Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beauty is skin deep.

I just came back from a visit with a cosmetic surgeon.

More on it later.

I am traumatized now. :(



HAHAHAHHHAHAH WTFFFF I can' believe some of you thought I went for a nose job!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA.

Is it that I am so ugly that you all automatically assumed that I went for cosmetic surgery. T___T

Or is it 'cause I am so pretty that I looked as if I was surgically enhanced. Like Dawn Yang. *big shiny eyes*

My nose is already quite sharp (my mom calls it a nose hawk nose T__T), if I enhance it anymore, I would look like Jackie Chan wtf. And actually, all my life, I have been hating my nose, I have the exact same nose as my dad (and the small eyes too, boo), and I hated the fact that it was huge. In fact, it was such a facial feature of mine, that my aunties called me "Bi Zi" as a nickname. Which is NOSE in mandarin. T___T
Damn sad to be called "Nose" as a pet name ok. T_____T

Anyway, as I grew up, I came to realize that Asians generally have flatter noses, and that my nose was... unique, and even sought after. :) I get compliments on my nose quite a lot, but now to think of it, it's the only facial aspect of mine which gets praises, apart from my smile. T__T Nevermind, I'll take what I can get wtf.

Aiya, ANYWAY, the point is, I didn't go for a nose job.

And no, no boob jobs for me either, because standing at the lower spectrum of 5 feet, if I have big boobs, I would look like a stumpy melon tree. T__T
Waitamin, do melons grow on trees ar.

Sorry to create the drama, but I actually... had a mole removed.
Hahhaha, damn anti-climax.

Well, actually, it's not really a mole. When I was 17, I was playing with my mechanical pencil, and I accidentally stabbed the pencil lead into my arm, and I guess a little bit of the lead was embedded into my skin; because after that, it became this dark green-ish mole.

I have asked my dad about it, but he said it was okay, and I forgot about it. But over the years, I came to realize that the 'mole' was getting bigger bigger, and I got worried. So in 2005, my dad brought me to his friend, a cosmetic surgeon, to have my 'mole' checked out and to decide whether removing it was necessary. Nonetheless, then, the doctor insisted that there was nothing wrong with the mark on my arm, and that removing it would just leave another scar in place of the mark, making the whole operation pretty pointless. So I breathed a sigh of relief, and forgot about it again.

Nevertheless, recently, it has came to my attention again, and though I am not sure whether it has grown bigger, it has became a source of worry for me, and I asked my dad about it again; and this time, my dad agreed to let me visit the surgeon again to remove the 'mole'.

Said 'mole'.

It's not really that big, just that it has increased in size over the years (around 6 years or more). It is on the underside of my forearm.

Anyway, the cosmetic surgeon is a coursemate of my dad, and his clinic is at one of the most bustling shopping malls in KL, but you will never, ever find the place if you didn't pre-call the clinic-- because there are no signboards, no names, nothing! Of course la, if you are going to do plastic surgery, you wouldn't want people to know right! :P

In the doctor's office!

Haha, when we were invited into the consultation room to wait for the doctor, we (Teeny and I, she went there to remove a mole from her nose, totally unnecessary in my opinion, it's just her being extraordinarily vain :P) saw this hand mirror on the table, and we immediately thought that this mirror surely makes people look very ugly! So that during consultation, the patients will see a lot of flaws on their faces, and agree to have more surgeries performed on them, hee.
Why are we so untrusting. T__T

And I am hoping that my dad actually recommended us to one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the nation la. But knowing how stingy my dad is, he probably lead us to a pariah doctor or something. T___T


These are the actual things that they put into your breasts in boob jobs! Got sizes and different textures somemore!!! I was squeezing each and everyone, while my mom looked at me in horror, hahaha.

Erm, the silicone boobs actually felt quite fake. :(
Like, it's really... jelly-like, but not in a good way.

By the way, the doctor remembered me. :))) And he said that I looked SO SO different from the last time he saw me! (which was 3 years back). I took it as a compliment, of course; to hell if I didn't improve from what I looked like 3 years back. T__T

At first, the doctor took a look at my 'mole' and told (yet again) that I have nothing to worry about, and that removing will leave a scar. Then my mom pointed out that I have quite an obvious scar on my elbow (from falling down when I was 7, it's a tragic story T_T), and said that it should be ok. The doctor took one look at my elbow scar, and he said "oh, ok", while looking at my scar and sniffing distastefully. Haha, why this doctor so judgemental wan!

Anyway, the doctor told me that removing my 'mole' involves a simple procedure of simply shaving off the mark. Yeap, you heard me right, shave. I guess this is so that the doctor could determine how much to 'cut' off (because by shaving, you are removing the flesh bit by bit). And the whole operation would only take 5 minutes! So we immediately schedule to do it then and there, and the doctor slotted us into his little window of break before his lunchtime.

I was brought into this room which looks like a morgue. T__T And then asked to lie down. Like a dead body. T___T After that, the nurse placed a metal plate (with currents running through it) with clear gel on top under my left calf-- it was supposed to stop my blood from flowing. =/

Before long, the doctor started shaving! I kept my eyes closed the entire time, because I am freaking afraid of blood-- one of the main reasons why I didn't go into medicine, despite my dad's consistent duress. The doctor just kept on talking to me in the low soothing voice of his (btw, he has very smooth and supple skin although he is around the same age as my dad, perks of being a cosmetic surgeon wtf; eh free wor, jab botox into self wtf), to keep my mind away from the operation I guess.

Bu then, after a few minutes, the doctor told me worriedly that the 'mole' runs much deeper than expected; and that he was going to change his treatment. He had to stitch it up! T___T

I have never had stitches before ok, and stitches definitely meant scarring. :( When he was done, he gave me a light push, and told me so. I opened my eyes unwillingly, and asked him whether my wound looked disgusting (I didn't really know what he did to me, because my arm was given an anesthetic jab, and I couldn't feel a thing). He told me that it looked fine, so I took a look, and I saw 2 flaps of flesh on my arm being sewn together with a thin black thread!!!!!!

I nearly fainted.

And he told me that he would send a sample of my mole for pathology evaluation. WHAT IF IT'S SKIN CANCER!!! T____T I was damn distressed, though the doctor kept on telling me that it was nothing to worry about, that it's just procedure, and it's better to be safe. But still, WHAT IF IT'S SKIN CANCER!!! T____T

I will only know the results next week, when I go back to have my stitches removed. :(

And in case you're wondering, nope, the whole operation didn't hurt. Maybe 'cause of the anesthetics wtf. Maybe the jab might hurt slightly. Oh ya, that reminds me, damn funny, when I asked the doctor during consultation whether the operation would hurt, he told me that only the jab would hurt a bit. Then he went on "No one is afraid of a little injection right? Except for men!!"

HAHAHAHHAHA damn funny this surgeon, SO TRUE! Men turn into big babies whenever they are sick!!! When my dad is ill, he damn LOA, HAHHAA. And when my boyfriend is down with something, he is damn manja. :P

And my wound didn't hurt for most part of the day, though it is starting to feel a little stinging now. Kind of like... taut, if it makes sense. And my whole arm feels a little numb too. Maybe 'cause no more blood wtf. But overall, it's bearable.

My really pretty dress! Crotchet trimmings all over!!
Don't know why I wore so nice to see a doctor. -_-

SEEEE, the bustier detailing damn nice right! :))))

And this is how my wound looked like.

You can't really see anything, because the white plaster is blocking, but as it(the plaster) is really small, if I peer closely, I can see my stitches. =/ And currently, the whole middle part of the white plaster is bloody already!! Does it mean I am still bleeding????? Has anyone had stitches before? Is this normal? I asked my dad and he waved me off dismissively as usual. T_T And I am now using my left hand (where the wound is) very gingerly, because the doctor warned me that arm stitches split quite easily. :'(

Sigh, damn emo. Not to mention I am worried sick about the pathology results. :(

Omg, I just have a sudden thought! I've been having a slight cold today, what if I sneeze and all the stitches start unraveling and split open! T_____T

Monday, April 28, 2008


I found Julie's entry about me, OMG, do I really look so sohai in pictures! T__T


me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Ben: How old are you already? -_-

me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Shannon: Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur?

me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Ken Hoong: eh, why your themes always so nerve wrecking wan, last time pink, now luxurious

me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Victoria: okok, I better go google what outfits are luxurious.

HAHAHHAHHA my friends crack me up!!

The idea was "Luxurious"-- just think rich, just think fabulous-- go diva, go glamorous, go Shang Hai 40's, my message was clear: be creative! :P
Actually, the main point was that the presents are supposed to be luxurious la, HAHAHA.

Pictures time!

Teeny, who arguably is the person who sacrificed the most for my party-- she not only wore a top that is as heavy as an armor wtf, but she also teased her bangs to create that punk-rock look. Her hair never quite recovered from it, and it looks like grass now wtf. T_T

With Jing. Do you see the diamantes she stuck on the side of here eyes!! Luxe meh! I thought it's more Bollywood, hahaha.

And I looked so pale even this early of the party, 'cause my make-up melted off when Teeny taped me into my dress-- I was sweating like a pig 'cause I had to contort into all positions for her to secure the double tape onto me. Better to be safe than sorry mah!

Jing in her full outfit (leopard fur, and it belongs to my mom! o_O) and Teeny in her crazy sequined top! I planned the event so that she would have an opportunity to wear the top, haha.

And in case you haven't realized it yet, I had it in Red Box, in one of the VIP rooms! :)

With Victoria.

I asked her, "Where's your luxurious part!"
And she promptly raised her hand and showed me her bling ring, haha.

Kit Mey!
Who purposely came back from S'pore for me. T___________T
She arrived on the day of the party (Saturday) and is going back today, a 6-hours journey to and fro. T____T
I was, and still am, damn touched ok. T________T

And I loved her outfit! She was wearing pearl drops earrings and a strand of pearls around her neck, and this pale gold dress, so classy! :)))

I dressed up my boyfriend!!! He's my rich frat boy. :P

Teehee, nice or not my dress. :D

Me terrorizing my guests because I was trying to dress people up, bringing up the "Luxe" factor! :P
(Hehe, I brought things to dress people up, more on that later :P)
Look at how scared Ben and Yvonne looked. T_T

I was quite scared, 'cause I found many pictures of Shannon with balloons between his legs. -__-
And it's not one, not three, but TWO balls!! Shannon, why ar! Are you deprived ar! :P

Chun Yih, Joleen, Chris, Kean and a little bit of Brian and me lurking behind!
Haih, shunned to the background although it was my party wtf. :P

Totem pole. -____-

Me spiking the jug of Coke with whiskey, heehee.

My boyfriend, the PIMP. -___________-

Furs that I brought!! ;)
I was supposed to be wearing my white fur, haha, luxurious rich brat wtf, but it was SOOOO hot in the room!

HAHAHHAHA dressing Smalls up!!!!

So that she looks like...

My Russian/Mongolian princess!
I couldn't even look at the camera with a straight face long enough before erupting into giggles, HAHAHHAHAH.

Ken Hoong, with a cravat, in a rich gentleman get-up! I brought the scarf wann!!! Damn smart right me!! And it looks good. :P

With Ken Hoong on msn on the afternoon of the party:

KH: Eh, you got think black tie ar
me: Don't have wor.. got black sash
KH: What's a sash?
KH: Eh, wait, I am not going as a beauty queen!!!


Tada, another one of my creations! Yew Leong in my sequined cap, hahaha. Gold necklace sponsored by Ben wtf.


Look at how hot and ruffled Smalls and I looked!
It was really so sweltering hot in the room, I thought I would die!!

With Brian.

When he stepped into the room wearing what I usually see him in, I interrogated him "Where's your luxurious get-up!!"

He did a circling motion around his face and told me "It's all here!"


Jon, Shannon,me, and Brian.

Jon is POSSESSED, I am telling you!
He morphs into different personas as he sings different songs, embodying the different sounds, intonations, even expressions of the singers!! o_O
He sings Jay Chou and Lee Hom SO SO well! And he even does an impeccable impersonation of Rod Stewart! o_O

Drunken caveman Jon! Whose face matches the color of my dress, hahahaha.

Haha, I adored Shannon's outfit! Very luxurious!
Haih, what did you expect from a true metrosexual wtf.

And then suddenly, half-way singing, the video stopped, and was replaced by a video showcasing a vegetable and a banana head and numoerous unidentifiable characters, kind of like a bad rendition of Happy Tree Friends wtf. It was a video of "Happy Birthday"! -__-

Haha, it was cake time! :)))
And I still couldn't let go fo the mike. :P

Close-up of the cupcakes.
It matches the "Luxurious" theme! :))) It has high heels, leopard print, money signs, and gem stones! :)))
And I love this picture, can see my shoes at the side, so cute. :D

This is me being mortified because the video of the vegetable heads singing seemed never-ending! T____T

I forgot to make a wish. :(
So I blew halfway then I made a wish, and went back to blowing (the candles). -_-

Squashed by my darlings! :)))
Eh, is that why I am the shortest in the family!! 'Cause you all always squash me!!!


With my girlies, I love you all. :)

HAHAHHAHA damn stupid, they asked us to act lanci/"bergaya" for this picture, but why I like that wan! Hidung tinggi, ahhahaha.

And stupid Shannon. -__-

In my element, HAHA!


I brought this to be the gift for the best-dressed WTF.
Why is my sense of humor like that, HAHHAHA!

Anyway, thank you everyone who came! I am sorry if I was less than a perfect host, but I hope you had a brilliant time! And I am sorry if I didn't really talk to you (the design of the room made it so difficult to manoevre around!) or take pictures of/with you, but I LOVE YOU ALL! :D

Jing told me that originally she wanted to ask for one of the designs of the cupcakes to be just the number "23", so that everyone including me, who eats the cupcakes would be reminded of my age wtf. T_______T


And this is me being paranoid, re-calculating the candles on the cakes to make sure that there is not a single candle above 23. T_____T

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The worst thing happened to me on my birthday. WORST.

Short entry here, 'cause I have to go get ready some stuff for tonight after this... Haha, what else, about my birthday again la, haih, narcissistic wtf.


Ooooh, guess what, I have decided to side-sweep my bangs again! I was playing with my hair one night, and I realised, with a revelation, THAT MY EYES LOOK MUCH BIGGER WHEN I HAVE SIDE BANGS!!!!

It's true, even when I look through my old pictures, my eyes looked bigger (luminous, hee) when my fringe was pushed to the side... And when I had my coconut bangs, my eyes... looked really small. And when you have eyes as small as mine, every little bit helps ok! So yea, it's back to the my old bangs for now. T__T

Went to Bakerzin for tea ('cause they both had classes during the earlier part of the day). We originally wanted to go somewhere else, but judging by how unreliable our cars were recently, we didn't dare. T__T

Teeny, who got stuck sitting on the chair, 'cause Jing and like to sit on the booths/couches.
Big sisters bully young sisters, haha.

My eyes got look bigger or not!

And I wore yellow 'cause I wanted a wear bright cheery color on my b'day... Auspicious!! Sigh, why am I turning so old fashioned. T_T
The dress I wore is so so pretty, it has floral embroidery all over, and little cutouts at the hem.. But it just wouldn't translate into my pictures!! :(

My iced mocha. I like how this picture seemed also black and white, and it's almost as if the spotlight is given to my mocha! Haih, I think I think too much.

No proper picture of Teeny and I in my camera, they are all in her machine-gun-like DLSR.

OHHH! Finally a picture which sort of shows my dress! :)))
But the embroidery is floral-like, it seems tribal-ish in this picture. -___-

And the hem of the skirt! Damn nice rightttt. :)))


Jing's pink penne with ham and bacon.

My sister picked her meal because it is PINK. Seriously bring bimbo to a new level. -_______________________-

My tomato-based seafood spaghetti.

Which I barely had a few bites, 'cause I was stuffed from our appetizers and stealing Jing and Teeny's food, heh.
But then at night just before I slept, I was craving for this pasta, and i wished I tapao-ed home. T___T

Teeny's breaded dory fish fillets.

I asked Jing how was it, when she was given a bite by Teeny.

Jing: Tastes like nugget!
Me: -____________-
Jing: Eh, no, tasting like nugget is a huge compliment coming from me!

HAHHAHAHAHHA ya we are all junkfood junkies. :P

Erm, sorry, we were so greedy and too busy yakking that i forgot to take pictures of my mood, so there are only the mains here..

Oh wait, I have one. Teeny pushed the leftovers of her dessert to me at the end of our meal, happily proclaiming "happy birthday!":


Scrutinise closely.


She actually drew out a heart shape with some strawberry sauce. -____________-

This was supposed to be a candid picture, but Teeny and I are just too camera sensitive. :P
Look at stupid Teeny, playing with her orange giraffe pendant. -___-

And here is she, looking damn emo, like straight out of a BSB music video, HAHAHHA.


I got cupcakes!
Which was finished by Jing in the end. -__-

Look at this cupcake, it's supposed to be a fish! Damn cute right!
But upon closer look, I realised that it looked less and less like a fish, and more and more like Jing...

Imagine ok?
The blue squiggly lines are the sideway bangs, the single eye is forced till damn enormous, and pouty red lips!! Exactly like how Jing poses in pictures, HAHAHHA!


Shit, my 'short' entry is not at all short. -_________-

And OHHHHHHHH... The worst worst WORST WORST thing happened on my birthday!
The absolutely worst. Catastrophic. :(((

Teeny found a strand of white hair on my head on the day of my birthday!


Is god trying to send me a sign wtf. T______________________T