh. :( But Dilbert is a good idea1 :P

anonymous: Haha, thank you so much! The bf sure damn bangga wan, 'cause I recently said he cannot make it in camwhoring! :P

yan ping: When you went upstairs..? To where...? And I am starting only in July! So you probably won't see me so soon yet.. But you can start preparing a list of places to bring me to, hahaha! :D

ran: OMG OMG OMG OMG! You areeeee?? I can't wait!!! You have my number or not? Must text/call me k! And no matter how busy, make a little for us la PPLEASEEEE! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

To Auntie's place on thurs night..u were busy preparing for next day's interview...hee..but I din really see u around... oh is it ? I see...ha...spore is damn boring...either orchard or city hall..but no prob...we can have a cousies hang out with Kelvin Wong at these boring places... =)

Adeline said...


and no don't buy singapore lj stuff please. i used to but now i notice that a lot of the shops get their stuff from the same supplier, and some stuff that are like $10 at bugis village are sold for 20+ dollars. seriously not worth it and everyone would have the same clothes.

you must spree though! =) i love buying my forever21 wetseal and others online!

revel in me said...

yan ping: HAH you were at ah yee's flat ie under the same roof as me, and we didn't see each other? -____________-

adeline: OMG you are my savior give me all these tips! T_____T I haven't been to Bugis before, now I can't wait! :D :D :D Err, pardon me for my ignorance, but what's the meaning of 'spree'? T____T