Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad luck with automobiles.

WALAO. Really damn bad luck today. :(((
Jing on her way back from uni, found one of her car's tyre punctured. So my dad had to go all the way to Bukit Jalil to the rescue, and help her fix on a brand new tyre.

Then, just now, we were craving for some good ol' Nirvana's banana leaf rice, so we hopped onto my old Satria.
Barely 10 minutes on the way, the car broke down. T___T
And we had to call our dad to come to our aid once again! =/ Turns out the car's gearbox went bonkers and the car can't move at all; so it had to be towed by AAM.

Sigh, I think my dad has a phobia of receiving calls from us now. T___T

And Jing is damn paranoid now, 'cause both times today, she was the driver! Just now when we were in the living room, my brother switched on the foot massager, and there was a whirring and jerking sound; and Jing, startled, frantically started asking "What has broke down this time! What has broken down!"

Haih, my sister crazy already wtf.

Me and my crazy sisters:

Teeny looking like a cloud wtf.

I told you Jing is always seen in pink! :P

Haih, my sisters didn't tell me that they were dressing up, so I ended looking like a pauper in my vintage dress. T___T

And oooohh, do you see that tan colored vintage bag I was carrying??? It's actually my mom's old bag! Teeny and I have been raving over nice tan bags recently, and we remembered with a start, that my mom has some old bags which she has stashed somewhere! We found this baby, and to our surprise, it was actually from Yves Saint Laurent!!! o____O

Wah, my mom actually has pretty good taste! And I recently found out that my mom has a vintage Chanel evening bag!!!! I have no idea my mom has so many goodies, nyehehe. I am beginning to look at her in a whole new light now wtf.



Trying on outfits for this Saturday. :P

See that white fur!! Haha, I am having something this Saturday for my birthday, and I am having a "Luxurious" theme! Haih, don't know who would actually dress up la, but fingers crossed! I am still trying to persuade the boyfriend to put on diamond dentures for my party HAHAHHA.



And ohhh, speaking of Nirvana leaf rice, I met up with Jia Meei last week!
We were supposed to go for Nirvana's banana leaf rice, hahaha. But we ended up at The Curve. I was already asking myself suspiciously, eh maybe she baited me here so that she could have Ikea meatballs wtf ('cause it's no secret that she is a huge huge huge fan of Ikea meatballs :P), and haih, in the end, guess where she suggested to have our lunch! :P


I have to stress that I am taller than Jia Meei! T___T But don't know why we look the same height here. T____T
In fact, I looked like a ball here. Ikea meatball wtf.


Anonymous said...

automobiles wtf.

hahaha u dont look like a ball la! maybe cuz jammie wears heels and u were sort of squatting.. btw why you and your sisters dress so colourful wan ah wtf. traffic stopping wtf

c r y s t said...

i like jing's style. she always dressed up like mak datin..LOL but she's always in pink pink pink..i love pink pink pink...la la la...~

Anonymous said...

Yeah you don't look like a meatball la silly! 'Cause I was wearing heels and you were hunching down to my height!

Hahaha sorry for luring you over to Ikea for meatballs wtf hahaha. And your and your sisters are seriously damn fashionable! I won't last a minute next to you guys wtf *adores

mustardqueen said...

Error: I found it... Not we... hoho (i'm referring to the bag)

Anonymous said...

eh, my gf damn hot

revel in me said...

tzeching: Batmobile wtf.

Haha, but why was I squatting (I don't remember doing so la)... And haha, if you didn't point it out, I won't realise just how colorful we were.. o_O But err, at least I was the moderator-- Teeny wore blue, Jing wore pink, and I wore blue and pink! Pulling the look together wtf.

cryst: Haha, yaaa, she is always dressed like tai tai wan! :P

jiameei: Maybe I was hunching 'cause I was scared of the hap sap photographer! :P nd don't be silly, I won't last a minute in the real world without make up wtf. T___T

mustardqueen: Haha, kuli.. treasure-digger!

alea amin said...

if i go to your birthday party, i think i'll be like a datin there okay. I'll wear my mom's fur coats and my hair will be attacked by hairspray to make it a big hive like how the permaisuri's hair :D :D

im mrs lifestlye of the rich and famous, you want a piece of me? wtf.

revel in me said...

sam dang: It runs in the family, haha! :P

alea: HAHAHAH wtf you damn sohai!
And teehee, I AM wearing fur! :P