Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Age is just a number. Age is just a number. Age is just a number.

Then, I was 13.

Pre-braces, pre-contacts, pre-non-Beedees bra wtf.
And what was I thinking with that hair? -_-

Today, I am 23.


I have come a long way. ;)


yishyene said...

HEY! NICE DRESS HA ha haha ;)

Anonymous said...


happy bday babe! <333333333333

c r y s t said...

HAHAHAHHAHAA why laugh at my pic previously..HAHAHAHAH!!!!!! but u looked so gorgeous now and that matters most ;)

happy burfday girl!!! ;)

*today, i'm almost 24 T_____T

S h e r v e said...

happy birthday!!!
haha i think almost everyone went through the "dark ages" :p

Michelle Chong said...

happy 23rd beb! im sure you'll have a blast. many happy returns :)

jeanchristie said...

ooooooo you're an april baby just like me!

happy birthday sweetheart!

and you look gorgeous now! :P

Hoi Gi said...

happi bday! may you have a blast on your special day! :D

mizzvickz said...

happy 23rd dear!!!!!! :)

*mwah mwah mwah*

birthday kisses for u!!! have fun today ;P

Rebel said...

You look so different! Happy birthday babe! Have a great day.

Suet Li said...

happy bday love! last time u look wtf seriously damn ugly ok......

Anonymous said...

Eh why your boobs back then also so big


Anonymous said...


But since it's your birthday today, for today and today only you'll be the most gorgeous person on Earth wtf! :)

Happy TWENTY THIRD *highlight* Birthday My Love! <333

And Yishyene, you damn attention-whore lah lol! *wink winks* ;)

sharon said...

you are damn far from what you used to look like!
...nevertheless, happy birthday RIM! :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha u looked like ur sis. or the other way round

happy birthday love!


Anonymous said...


(but so did i wtf)

happy birthday darling! <3333333

alea amin said...



thank the lord for puberty <3

Anonymous said...

hey girl, in your previous post, Jing is carrying a speedy 30 or 25?

Anonymous said...

Happie Birthday!!
and oh...i agreed with JiaMeei...u got big boobies for a 13 year old...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :D

.:Baby Gin:. said...

happy bday =D

revel in me said...

To everyone: WAHHH thank you everyone! :)))) Will reply you all one by one later, have to go get ready now, if not the bf will kill me on my b'day wtf. And was I that ugly at 13!!! T______T

Anonymous said...

hi. how did u do the header? it's niceee :)))))

Karyn said...

hey, happy birthday! and you look gorgeous. :)

mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHA!!! wtf who say you look like your sister better be the after and after!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :))))))

and to the anonymous I did the header *proud*

Anonymous said...


oh shit. late by 13 mins :(((

Chelle said...

Happy Bday Hui Wen..!!

the picture of u.....clllaaasssiiicc...

have a great one...=)

revel in me said...

yishyene: Haha! Idiot. :P

tzeching: HAHAHHA I knowww I damn ashamed too ok when I saw my hair! Center parting bangs wtf. But HAHHAHA why you so harsh on my b'day HAHHAHAHA! Thanks love! <333

cryst: HAHAHHAHA really that ugly ar! T____T My deepest apology for laughing at yours hahaha. And we shall look like we are 21 forever k, that's our mission! :P

sherve: Haha I thought I would never get out of mine. :P

michelle chong: Thank you, love! But don't put the 23rd there la, I emo, haha!

jean: Are you a Taurusean as well??? :P And thank youuu! <3

hoi gi: Thank you! :D I did! But sad 'cause over already wtf, heh.

mizzvickz: You give me real kisses on Sat!! :D Have you googled on what to wear already, HAHAHHA! :D

simplecheryl: Haha, thank god I looked different ar!! If not I would have drown myself in a river years ago. T___T Thanks dear! :)

suetli: Hahahha why you tried to be nice at first then you couldn't hold the truth in, haha. Really so ugly meh! Do you know I have uglier pictures... T___T

jiameei: Got big meh!! *scrutinizes wtf* Haha, actually I used to be quite busty when I was younger, haih, long story. T_T

jing: Eh if I post up YOUR dark ages pictures then you know!!! :P

And what do you mean most gorgeous only today... T___T

shasha: It's a good thing I look very far from what I used to ok! As far as possible wtf. T_T And don't call me RIM la! FRIM wtf perkebunan wtf. T__T

yee: HAHAHA which sister!!! You're referring to the old pic is it? Either one of them also sure damn emo, HAHHAHA!

aud: HAHHAHAHHA I knew you wouldn't judge me on how I looked last time... T___T 'Cause we were on the same boat wtf. Thank you dearrrr! <333333

alea: Haha, can you believe it, that wasn't my worst pic??? I looked worst when I was 12 and 14 HAHAHHA!

jasmine: Speedy 30! :)

joycezhi: Hahahha idiot!! Sigh 'cause fat mah that's why got big boobs. T___T

wanli: Thank youuu! :D :D :D

babygin: Thanksss! <333

anonymous: My sister did it for me! :) I came up with the concept, 'cause I pretty much had a clear vision of how I wanted it to look like, and she helped me materialize it! :D Thanks, dear! <333

karyn: T____T Best present you can give me! Ego boost wtf. <3333

mustardqueen: Haha, let's wait nervously for the commenter to reveal which sister and which picture she was referring to, HAHA! :P Thank you my darling for today! <333

foongjin: HORRRRRR!! Penalty, must buy me chanel bag wtf, HEEHEE! Thank you dear! Yours coming up soon! :P

chelle: Classic ugliness right. T___T Haha, thank you my dear! :)

jeanchristie said...

wen: no lah.. i'm aries ^^

Anonymous said...

mustardqueen: what software did you use to do that header? im an amateur first year graphic designer and your work is truly gorgeous!!

mustardqueen said...

omg hahaha Eh to the first anonymous better be the after picture and err look like either one of us... if you're saying the before one I will commit suicide right in front of you after I tracked down where you are ok T_______T

and HAHHA RIM!!! omg you're famous now hahahahaha

and anonymous: Adobe photoshop 7.0, download free brushes from deviantart. I'm terrible ok, but do look for brushes everywhere they are free and gorgeous!!! I wish I'm doing either fashion or graphic designing now... T___T

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my sexiest cousin !

May all ur dreams and wishes be fulfilled...

P.S: btw I love ur cleavage in this post...ha...

Schmae said...

Happy belated! :)

fareezailyana said...

Happy birthday!
Eh, why you and your sisters like damn stylish ah. aih. so jealous.

eh your 13 yo picture looks like me when i was 14! virtual high five!!! virtual high fiveeee!!!!wtf

Anonymous said...

happy bday! been reading ur blogs 4 quite sometime n i do love ur ramblings and all..

revel in me said...

jean: Oh, I thought Taurus! Then we can get along very well wtf.

yan ping: Is it 'cause of my cleavage that's why you called me the sexiest cousin, HAHAHA. Thank you!! <333

schmae: Thanks love! :))) You're an April baby too right? :P

fareezaIlyana: Haha no la, just that we like to dress up! :P And omg, wait till you see my 14 picture ok, I swear to god you will pity me so much you'll hand me donations wtf. T___T

kampungboycitygal:Thank youuu! :) Haha, why ramblings! Am I not coherent. T___T

ronsensical said...

happy birthday to you! i m a silent reader and you are gorgeous, not only on ur bday!