Monday, April 07, 2008

2 zoos in a weekend?

Oohh, I forgot to mention that during the Threads Zoo sale, I actually saw my clothes being sold! o_O

I sell my clothes online sometimes, so I reckon the sellers are reselling them-- but it's just really unnerving to be flicking through the hangers, and suddenly go "EHHHH isn't this mine!" =/
I know they are my clothes, 'cause there were a few of them and Jing's ones were there as well wtf. Which got me to start thinking, I know I wasn't too keen on selling my clothes in this bazaar initially, but I really need to get rid of my clothes!! I still have 5 untouched boxes and 2 big suitcases of clothes from Melbourne (some worn, most brand new), and I KNOW it's impossible for me to get rid of them before I go off to S'pore in July. But I'm damn scared that if I sell it in this type of bazaars, I'll have to let my clothes off for dirt cheap la! I can't do that! :( How, what do you all think, should I rent a spot in the next sale ar!


Friday's Zoo trip:

Smalls, Vic and I went to Zoo Negara on Friday.
We wanted to got to Zoo Negara, but we got lost! T__T
We were sent on a wild goose chase around KL trying to locate the zoo, but to no avail.
We ended up in the Curve, heh.

Saturday's Zoo trip:

You might have caught this poster online:


A bazaar/sale held by the Threads Zoo.
I was actually contacted by the Threads Zoo on numerous occasions to join in their sale-- i.e. have a 'stall' there and sell my clothes. However, I wasn't too keen on it, because at that time, they will take 20% commission cut off everything item a seller sells (they have scraped that now though), and on top of that, there's a RM100 rent involved. I sell my things online anyway, so I wasn't particularly attracted to the idea.

The heart buttons on my top so cute right! :)
And gosh, I look so insanely young in the second picture!!

Which is a GOOD thing.
My birthday is NOT coming up. My birthday is NOT coming up. My birthday is NOT coming up.

Why every weekend or so I am at some kind of junkyard sale! Like part-time occupation only. -_-


Behind this closed door:

The 'DJ' area. See the guy there giving the peace sign! I love camwhores, haha!

Giant Threadless Zoo poster.
Is that an orang utan at the lower left corner!

Banner for people to leave "I was here" messages, along with colorful crayons!
I was this close to stealing the box of colorful crayons, I can't resist brightly colored things, hehe.

I bought something, and they gave me a garbage bag to keep the item!

Me looking very forlorn with said trash bag.
Audrey, are you happy now! T_T

I didn't really buy much, because it was really really crowded and humid inside. And there was smoke too! Smoke in an enclosed, cramped room is just a big no-no.

The crowd-- it's difficult to manoeuvre through the throngs of people. =/

And partly, some of the stuff sold there left much to be desired. It's one thing to sell vintage clothings, or even pretty, tip-top condition second-hand clothes, but some of the things there were just... YUCKS. I swear, my grandma will shun those clothes ok wtf. Stained, musty-smelling clothes from the 90's are NOT meant to be sold!

But maybe it's 'cause I didn't dig enough la, 'cause YC got some pretty nice things from the sale. But then again, she was there during the closing part of the sale, where the prices of most items were brought down to sell off whatever the sellers could. When I was there (the first day of the sale), most things were still quite pricey-- eg. almost RM100 for a dress that I saw on an online boutique recently, RM70 second-hand dresses which were plain and boring.

Or maybe I was just unlucky la. :(

Anyway, this girl in this white tee had some pretty cool things! Very avant-garde, OTT old clothes-- you know, like big, beaded, sequined, padded things from the 80's. But with a bit work, the clothes could be revamped to be gorgeous! :P

Teeny: Eh eh che, take picture of me! I am as tall as a giraffe!
Sigh, why my sister so show off!

And as luck had it, it was raining cats and dogs and dinosaurs when we stepped out of the bazaar! And we couldn't exactly go back in, 'cause damn shy la, walked out without buying anything, then go back in again meh wtf.

So we camwhored next to the angry pitter-pattering rain! :P

There's a leaf on the floor, and because of the angle, at one glance, it looked as if Teeny was holding a cigar in her hand HAHAHA.

I have the most unglam candid shots! T__T

Teeny said rain = emo, so she took the leaf and attempted suicide. -___-

Soon after, we got bored of taking pictures, and we were pushing one another to brave the rain to get the car. Teeny's excuse was that she has just gotten her driving license recently and she still sucks in driving (most valid reason wtf), Jing claimed that her heels were too high, and I was really against sloshing out in the rain because I was wearing red suede pumps. T__T

Then they saw the trash bag in my hands, and grabbed it from my hands to poke 2 holes in it...

... and asked me to wear the whole trash bag and run out in the rain. T_____T

Sigh, if anyone's interested, in the end, we all ran out to the car in the rain together!
Sisterhood means togetherness. :D

Anyway, I only got ONE thing from the sale!


I can't decide yet whether this dress is over the top, but hey, it's cute, and I don't care what you think! And for RM30, it's a steal. :D


Anonymous said...

my gf look damn hot like model with wind blowing in her hair in that picture. haha

Anonymous said...

why over the top? very nice wat the dress!

Anonymous said...

the dress is nice!!!

and you're getting 3 more from me! why-lah am i adding more items to your wardrobe collection (to be fair i don't think you'll like what i got you tho) -_____-

Suet Li said...

eh who's sam dang's gf? hui jing ah?
and rm30 damn cheap!!! good one1

Anonymous said...

omg i was there too! haha. junkyard sale-ing is like an occupation. and it was raining and my sister stupidly brought our dog :( and she made me run to the car first so i could open the door. your sisters are nice man

revel in me said...

sam dang: Haha, she'll be happy to hear that! And useful amo for when you fight wtf.

tze: Nice right!!!! 'Cause I scared it's gaudy or what la.. 'Cause got tulle la, chiffon la, layers la... Thank you, my love, I know we have got great taste.. <3

jaclyn: Haha, why you so insecure over your fashion taste! And why you get me more dresses.. T___T I swear, my mom is going to disown me already.. T___T

suet li: Haha, you damn kepo! No la, my part time bf WTF. Yaya, her bf! :P And good eh! But I think US also very good right.. T__T

jade: Haha, are you serious! Why didn't we meet this time! Which day were you there, I was there on sat! HAHAHAHAHA why did you bring your dog!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I am trying to imagine your dog there! You thought real zoo ar! wtf. And no la, we couldn't force any of us to budge to go through the rain, so we had to go together. :P

jiar said...

aww, i thought u'd be able to get tons of stuff! i did... but anyhow, i haven't been to the bangsar one yet, would have to make a point to. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the red top,it's damn pretty don't sell it ok!!

And btw,I's Threads Zoo not threadless right?
Unless you meant it as a joke,seeing how you only got one item there :p

alea amin said...

WHY! WHY DO I MISS ALL THIS FUNKY SALES?! how in the world you get updated by all these sales??!

omg i wanna try. T___T

Anonymous said...

nice dress! super cute! not OTT at all :D

revel in me said...

jiar: Haha, I am on a shopping ban! And finally, for once I adhered to it. T___T How was the stuff you got, nice or not! :D

anon: It's actually a dress! Lagi pretty right! :P And sigh, I damn scared people say it's tacky wtf. And HAHHAAH gosh this is so embarrassing, I honestly thought it was Threadless Zoo! I corrected it already. =/ But haha, anyhow, you damn witty, hahaha!

alea: I got to know about this from this online community that I sell my clothes at sometimes! :P

foongjin: Really ar! <333 I thought it's cute as well, when I was trying it on (in the middle of the room wtf), a lot of people were like 'eh so niceeee' and tried to wait for me to put it down to steal it wtf. But I thought it might be a bit in your face. =/

Anonymous said...

WTF HOE HUI WEN why must mention my name next to the trash bag picture wtf T_______T hahahaha is this revenge for putting your name next to unemployed wtf. a trash job is still a job ok! wtf

mizzvickz said...

eh sell your clothes at your own place la. no need to pay rent. advertise on your blog and save cost.and i'm sure ppl would buy your clothes coz ur clothes are niceee.

Anonymous said...

Haha I know Sam Dang too! My friend Adrian's best Shisha partner wtf then when Sam left his brother took over wtf

Dress nice! Wear it and show me one day k /shy

sharon said...

the 2 big suitcases of clothes from melb ---->>> selltrade kl right awayyyy. hahaha

Anonymous said...

where did you do your online sales?

Anonymous said...

yes! sell it at selltrade_kl!!

revel in me said...

aud: HAHAHHAHA why you so smart! Told you I ma vengeful wtf. Haih I know la your job damn mulia, HAHAHHA.

victoria: Buut then strangers will come to my place!! What if got stalkers after that! I don't think my parents will be too keen on the idea. =/

jiameei: Eh why this sam knows everyone in the world ar!! And haha, is his brother stealing his social life WTF. Haha, cannot wear the dress out la! Too formal! Unless we go to a ball or something, haha!

shasha: Haha, don't forget the other 4,5 boxes!! All melb clothes as well, haih. But can't sell finish la-- each week max can put up 10 pieces for sale.. I have way more clothes that that. T___T

anonymous: I usually sell them at

pinkplastic9: Haha, I know, but can't possibly sell all before June/July la, I have too too too much clothes! T___T

Anonymous said...

hey, u shd sell your clothes in the next sale! i love your clothes! always see them on selltrade_kl.. =) but im always like a step slower than everyone! hahaa.. i think you have nice dresses! hehhe.. =)

Anonymous said...

hahaha i'm damn kiasu wan! if got a lot of ppl waiting to snatch the item, i will definitely buy it (even though i may not like it sosososo much) hhahah. but yeah, the dress is very sweet! :D RM 30 super value buy!

Cynthia said...

hahahaha rubbish bag silly girl :) WHICH shop was giving out rubbish bag worh! :D

revel in me said...

rachel: Haha, I don't mind selling my clothes in this type of sales, but my items won't be dirt cheap though! =/ And keep a lookout for my sales la! I usually post weekly-- commonly at the beginning-mid week. :)

foongjin: HAHAHA me too! I remember last time I was at Guess and I was holding some Guess jewelery and there was this Ah Kua who kept on eyeing the stuff in my hands greedily and relentlessly asking me "are you taking that", so I coldly told her that I was... And when she left the store, I didn't buy the accessories. Why am I like this. T__T

cynthia: Haha, it was the shop which sells the fancy stuff from the 80's!! The one next to nadya's stall. :P

Anonymous said...

do u do some personal sale or stuff like tat without going online one? coz i like the top u're wearing?