Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nudity got banned.

ARGHHHHH I am damn pissed now!!! I was halfway editing my Sexpo pictures from Melbourne, and my computer sort of crashed-- basically, it just keeps on saying that Windows Explorer has failed. WHAT IS THIS, can my computer sense that I am about to post up naughty saucy nude pics wtf, and this is all a mechanism to stop me from doing so!!!!!

Damn angry. Somemore my computers at home all crashing one by one, why like that! Must be my stupid brother everyday download all those stupid online games, and caught a virus or two or twenty wtf. ARGHHHHH.

Luckily I have my laptop! And I am not going to let anyone touch it. It must be siblings la! How else can you explain the fact that I have had my laptop for 4 years and it is still working fine!!!

And luckily I have ANTM cycle 10. DO YOU HEAR ME EVERYONE, IT'S OUT!

Sigh, damn happy. I let out tiny sighs of bliss every time I think of those unwatched new episodes.

Anyway, because I am using my laptop now, I only have Melbourne pictures; ya la, I am random like this.

Pictures while my parents were over at Melbourne for my graduation! :)

With mommy, at St. Kilda.
And this, is solid proof that I look like crap without bangs.

And I swear it's a family curse! Why everytime we go travelling, we look like crap wan. Or at least my mom does here wtf. Shit, will she cut my allowance if she reads this ar. But seriously, I would say that my mom is usually a very put-together woman, but put her on a plane/car/train to anywhere, and she immediately insists to put on loafers/sneakers and cargo pants! WTFFFF cargo pants!! Who still wears cargo pants!!! And god damn it if I am going to ever wear sneakers to another country.

Yes, I am still very sourrr... T____T 'Cause the last time I went with my family to Tokyo, one of the epitome of fashion capitals, I was wearing windbreakers and sneakers. GASP SPUTTER DIES.

That's why I am saving for a trip to go back to Tokyo to redeem myself wtf.

My old side swept bangs, and curls! Which my mom painstakingly did for my for my graduation ceremony the day before. :)
And I was pudgier then. T__T

No pictures of dad because the man always belong behind the camera lens WTF.



And I like these 2 pictures because my curls damn nice right! Like Rapunzel. :))))
Sorry la, I don't usually have curls, and even then, good hair days are a rarity to me.
Sigh, really damn nice la my hair here!

OK, no more.
Have to go to bed now before my dad comes back. He is out working now! At 4am!
Such is the life of a doctor on call. :(


Suet Li said...

eh where did u download antm! can't find!

Anonymous said...

now that i think of it, i really like your side swept bangs.

not that i don't love you now. cos you know i do. but a little less with everyday you don't reply my emails. *whistles*

alea amin said...

antm cycle 10's contestants not that interesting lor T-T
but i like fatima, she looks so much like Iman. but omg attitude problems!!! T-T

mustardqueen said...

hahaha MOMMY"S HAIR CANNOT MAKE IT!!! *dun cut my allowance don't cut my allowance* *chants* like judge wtf...

Anonymous said...

I *heart* the curls! <3

And yeahhhh, Fatima looks sooo much like Iman when her hair is up but she's a major biatch, boo! And Kim, rawrrrr waste space wtf!

P/s: I don't want life of a doctor, i want lifestyle of the rich and famous only! ='( Is there such a package? *puppy eyes*

Simon Seow said...

That's the sacrifices a doctor have to make.

revel in me said...

suet li: I am watching from youtube! It's what I have been doing to catch the latest episodes. =/

jaclyn: Haha, don't think I'll be switching back to my side bangs for the meantime-- makes me look old, and my eyes seem smalls! T__T Haha, can't we just chat online! <333

alea: Hmm, maybe not that bitchy la, though fatima more than makes up for it wtf. I damn hate her la! But I have to admit she is pretty strong. :(

mustardqueen: Haha, 'cause she didn't wash her hair for a few days wtf!

jing: Thanks my love, you're the only one commented on my pretty curls.. T___T Haha, you have plan A what! *wink*

simon seow: Hmm, the sacrifices they have to make to..? because..?