Monday, March 10, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

I am on a very severe ban now.
Ok la, besides the fact that my dad is discouraging my from going out this week, because he fears of the aftereffects of the elections-- ya allah he brought 4 bags of rice home yesterday, hahaha why is he like that.

This ban will affect my daily life, and it will change my personal outlook on life, and also attack my self esteem.


I am temporarily going off high heels! T_______________T
This means flats, flats and more flats for the mean time. T________________________T

For some reason, I am perfectly fine wearing flats in Melbourne, but once I am back in KL, I am almost always seen in heels. I blame my 5'8 tall sister (Teeny)! And Jing doesn't go anywhere without 3-inches-high heels. So when I go out with them, as the eldest sister, I feel pressured to look tall also la.

Anyway, the main reason why I am going to ban myself from wearing heels is 'cause recently, I have been experiencing a slight ache at the side of my left foot (near the big toe). Actually, even before this pain, my mom and aunt and the boyfriend have been nagging me, because apparently both sides of my feet has a slight bump, which is a result of wearing high heels too often. Often, I just brush off what they tell me. But since I have been feeling those pains, I started getting worried. :(

I did some research, and it's true, wearing high heels really lead to some terrible consequences-- read this.

I think what I have a danger of developing is bunions, which scares the hell out of me. T___T To cut it short, bunions result because wearing high heels (especially uncomfortable ones))too often makes the bones in your feet shift, and grow at awkward angles, thus you'll get a jutting bone/bump at the side of the foot.

The boyfriend has a cousin sister who got bunions on her feet after wearing high heels too often, and it actually got so bad that she had to undergo surgery-- to cut off the jutting bones at either sides of her feet. T___T

And I have a cousin sister myself, who practically wore platform shoes since she was born, and she has very deformed-looking feet now. :'(

I have asked my dad to check my foot, and he said there shouldn't be anything to worry (though I am not sure how seriously I can take his words, after the last time), though he did warn me about wearing shoes that don't fit properly. I also think the pain started because I sort of sprain my foot while I was in S'pore... But still, I am not taking any chances la. I am going to not wear any heels for this week at least, and see whether the pain subsides (as of now, the pain has gone off by a lot). Dad said that if the pain still persists, it's X-ray time for me. :(

And err, even if it's nothing, I think it would be quite unrealistic to ask me to go off high heels completely, I am too short and fat without them wtf. But I will definitely wear them more sparingly now, and be more cautious with picking my shoes. :(

So ladies, take note ok. A community service by hui wen wtf.

Anyway, back to a time when high heels was still a part of my life. :(
Shoe shopping with Teeny at Vincci, they are having their sales now!

I desperately need to cut my bangs!!! But the hair salon is in KL, and my dad forbids us from 'going too far from the house' now. -___-
Have to wait till next week, I think. =(

Haha, we are so weird.

And this stupid Teeny, she kept on wanting to buy really sky-high heels! Doesn't she know that she can rival Twin Towers already! I told her over my dead body wtf.

Then she had the nerve to tell me (referring to the wedges in the picture)"Not very high whattt".
WHAT THE HELL, easily got 4 inches ok! Why my sister so abusive (to my ego la wtf), want to tower over me. T_T

It was supposed to be a shoe-shopping trip for me, because I have been on a shoe-frenzy lately; but then I found out I have only RM60 in my wallet. -___- So I entertained myself. :P

But then Teeny practically tried on shoes in the whole shop. -_____-
But what to do la, Vincci sales are really really good for her, 'cause she has bigger feet, and twas was the best time to get nice and cheap shoes for size 9-10. I am just a very good shopping companion. :D

No more heels for me. :(

And I am damn emo now, 'cause I don't have many flats. I threw away quite a few pairs in Melbourne, 'cause I had trouble bringing all my shoes back, and now I am suffering the consequences. :(

Need to buy more!


c r y s t said...

u looked so cute in the first pic!! *pinch pinch* aww~ tell me i'm not random!! ;)

Sophia said...

I have natural bunions :( My mum was told by some friends that going to ballet will correct it but it obviously didn't!!! What the hell lol

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that bunions can come from wearing flats too... as long as they are tight at the front, you'll get bunions :(

Suet Li said...

eh actually u look good in all the pics!! and huiting too.
U THREW AWAY SHOES??????/ WHY?! WHY?! how can anyone throw away shoes or clothes leh seriously! and your shoes in the last pic very nice! not very high what.

Cass said...

ya la how can you throw your shoes! this is a sin wtf. i thought you'r community service provider wtf.

babe my sis is 2 years younger than me and she's taller than me too! and my youngest bro will definitely be taller than the both of us. usually the oldest would be the shortest although they'r younger. so unfair -___-

wow i shall take note about the bunions. quite scary man! how la! flats and heels also can caused it.

walk bare foot wtf.

ally said...

need to buy more.



eh but aldo flats are damn comfortable :D

alea amin said...

HAH! i cant wear heels to ssave my life. i just like a 3 inch heels for a night and i got blisters everywhere around my foot. T____T
i cant wear flats too. SIGH.
btw, you and hui ting are sisters? =D

revel in me said...

cryst: Haha, not random la, how could you resist telling me I am cute WTF. Very fat is it my cheeks, why you want to pinch! T___T

sophia: Are you serious??? Got such thing? :( This is so worrying! Means it's slippers for me all the way now? T___T

suet li: <3333333 Why your taste so good wtf. Err, I threw them away 'cause I couldn't bring them back mah! And I don't think anyone would want 2nd hand shoes... :( And YARRRR I damn like my shoes in the last pic! I don't think it's very high too, in fact most of my shoes around that height, but dunno why can still get bunions. :(

cass: But if the shoes are worn before then I think no one will want right? Geli to wear what. :( Are you thr eldest as well? Ya la, I am damn short ok, always get bullied at home wtf. T____T And I think we have to wear grass slippers like those paddy field farmers wtf.T___T

ally: Aiya, shopping ban old news already la! *shifty eyes* Hmm, serious ar? Aldo damn ex ler. :( And I feel very pudgy and short like teapot wtf in flats la. =(

aleaamin: Hahaha if you can't wear flats and you can't wear heels, what do you wear! :P But eek, blisters from shoes SUCKKKKKK. And ya, we are sisters la! You didn't know ar! :D

Anonymous said...


understand how u feel..I am banned from wearing high heels too cos I developed some problem with the feet due to frequent wear of uncomfortable shoes that I undergo physiotherapy for a year in order to avoid surgery.. So do let ur legs rest a while til the pain subside..

and I think u look quite cute in flats ! so no worries of being short and stout.. =)

Anonymous said...

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