Friday, March 14, 2008

Tag: A day in my life.

Thank you everyone, who left me encouraging messages to my death note wtf last night! :) :) :) When I woke up this morning, and found out that I was still alive, I kissed the floor wtf. And I never knew that chest pains are so common! The boyfriend asked me to start a support group, Chest Pains 'R' Us or Chest Pains Anonymous wtf, and we can all go on Oprah! Wheeee!

Anyway, tagged by Jia Meei sometime ago. :) A day of yours truly, heh.

Awaken by sunlight streaming through my curtains.

Checking the time, bracing myself for racking up the wake-up-late numbers.
WHAT, 6pm??????

Heh, no la. My clock has been spoiled for the past few years, I kept it for sentimental reasons wtf. And and and! I have the 'girl' version of the clock, while my sisters got the 'boy' version (we got a pair from Ikea)! Perks of being the eldest, haha.

I usually check the time with my handphone.
Waking up at 1pm is a normal occurrence nowadays. ;)

First face that greets me. :)

Running downstairs to say hi to anyone I see.
Shown here is Teeny, who is surgically attached to the computer chair when not in uni.

Digging for an outfit for the day.

And, this, is why my mom hates me.

This is only part of the mess of clothes lying on the floor and on my armchair, you haven't seen my wardrobe, and my suitcases and boxes (still haven't unpacked yet). My mom has given up on me.

Err, brush teeth, wash face all that, no pics. So that my hygiene regime remains mysterious wtf.

One last glance at the mirror before going out. See, flats again!
And the reason why I am already wearing shoes in my room is 'cause that's a new pair of shoes which I have stashed in my room to hide from my mom's preying eyes. ;)

With Teeny, on the way to OU.
No car, hence grandpa fetched us. No pic of him, he is camera-shy, haha!

Lunch with Teeny at Oriental Cravings.

My lunch.
Hainanese tea (I love it, but it's so expensive, Rm5.50!), and claypot emperor noodles.

Admiring my new cuff with charms!
Can't begin to explain how much I am in love with it. :))))

Stealing Teeny's food.

Attracting a 'pei' -_- face from her.

Mirror mirage wtf. Why my nostrils so big! T_T

Send a lovey text to the boyfriend to let him know I was thinking of him. :)

Sisterly duties-- accompanying Teeny to expand her nail polish collection.

LUCK HAS IT-- the white pumps I had on killed my feet! I had gashes on my heel, and my toes hurt, and the side of my left foot starting throbbing with pain again! WHO SAID ZARA SHOES ARE COMFORTABLE.
(Going home to change shoes wasn't an option, 'cause we had no transport home, had to wait for Jing to be done with her classes! T_T)
This is me, left with no choice, but to buy a new pair of shoes to be worn straightaway. :(

Having tea with the sisters.

With Jing and her wanton wtf.

New billing period for my credit card! Hoho, bought the pink skinnys I tried on that day.
Now Teeny and I can be pink skinnys twins! Like waiter uniform wtf.

Laughing in the car with my sisters. :)

Dinner with the boyfriend! :)

Usually, when he is not so busy with work, we will go find new places to try. This time, our destination was Bianco.

Bianco is affiliated with Bijou (where Jing had her birthday dinner) and Bisou. Each restaurant is beautifully decorated with very strong and distinctive theme. I've yet to visit Bisou (the cafe), though I've been dying to! But I'll do up a write-up on Bijou (the restaurant) asap! :)

I love love love the ambience and decor here! Very white and airy, with a lot of wooden touches and a slight romantic, Parisian feel. :) It has mostly an open-air concept, where patrons sit on this elevated platform made of white rustic wooden planks, and you will be casted with soft glows from the white lamposts at the side, beautiful!

Bianco pizza, which is a vegetarian pizza with a unique spin because of the mozarella cheese, spinach, and a sunny side up egg, and cubes of cottage cheese! And smoked salmon and cream sauce pasta, not too creamy.
Both dishes are very very good! :))))

Removing make up.

Lotion time!

Happy shiny legs. :P

Then it is online time till the wee hours!
My eyes are censored because I have scary eye circles!

Pre-bedtime must: g'night message to the boyfriend, and reading his to me.
Our ritual since a good 5 years ago, without fail. :)

Counting toes to drift off to dreamland!

Ok la, why is my day so bimbotic! T__T
Anyway, interesting tag this one, anyone who is interested, get your butt to it k!
Especially you, Jac, so I know what you've been up to! :D


jaclyn said...

but... i update you through emails, not enough? =((((


Suet Li said...

hahah damn nice la your day seriously super happening k! your dress nice! huiting's shoes nice! again, donate to me your clothes! aih cannot remember what i wanna comment edi babai

zen said...

looove the dress :)

mustardqueen said...

eh err...Why you didn't caption my beautiful pink nails with pink shoes and pink skinny?? O.O and my nose~~~~~ T___T

Anonymous said...

whr did u get the lovely white dress u wore on this day?


wanli said...

hahaa this entry is so cute !

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Haha, fuck tute work la, update me more important... And your emails no VISUALS! :P

suet li: Very happening meh, I feel like hermit everyday see the same people wtf. Hahahha actually the whole point of your comment is to beg for donation is it!

zen: thaaaaaank you! <3

mustardqueen: Huh, you had pink nails meh? I thought you had dark blue, then you painted the Face Shops' baby blue on top of it, super fugly wtf.

vivian: I got it from Gold Coast last year! :P

wanli: Haha, do do, I want to read! :D

alea amin said...

you and your bf have been together for 5 years?
damn i miss long term relationship SIGH.

i'll do the survey also. when i remember to take pictures lah.

foongjin said...

i like your dress!

and your temporary wardrobe! wah how do you sift through all that to find what you want?!?!?

Jia Meei said...

Phew you're still alive wtf

Your day's so funnnnnn! And I like your white dress you look really nice in it /shy. And umn I want donation too

revel in me said...

aleaamin: 4 years plus! But we started texting g'night messages before that as well la.. *shy* And haha, do do! I am sure yours'll be very interesting! :)

foongjin: Haha, thanks! Why so many people like the dress wan ar. And oh god, I go through hell everyday looking for clothes to wear! T____T

jiameei: HAHAHHAHAH why you so drama wtf. And boo, my day like so unproductive la! And please, you're so tiny, how could you fit into my clothes! T___T

pikyiee. said...

omg! its you! well, i think? are you dramachinadoll in Sell Trade KL? well, i think only! hehe (:

drop by your blog cause you drop by mine! :P

revel in me said...

pikyie: Haha, no, I am not dramachinadoll, that's my sister! :) I think maybe she dropped by your site while logged into my account. :)