Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mambo Jambo.

Ok la, I admit it.
I am posting these backdated pictures from Jac's last night in KL because I like the sailor dress I had on.
I am superficial like that. :(

Jac's farewell in Zouk Mambo!
Hard to imagine that it has been 2 weeks since she has left. :(

She is looking for a part-time job in Melbourne now... Our conversation just this afternoon:
Jac: Damn hard to find jobs, I sent out more than 20 applications... Only got one interview!
Me: Ooh, what job!
Jac: Boost juice, heh. Got audition and interview this saturday.
Me: HAHAHAHA why got audition wan! Ask you to show how to squeeze oranges ar wtf.

Everyone prays that her audition (HAHAHA) and interview goes well k! So she has more money to buy me gifts from Melbourne, HEHEHE.

Anyway, pictures pictures! :)

Macho macho men!
Back: Aaron, Brian, Andrew.
Front: Sai Meng, Foong Yen, Janson, Ti Cheng.

It was Ti Cheng's birthday that night! :)

Pretty women.
Mey, Me, Jac, Sharon, Karen, Joe.

Flatties - 1.
My dress that night has cute suspenders and gold chains! And a large key hole at the back! I like la, very cute. :)

DJ people damn weird lor.
Here is Ti Cheng forcing himself onto Andrew. -___-

Hahaha, we did a lot of impromptu poses that night! This was, obviously, shocked.
Why are my nostrils so big! T___T I also shocked wtf.

My flattie has nice pits, haha.

Haha, don't know why a lot of attention was diverted to the nether regions that night wtf:

Checking out Jac!

And Foong Yen being easily distracted by going south wtf.

On the dancefloor. I love it when everyone comes together! :D

Me being hyper on the floor. See my hair swishing, like damn ganas only!

Using camwhoring as a stolen opportunities to take a break from dancing-- I was wearing too- high heels and I thought my legs would fall off that night. T___T

I look so gone here. -___- But other than that, everyone looks so happy right! But Foong Yen looks damn funny, haha.

Me likes all parts of Jac wtf. Why got such compromising picture of me wan! -___-

And hahaha, damn stupid, amidst drunken stupor during our last Mambo session, I played 'priest' and 'married' Mey and Brian. So this time, due to popular demand wtf, I was requested to performed said ritual for Smalls and Foong Yen! I know, why are we like this right.

Holy priest and the happy couple.

Successfully married! Victory sign wtf.
And HAHAHA look at Smalls the blushing bride!

Haih, told you DJ people are weird.

My love! Hugging her tight tight so she wouldn't go.

I like taking pictures with people of the same height as me! Sorry, Smalls you're out. Mey, you can, WTF.

Totally candid. -__-

And look! Why am I so cute!

On the dance floor. Candid as well, I am naturally cute, haha. And the girl in red is SO HOT albeit in a hooker-ish way. She wore fishnet stockings with a top only! How can right!

I would pinch my own cheeks if I could, haha!
Truth to be told, I damn hate these pics la, emphasize how round my face is only.

And actually, I got quite drunk that night. :( I puked 3 times-- once in Zouk's toilet, and twice outside the club. :( I haven't puked from drinking since the first time I drank tequila and my boyfriend had to use a toothbrush to jab my throat to make me gag and puke. -_- So sorry, dears, for spoiling your fun. :(

Look at how gray and sallow I became after puking. :(
Really damn gray right my face. :(



Sitting outside the club, feeling ill. :(


Suet Li said...

awww why u puke so much =( poor thing. the end

mustardqueen said...

cheh im used to the grey pale face la, u look jst like ur student ID only ma simpsons wtf!! hahaha and i tell you u stop flicking ur hair ok it hurts damn banyak and no u wanna compare whose nostrils bigger?? I win hands down can

Anonymous said...

I especially love the pinchable cheeks picture of you. It's adorable! You are MY HEIGHT la. Just that you wore a ladder that night. Hahah. Good times good times, we should party again!!

revel in me said...

suet li: Hahaha why you so insincere wan!

mustardqueen: I thought my simpsons face was yellow?? -_- Haha, later I come find you to berflick-flick k wtf.

smalls: EH WE WHERE GOT SAME HEIGHT!!!! Ya la, but now flatties -2. :(

Rebel said...

3 times? *ouch*

I guess it's fine as long as you don't drink that often eh.

We keep bumping into each other in One Utama!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA seriously your face damn pucat and gray!

eh zouk is the only club i've puked at also! puke 8 times inside and outside the club then fell asleep sitting outside WTF

revel in me said...

simplecheryl: Haha, ya, OU brings us together! :P What movie did you catch today? ;P

aud: HAHAHA ya la damn gray right! Damn ugly. T____T Eh what is it with zouk ar, make us vomit. :(