Monday, March 03, 2008

This is like, the most bimbotic post, like, totally!

Sigh, I never ever thought I'd be doing a beauty tag, because everyone knows that I am the most cannot make it person when it comes to beauty products, and everyone knows I prefer buying shoes and clothes to make up wtf.

But seriously, it means a lot for me to writing anything about skincare and make up, because to be honest, I only started putting on make up from last year onwards. Which is why if you see pictures of me when I was first in Melbourne, I was the ugliest thing. T____T And I have never really invested in fancy skincare products, because my mom thinks that kids shouldn't use such expensive products. -____- Clean and Clear and Oxy 5 used to be my best friends wtf. Thank god there was still the occasional splurges on Lancome and Clinique, if not I think my skin would have died. T__T

Skin Care
What facial cleanser do you use?


I was using this when I first came back to KL, because frankly speaking, my skin was just a disaster then. It was sensitive and prone to break-outs, thus I tried Avene, which came highly recommended by my cousins in S'pore. I bought the Avene Cleanance range's sample set (which came with the gel cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a mineral water spray), because it was designed for sensitive and acne prone skin-- well, so far, I can't say that it has work wonders. My skin has improved more because of the facial that I've been to!


Currently, I am using this, stole it from my mom, because the Avene gel cleanser was almost finished, nyehehe. This leaves a squeaky clean feeling, but without the tightness, which I hate because it makes me feel that I've aged 5 years. T__T

What moisturizer do you use?

I don't use moisturizers because it makes my skin feel oily. :( I use eye gel though! I am damn sensitive about my eyes becoming wrinkly and etched with laughter lines; god knows I will be cursed with many, considering the unlady-like way I usually laugh. -__- And I try to do a lot of masks to maintain the moisture!


But actually I plan to start on Clinique's 3 step regime soon! Hopefully it works for me la.

How many times a day do you wash your face?

Once in the morning, and every time I remove my make up. Averagely about twice a day, I suppose.

Do you use eye makeup remover?

Of course! I told you I am anal about my eyes. T__T

If so, what kind?


It's quite gentle, and it does its job!

Is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?

Oily/combination, I guess. Sigh, somemore oily skin goes bonkers in tropical countries. :(

What is the best part about your skin?

Like, NONE! T__T

Okla, the only comfort I have about having oily skin is that I won't age as easily next time. *self-reassuring*

What are your skin problems?

Giant pores la, break outs la, dull complexion la, sallow and gray la, dark eye circles LORD SAVE ME, and wrinkles-- not yet but oh my god I am not getting any younger it's definitely something I have to watch out. T__T


What foundation do you use?


In the Satin finish, which was a mistake on my behalf. Because I have oilier skin, the silky satin texture makes my skin look really shiny (not glowy T__T) after sometime. Should have gotten the one in matte.

What powder do you use?

Currently using Missha's loose powder, couldn't find picture la. It works like any loose powder, but on furious and heavy-handed days, I could find myself looking like a geisha for the first hour... T___T

What eyebrow pencil do you use?

I don't use any! 'Cause my bangs cover my eyebrows anyway what wtf.

What eyeliner do you use?

I used to be a sworn avid fan of MAC's gel eyeliner, but after talking to Audrey, I switched over to Body Shop.


It's non-waterproof, but surprisingly its staying-on power is pretty good, and it doesn't smudge easily. And most importantly, it washes off easily! I am damn particular about getting to remove my eye make-up easily, because I am very afraid that all the tugging and rubbing will give me wrinkles. :( Ya la, I am quite paranoid wtf.

What is your favorite eyeshadow?

I don't use eyeshadow. :( Feel so left out la, 'cause everyone seems to. :( Everytime I put on any, I can't help feel like I look like a clown. :( But erm, there is this look that I am quite eager to try, when I execute it perfectly I will post up pics k! :P

What mascara do you use?

I used to use Lancome's Hynose, but I have recently switched to this:


Tsuya Tsuya's Angel Eyes, along with this,


and this:


You can actually create really long and luscious lashes by adding on fiber and layering on the mascara, and best of all, it really works! :) If you put on enough layers, you actually can have the illusion of falsies, which is quite a major feat, considering that I can never perfect the art of putting on fake eyelashes. And it doesn't smudge at all, and it washes off easily with water! And even if it terkena water, it will just come off in tiny clumps (instead of black steaks, damn ugly right!)! And like I said, IT WASHES OFF DAMN EASILY!

Heh, told you I am paranoid about washing my eyes.

What are your favorite lipbalms/glosses/sticks?:

Seriously I feel so inadequate now. I don't use glosses or lipsticks 'cause I always seem to eat them all off wtf, but I have been using this religiously since high school:


Light cherry flavor, and it adds a light rosy tinge to your lips! :)


Do you color your hair?

No, which is why I am always the odd one out in pictures.


I have never, ever dyed my hair before. :( Because everyone is always complimenting on how naturally jet black my hair is, I tend to chicken out when it comes to dye jobs. T_T

And recently, I was talking to this hairstylist, and she asked me whether I dyed my hair black 'cause it's damn dark (I get that a lot T__T), so I told her nah I've never dyed my hair before, my hair is dye virgin WTF, and she retorted, "WHAT???? You have never dyed your hair before? Are you from KL? Sure you're not from kampung ar?"


What is your stylists name?
Ah Me. -__- What kind of name is that right! How to have faith in someone like that wtf. But soon to be Yenn!! :P

What salon do you go to?
Antico salon in Uptown... Then Peekaboo... But am going to try Wenawave in Times Square soon! :)

What is your natural hair color?
Black la. :( Haih, it's really double edge sword la, 'cause on one hand, I love that my hair is jet black, but on the other hand, it deters me from making changes. Why am I so safe. T_T

What is your hair color now?
BLACK. :( :( :(

Do you have straight or curly hair?

Straight now, since I have recently straightened it. If I don't rebond it, it is slightly wavy, damn ugly. I think I like my hair best when the rebonded parts have grown out a bit, so that it has more body, like below:


Do you use a curling iron?

Yes, but everytime it's Jac who curls my hair for me. :'( She's the sweetest thing, she will always do our hair for us for any occasions that call for it. :(


At Smalls' birthday last year.


MUMSU Ball '07. That's me in the green cheong sam! :P

A straightener?
Nopes. I used to, when I was much much younger, and I practically idolized pencil straight hair. Now I prefer hair with body and volume. Preferably messy and tousled! Like this:



What kind?

Do you use a blowdryer?

Yes. And my hair dryer has went bonkers, it can only operate on high heat now! -__- So whenever I blowdry my hair, to prevent the heat from damaging my hair, I hold the hairdryer damn high and far away from my hair... It's damn tiring ok, I have biceps now! T__T

Do you use gel and if so, what kind?
HAHAHA gel, so passe! But I used to, when I was a prefect and I had to have 'neat' hair and I hated flyaway hair. *shift eyes*

Do you use mousse, and if so, what kind?
Nopes. Unless when I curl my hair.

What shampoo do you use?

Because my hairstylist told me that processed hair (straightened/permed) is best to use moisturizer shampoos.

What conditioner do you use?


And ya, I realised that both the shampoo and conditioner range doesn't match, but I don't really have a set range that I buy, I just buy whatever that is on discount wtf.

Do you use leave in conditioner?

Nopes, because leave in conditioner makes my shoulders and back break out. :(

What deodorant do you use?
None! 'Cause I don't smell! And 'cause I have heard that certain deodorants cause cancer la.

What body wash do you use?


Because it makes me feel connected to my childhood wtf.

Do you use a loofah, washcloth or soap to wash?


The Body Shop exfoliating gloves in purple! LOVE IT.

What perfumes do you use or like? Name five.

I have been using this for YEARS, and it has just become my scent, that I don't even consider switching to anything else. I don't really understand how some girls use different perfumes on different days to suit their moods, then what becomes YOUR scent??

But yea, anyway, the boyfriend is so accustomed to the smell of Miracle, that he associates it with me. Makes me feel intimate like that. :) And before other Miracle users feel geli, don't worry la! Perfumes will react with different skins and pheromones to create different scents, so our scent will definitely be different. ;)


I don't really like the smell of this, a tad too flowery for me, but I get a lot of compliments when I use this as well, I guess it's just a case where the perfume reacts well with my skin. Nowadays, I just spray some on my comb and brush my hair with it so that when the bf smells my hair he thinks I am the most sweet smelling girl in the world THERE YOU GO MY SECRET IS OUT BABY.

And my mom will kill me if she finds out that I am wasting perfume on inanimate objects wtf.

And some other perfume which I adore:

DKNY's Be Delicious. I don't really like apple scents, but this sets my pulse racing WTF. But seriously, this just smells delicious la, no pun intended.

Love the packaging of this! I will buy it just for the bottle. :)

Love the smell of this as well. Would probably use this if I wasn't so loyal to Miracle. Sigh, what to do, Taurusean quality wtf.

Do you always have to smell good?


Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?
I think it's really restrictive socially to have one best friend, What about shoes, bags, clothes...

What is your jewelry essential?
Nothing specific. But I usually feel naked if I don't have at least one piece of jewellery/accessory on.

What jewelry do you wear most?
The Tiffany & Co. necklace from the boyfriend. I wear it all the time. :)

What jewelry do you crave most?


This is not a hint, although my birthday is less than 2 months away WTF.

Purses and Shoes

How many purses do you own?
Purses, as in wallets? I have an old Guess one, using a Dior one now. OOooo, that reminds me! I remember I used my first ever wallet (a Billabong one) all the way to pre-u, because I loved it so much even in all its tattered and stinky glory, until the boyfriend told me 'eh, your wallet went to Afghanistan and came back ar'. T___T

Bags! I have quite a few la. :P

Which is your favorite?
My fave bag at the moment would be my LV Alma. I just love how classy it looks! I practically coo everytime I hold it gingerly in my lap, haha.

How many shoes do you own?
Err, hard to say, But definitely more than 20 pairs. And still counting wtf. 'Cause I am becoming some what of a shoe freak!

Which pair is your favorite?
... I match my shoes to my outfits, so I don't really have a particular pair which I favor... But comfort is always, always a plus. :)

Who is your favorite handbag designer?
Chanel! Not a designer per se, but oh gosh, I just LOVE the bags!

Who is your favorite shoe designer?
... I just want to shop in Shuz and On Pedder la, I don't care which designer, as long as the shoes are nice. :)

This or that;

Manolos or Jimmy Choos?
Both! Plus Loubotins too, please. :)

Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel?
CHANEL LA, abuthen.

Micheal Kors or Bebe?
Maybe more towards Bebe, 'cause I secretly like the way Eva Longoria dresses in Desperate Housewives, and Micheal Kors for classier/simpler days.

Louis Vuitton or Coach?
LV! Is there even any competition. -_-

Gucci or Prada?
Both again! I am greedy like that. :P


Favorite Magazine to read?
Cleo in M'sia, Cosmo in Melbourne, and FHM in the boyfriend's house WTF.

And Dewan Masyarakat in high school, HAHAHA.

Erm, I would love to say I read Vogue/Tatler/Harper Bazaar, but I can't afford ALL the things in there la. But it's always nice to browse through and drool though! :P

Favorite nail polish?

I don't use any, because I chip my nails always. :( But judging from my sister's ever-changing nail colors, I would say I swear by OPI. ;)

Favourite Book?
I am just going to focus on chick lit here, because seriously what do you expect after such a bimbotic post wtf.

I loved Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Skyes. So unbelievably bimbotic, but so intelligently witty and oh so deliciously bitchy. :P Love Melissa Nathan as well, have only read one book by her, Persuading Annie, but she's good. And Carmen Reid as well, she does pretty touching stories, I usually cry when I read her books-- she focuses a lot on single-motherhood and divorce. Jennifer Weiner and Jane Green churn out pretty good books as well! :)

And I hate Sophie Kinsella, her books are boring and predictable, meh.

Favorite Band?
BSB, 911, Moffats, Kavana HAHAHA does anyone remember him (though he's not a band per se la), Code Red, Savage Garden, I was guilty of all the 90's boy bands. :P

Favorite Girly Movie?
Eh why everyone likes Mean Girls ar. I think my favorite would be How to lose a guy in 10 days! :)

Are you high maintenence?
Oh my god, I was going to blog about this topic! -_-

Anyway, to sum it up, I think I am reasonably materialistic and superficial which makes me reasonably high maintenance wtf. Haha, no la, I think I am quite ok. :)

Do you enjoy being a girl?
I can't imagine being a boy! They have cooties, haha.


Anonymous said...


do u mind if i ask about where i can find Tsuya Tsuya's Angel Eyes mascara that u mentiond in ur post?



Kimberly Low said...

bimbotic so what? i love this post!

Suet Li said...

eh i'm not the first =( sudah terlambat wtf. ya i read everything ok and go afghan and come back wtf hahaha

Anonymous said...

Dewan masyarakat HAHAHA oklah i used to read it too.

Anonymous said...


could I ask where to get Loreal's eye make-up remover? Guardian? Watsons?


revel in me said...

charmaine: I got it from OU, in the old wing, near Pizza Hut/Popular! Damn obscure, but it was a chance encounter! ;)

kimberlycun: Haih, I revel in my bimbo-ness wan... Revel in me wtf. Thank you! <3

suet li: Haha why you so competitive wtf. And ya la, I also think the tag damn long, whoever who reads the whole thing seriously damn respect! <333

jo: HAHAHAHA ya la those high school days right! Then always talk about pembangunan ekonomi wtf.

anonymous: I usually get it from Guardian, but I am pretty sure Watsons have it as well! But one thing though, it seems to have sold out in quite a few stores recently.. -_-

c r y s t said...

respect me also la coz i read the whole post -_-

hey that tsuya tsuya is it good? coz i tried at the counter before and seemed kinda complicated-lah with all the add on powders and stuff like dat ;( plus, did the powders go into yr eyes?? i'm using dejavu now and it does miracle as well! ;)

charmaine: they having a roadshow in isetan klcc now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Quite a few bags, stupid woman go bluff people again! -________- You AGM remember? *winks* ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE KAVANA!!!! He was the cutest human being on earth, followed closely by Lee Brennan. :D

mustardqueen said...

i still like backstreetboys... 16 years wey.. wtf means I fan them since 2 years old impossible... -.- llaa actually we can cut the survey like damn short wan cos theres one part whch is super obvious wan lor.... hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.. Will get it the next time I go back to Msia... Thanks

Anonymous said...

cryst:thanks for the info...but I am currently in Manila..cant go to KLCC:(. Thanks anyway

vss3t said...


Does tsuya tsuya's eye angel length does its job? like proper permanent lengthening? or does it only applies as primer coating for mascara?

i have shit short lashes [ie, 8mm] and prepare to go through anything at all to get them long.


jeanchristie said...

Don't have to worry about that interview la.. sure get wan =)

ooh, someone gave me the Kenzo perfume. I find it too sweet, like some powder, but when I tried it on, it actually smells alright apparently.

u shud try the pink facial cleanser from estee. That one is better than the blue one. The supposed toner like thingie in pink makes ur skin feels flawless - somewhat like the effect u get if u use perfectionist and its cousin (the new n modified) from estee.. of course all this is curi from the mom's stash of freebies hahaa :P

most of us were guilty of the boybands lahh.. all singing in school only wtf

revel in me said...

cryst: Haha, nah give you respect wtf. <3 Em, I find it quite good! Ya la, true, got a lot of fibers to put on (2 to be exact), but after some time I get use to it la, it's like an additional 5 minutes to my usual make up regime. :P And YAAA initially when I used it the fiber always go into my eye! T___T

jing: Hahaha, and you're fast moving onto the board too wtf.

michelle: HEEHEE I am so in touch with my boy band fanatic side, 'cause I still remember who Lee Brennan is!!! Ya la, I used to fantasise about kavana all the time wtf.

mustardqueen: Hah you got like BSB before meh? Never hear you mention! Let's perform 'as long as you love me' together!! <3

charmaine: No worried, dear! <3 You could probably check out Manila as well, I am sure they have it! :)

vss3t: The Tsuya Tsuya mascara is not a permanent thing! Like you said, it's kind of like a primer with mascara... Basically how it works is, you add fiber onto your eyes along with the mascara to secure the fiber... So you can actually make your lashes as long and thich as you want (depending on the amount and times you apply the fiber), but once you wash it off, the fiber comes out as well. But it promises healthier and faster growth for lashes, though I am not sure how credible is that since I have only started using it for a few weeks. :)

And BULLL LA YOUUUU, 8mm is damn long ok! I don't think I even have 7. T___T

jean: I got it already! :) Wah, estee can give flawless effect wan ar!!! Hmm, but I think I'll try Clinique next, 'cause quite a few people have recommended. Starting next week, for a new month for my credit card bill wtf.

vss3t said...

-__- long meh? my sis has about twice of my length, and my boyfren has about trice of mine......

why oh why....god gives ppl long lashes when they don't appreciate them? and makes me so kolian with such short ones????

oh yeah, try Zino lash enhancing serum or castor oil which may lengthen abit. only 1mm for me lah.

Anonymous said...

eh u stole pictures from my blog ah wtf. nvm la kita kawan kan! wtf.

i'm going shopping hui wennnnn!!!! so happy whee wtf

revel in me said...

vss3t: WTFFF why your sister and boyfriend have such long lashes are they indians wtf. I know what you mean, got so many guys have long long long eyelashes, and they don't even appreciate it, it's WASTED on them!! LIFE IS SO UNFAIRRR... T______T

Oh, I recently started using this lash-growth serum from my mom's facial lady, it works pretty well, y'know! :)

tzeching: Haha, I stole the perfume pics, la, lazy la wtf. I know you sure don't mind to share share wtf. And haha, why you so cute, so excited! Are you that deprived wtf.. T_T

vss3t said...

wahahah! not indians lah. juz pure lucky chinese. but dang! haha!

Anonymous said...

hey, just thought of sharing my experience w clinique. i'm currently using their cleanser, which is good. but whenever i use the toner, there's a sorta stinging effect whenever i apply near the eye area (not even that near, honest). and the effect's worse on pimples. maybe it's the alcohol content. generally don't have sensitive skin but clinique's toner seems to have that effect on me.

and as for the moisturiser i tend to get break outs whenever i use it. maybe it's just me. hopefully they're fine on you :)

revel in me said...

vsst: Why some people get all the luck! But at least your children got 50% chance to have long lashes wtf, haha.

anonymous: Omg, are you serious? It's not the first time I have heard of that about the toner-- even my mom gets the same sensations! But my friend swears by it, so i thought I'd try; same for the moisturiser. Now I am damn scared la. :( Somemore stupid Clinique no longer offer samples, so I can't try out first. Em, if you don't mind me asking, what sort of skin type are you? :)

(And thank you so much for the word of caution! <3)

Anonymous said...

Omg how stingy ass of Clinique to stop giving out samples. I actually had a couple.. Guess i did get them pretty long ago. Anyway, i've got combination skin. Your mom's using the toner? You should just try from hers then... Altho you prolly did think of that already :).

Anonymous said...

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