Monday, March 17, 2008

Nuffnang Pajama Party.

The minute I stepped into my car, the boyfriend:

"Wah, a bit the revealing right."

WTFFFF I had my pashmina wrapped around myself like a california roll, how he knew wan!!! -__________________-

Teeny and I in our fake PJs.
My pajamas in real life shall remain undisclosed wtf.
Hahaha because for someone who has so much clothes, I only have a few sets of PJs which I rotate everyday. PJs which I have been wearing since I was 12 years old.

Yea, I haven't grown much since I was 12. T____T

Teeny and I at the Nuffnang's pajama party!
We attracted so many weird glances, because my smart boyfriend dropped us like 1km from the venue, and Teeny and I had to walk all the way along the main road, wading through puddles (it was raining!) in our bedroom slippers. T___T

My mom is so going to kill us 'cause we stole her slippers, haha.

Some pictures are stolen from Kit Chan Studio!

With Ming, the co-founder of Nuffnang. And me slutting up to my pig.

With yummy looking policewoman, frenchmaid and nurse.
And that's the exact same policewoman costume that I wanted to buy for Mey's costume party last year! :P

With the Nuffnang board! I felt like an Oscar star at the Academy Awards wtf.
And I was not picking my nose! I was sticking a lollipop into my mouth.

Said lollipop. :P

With Jayden and friend (wtf like those Tatler magazines Mr. XYZ and spouse WTF).

Hahahahaha damn funny, I saw Jayden, and I told him his pajamas were cute, 'cause it is rather atypical for a guy right!
The he answered me, "ya, I think I accidentally bought a woman's pajamas" HAHAHAHAHA.

I found someone who had the same slutty nightie as me!

Why la of all people to share the (almost) same outfit as me, I get someone who is 5 inches taller than me. T_____T

Jerilyn from Singapore. Her name is so pretty. :)
DAMN CUTE RIGHT HER SHOES! And I was damn bad, I forced her to take off her shoes so that I could put one on-- the things I do for art wtf.
Sigh, I wished I thought of it earlier-- stick TY bears on my slipper, heehee.

And it's really daunting how some people go all out for the party! :)

Valerie and her Chipster pillowcases, like OMG.
She won an Ipod touch because of her outfit. ;)

David with his pajamas which is entirely made out of Chipster packets! o_O
Looks bloody uncomfortable, but hell, he won a Nintendo Wii for it ok! :P

Hahahaha, the best ad for beer!
Optimus Prime here wtf.

Yvonne, Teeny, Ione and me.
Hee, I love this picture! So pink, we look like a La Senza ad! :)

My lolly comes out to play. :P

Look at how comfortably I was seated!
It was all an ILLUSION. My short nightie made it a bitch to climb onto the high bar chairs, and while I was seated, the slit kept on hitching up. T___T

Like this. T___T

Babi comes together wtf.
I have no idea how Estee did it, but she managed to pick up a mini replica of my pig stuffed toy! -_____-

Nuffnang co-founders, Ming and Timothy Tiah, and his smelly bolster.

And me trying to snatch his bloster. T__T

Some of the highlights of the party was meeting the 'renown' bloggers:

Kenny Sia, with a S-shaped body that puts many to shame wtf.

Xiaxue, who was just the epitome of pink-ness!

Pouty with pinkpau.

Dawn Yang, who is so absolutely gorgeous! T____T
Where ever she walks, you could literally see guys around just stop mid-speech and stare at her, mouth agape.

Jing, when she saw the picture I took with Dawn: "Are you utterly stupid????"
Me: Eh????
Jing: WHY you take picture with her!!! Any human will just PALE completely next to her!!!


With Dan-yel, who had eyeliner on!
I eagerly asked him what brand of eyeliner he had on, 'cause it wasn't smudged although he....

... did 26 push-ups with someone seated on him!!!



Optimus Prime goes pretty with headband wtf.

We sayang mini Optimus Prime! :P

Smalls, I have met someone smaller than you!!!!!!!
She is even smaller than Audrey!!!!!!!
Very tiny nadnut here. :)

And I had my pashmina on 'cause the boyfriend was going to fetch me, and I didn't want to risk his wrath because of my choice of outfit, heh.

With very pretty girls! :)
I didn't catch the names of the girls on eitehr sides, but the girl next to me is Joy Chong, who is the makeup artist for Sonia and Natalia-- omg, she has such gorgeous skin!!

HAHAHAHHAHA Aud and Suet why you all so sohai!!!

They had the Malaysian Dreamgirls (MDGs) on stage too, all clad in Women Secret sleepwear.

The funny thing was, I actually went to Women Secret on the day the MDGs were picking out their outfits for the night! (though at that time I didn't now they were picking out clothes for the pajama party la). Thank god I didn't buy my pajamas from Women Secret, heh.

With Teeny again, and her deliberately retarded-looking bow. :)

With Kellster and Cheryl.

We party hard. ;)


pinkpau said...


sigh im so glad you grabbed me for a photo! i have no pictures of the night :(

Anonymous said...

the girl on the far left(holding the pink pig) I KNOW HER! I used to stay with her during my college days. her name is pei wen :)

jeanchristie said...

the girl on the far right is sherlyn :P so syok ah..balik kl for party haha..

oh, i need to speak to u about being hsemates and your timing to move here etc.. I AM GOING TO BE HOMELESS! :(

landlady wants to rent the whole unit out so... SIGH. and we can't afford to take up the unit unless we get like 4-5 ppl in..which means at least 1 person has to share room with a friend.

Lawrenz L said...

Eh.. You were the one try to squeeze in front of me saying that you were short and wont cover my vision huh.. The world is so small..

And btw, Dawn looked pale.. and plasticky (if such word exist)..

Suet Li said...

u remembered us /booooo

Anonymous said...

i definitely saw u! tat striking pink pajama i will nvr miss it..hehe

Anonymous said...

Optimash has borrowed your picture of you kissing him. haha

Pam Song said...

Whoa. Haha. You totally put bimbo camwhores to shame. Haha.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

fulaaa.... so many pictures haha.. yeah babes i'm or was from monash. and that is one shiny pj! lol la senza?

revel in me said...

pinkpau: Ya la why you so busy, couldn't even talk to you properly! :(

anonymous: Haha, WOW, what a small world! So it means you're from s'pore too? :)

jean: Which girl!!! Ooooh, come come, find me online! If all else fail, msg me on FB k! :)

lawrenz: OMG, DAMN SHYYYY!! Hahahaha, crap, I hope I didn't block your view!!!
And yea, I agree, she is drop dead gorge, but she looks.. fake... Aiya, no la, I am just sour, haha!

suet li: I'll never forget...<3

yipguseng: Then why you never come say hi! :P

eyeris: Hahahaha optimash! Kissing him sounds so wrong. :P

pamsong: Haha, one of my many facades, I try I try! ;)

aronil: Haha, we have wayyyyyy more than this in our pc! Alaaa, why you say shiny, sounds like astronaut suit wtf. Haha, yepppppss la senze, you're goood!

Pam Song said...

Haha. Tried and SUCCEEDED! =p

mustardqueen said...

hahah WTF!! can credit my camera anot?? CREDIT wtfwtfwtf...

Anonymous said...

fwah..why i didnt notice got such a cun chick 1??

Pam Song said...

Yatz: Testosterone talking? Haha.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i was pretty embarrassed by my pajamas, not knowing it's for guys or girls.. haha

The Author said...

me drop by to say hi..
i saw you the night but din get to say hi, liked ur outfit though, u look sweet xP

Unknown said...

Hahahahaha I thought you and the girl in the red slip came together

revel in me said...

pamsong: Haha, thank youuuu, I think. :P

mustardqueen: Oops, sorry la! You attention whore wtf, haha.

yatz: Fwahhh, you referring to me? :P Or dawn yang.. T___T

jayden: HAHAHHHA ya la I was damn amused by you! :D

jan: Why didn't you come up to me!! :D And haha, you're so nice, I thought I looked slutty! -_-

skyler: Haha, no la, I am not into uniforms wtf. :D

nadnut said...

hey babe, it was nice meeting you! mind if i steal the pic? :P

Johnny Ong said...

hmmmm didnt notice u, where were u

revel in me said...

nadnut: Haha, go ahead! :)

johnny ong: Why didn't you notice me!!! I was.. everywhere, haha!

KY said...

Don't steal la pinkpau...

di du di du di du

Anonymous said...

eh eh pam song..u dun anger me hor..

Pam Song said...

Haha. Me no know angers on other ppl's blog wan. =p

Simon Seow said...

Why Su Ann always look to the side when she takes photo.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Too bad didn't got the chance to take picture with you. Too many people wtf.

Dan-yel said...

Why the eyeliner never smudge? Cos no sweat baby... ;)

Adeline said...

dawn yang is gorgeous isn't she? haha.

abt the online thingy, spreeing is like shopping for stuff from international websites together with other people and sharing shipping! i always buy forever 21 online because it's so much cheaper =)

and for local sites, has some really nice stuff.

Simon Seow said...

I wonder what your bf will say after he saw these pictures.

revel in me said...

ky: beep beep beep bee beep wtf.

simon seow: Haha maybe she spied a cute guy that side? :P

dan-yel: HAHAHAHHAHAH good one!! Pick-up line wtf.

adeline: She IS gorge!!! Overwhelmingly so, if that make sense. And ooh, I've heard of spree-ing before then! Let's SPREEEEE together when IU am over in S'pore k! :D
And OMG, i went to her velvet vase, their stuff are amazingly GORGEOUS! But a tad expensive, sniff.

simon seow: Haha, what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

you is the too cute! i will link you =)

dont know how come i tot u were kimberlycun when i saw you at the party!

Anonymous said...

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i enjoy reading it!!!

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Frances said...

Wearing pajamas for women in parties like this definitely bring out the kid in us.