Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Battle of the sexes.

*updated* Sigh, why I keep on remembering new points! T_T

Since young, I have always fantasized to... make lunch boxes for my boyfriend to bring to work. What is this, damn unlike the feminist hui wen right! Haha, blame it on TVB la, I watched too many dramas when I was young, and in the show, the girlfriends always made colorful lunchboxes for the boyfriend, and when he opens the cover of the box, all the colleagues will ooh and ahh over what a perfect girlfriend he has, and he would be the envy of all.

So I thought I would be like that.

The lunch boxes I am referring to looked like that:




I am sure you all have seen before on TVB dramas right!!! All colorful, and got heart shapes here and there, and then the boyfriend will squeeze out a tear or two when he sees all the effort and love that went into his lunch.

Obviously I didn't turn out like that la. T___T

In fact, I think my boyfriend is the more domesticated one between the both of us. Or rather, he used to be la! After Melbourne, I can take care of myself already whattt.... Can cook clean wash scrub wipe rub! :D

So right, the competitive side of me have decided to list out all the times he have cooked for me, and vice versa, you know, just for my personal refence. And for me to go neh-neh-neh-bu-bu at him if I trumps him!!! Or never hear the end of it if indeed, he has cooked for me more than I have done so for him. T_T

Ok, here goes.

The boyfriend:

1. Cooked fried rice for the both of us as picnic food for Starlight Cinema in our 1st year of dating.
Do you remember Starlight Cinema! It was held at the Kiara Equestrian Club annually, and it was done via a open-air, free-seating on a field, gaze at the night sky way! :) That was good man, but I think they have stopped the event, am not too sure about this. =/

But I still remember, the boyfriend was in charge of the food (I was in charge of bringing cushions and mats; haha told you my boyfriend used to be the more domesticated one!), and when I saw that he cooked fried rice, I was like, "Hah? Not romantic picnic food also!" Haha but in the end we had fun scooping out shrimps and spoonful of rice to feed each other. :P

And oh! We actually went to the Starlight Cinema the year before that, when we haven't started dating-- but I think we already liked each other at that time. Through-out the night, we were just lying damn near to each other, nearly grazing each other but not really. And I kept on thinking to myself, is he going to kiss me, is he going to kiss me! Haih, ya la, baby, now the secret is out, I am damn miang. :(

2. Cooked braised yee mee-- after university, when I am over at his place.
Sometimes when we finished our classes together, I'll pop by his place, and he will whip up lunch for me! I would just help out la, 'cause he said his mom will kill him if I burn down the kitchen. What la, no faith in your girlfriend. Anyway, I remember we cooked so much of the yee mee, 'cause we didn't know how to estimate the amount of yee mee to cook-- we were both novices at cooking at that time. :P

3. Cooked pasta with canned sauce, again after classes, to feed his ravenous girlfriend.
We would usually split the job, head over to Giant together to get all the necessary ingredients, and then he would be the one doing the cooking; and I'll boil the pasta. Sigh, given the easiest job wtf. And I burnt the pasta sticks. T__T The spaghetti sticks were poking out of the pot, and I didn't give it a care, so in the end the parts making contact with the boiling pot were black and burnt. T__T And we had to cut off those parts with a scissors. T___T And the boyfriend made fun of me but when I was so down about it, he told me "It's a mistake anyone can make". This is why we are still together! Accepting all flaws wtf.

4. Cooked Fettuccine Al Salmone (Tom yam cream sauce fettuccine with salmon)!!


I swear, this dish is DELICIOUS ok. We came across this recipe in, and we decided to have a cooking date! The reason why I said this dish was cooked by him although it was supposed to be a joint effort, was 'cause again, I was banished to boil the fettuccine only. T___T
Anyway, back to this pasta, it is just the yummiest pasta! And quite easy to cook too. In fact, I have perfected this dish, and I have cooked it for my flatmates before in Melbourne! Flatties, nice or not this pasta! :D

5. baked World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies for me for Valentine's day (2 years back, I reckon?)


I call it World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies, 'cause it was really so! DAMN NICE. I couldn't believe that he made it at first. Then after I told him that the cookies were damn nice, and asked him to bake it again for me, he told me he threw the recipe away already ('cause it was one of the recipes that came at the back of a catalogue or something). -__________-

So no more World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies anymore. T______________T

Anyway, there is a really cute story with these cookies-- it was before Valentine's, and we were both broke, so we agreed to make each other something, but we both kept whatever we wanted to make a secret from one another. Then before the day actually arrived, we were both bragging la, "haih, damn difficult to make this thing for you", "Today I went to buy the materials to put your thing in", "I spent a few hours making your thing, took so many tries, so many failed attempts" etc etc to create suspense and make the other person appreciate the gift more wtf. And as it turn out, on that day itself, when we were to present our gifts to each other, we both whipped out a jar of chocolate chip cookies respectively! :)))))

Haih, really perfect for each other la. :P

And err, in case you think that the boyfriend's World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies tasted better than mine, mine tasted like Famous Amos cookies ok! Teeny found the recipe wan, damn nice! But I think she lost it too. Wtf, am I destined to have no fate with good chocolate chip cookies recipes. T___T

6. Baked Fortune Cookies for me! I think it was for our anniversary or something.


And inside every fortune cookie, there was a note-- of a reason why he loves me! I think I melted everytime I opened a fortune cookie. And I kept to it to one a day, it lasted me for nearly a month, I think. I thought this was damn damn damn damn sweet! :))))

7. A candlelight dinner of baked salmon, aglio olio spaghetti, braised mushrooms, with Italian seafood soup (this was to die for! Will get the full name from him, it has a fancy name :P), with cheese sticks, french bread, bread sticks, the works! :P

Heh, don't want to share too much. My own delicious secret. ;)

8. Breakfast in bed of fried egg (half-scrambed, half sunny side up, haha), bacon, and sausages! And juice!
Heh, this one is a another secret. :P

9. Made red bean pancakes for my birthday-- because I love love love Chinese red bean pancakes, but I could only have them for special occasions (birthdays or wedding dinners, as these pancakes are usually only served in high class Chinese restaurants); so the boyfriend promised to get me red bean pancakes for my birthday.
Only, he didn't buy them, he actually made them! :))) I was so surprised when I saw the pancakes; put in a flowery bowl with colorful paper umbrellas stuck into them. I mean, who makes red bean pancakes right!!! :))))

Hmm. I think that's about it! There *might* be the occasional maggi.. Or heating up of food, but that doesn't really count right! Moving on!


1. Baked Famous Amos-like chocolate chip cookies for him on Valentine's!
Refer to story above wtf.

2. Baked Snicker and peanut butter and chocolate chunks muffins for him on his first night in Melbourne. :))))
I never quite can forget that funny lurch in my tummy when I went down to get him, and I saw him before he saw me. :))))

TADAAAA! Damn nice wan! :D

3. Cooked fish head noodle soup for him on the same night-- only instead of fish head, I put in fish fillets instead. Cannot la, fish skin reminds me of reptiles' skin, and fish head always have skin!! And fish head do not have much flesh anyway.
Made him fish head(fillet?) noodle soup, 'cause it's one of his favorite noodles. :D I put a lot of love into it ok!

Errr that's about it. T___T

To jack up my list, erm:

4. I learnt how to bake cheesecake for him, 'cause he loves anything cheese!
Like, I did a trial run with Jac (she's the one with the recipe) and everything! Just that when he was over in Melbourne, we spent so much time going around exploring, I didn't have time to bake ti for him. :(

5. I learnt how to make a mean garlic sauce pasta with fish fillets! 'Cause he loves pastas.
Just that I haven't had a chance to cook for him mah! :'(

In my defense, he had more opportunities to cook for me 'cause I spend more time over at his place than he does at mine, as I have my sisters, brother, grandparents, maid, and 2 dogs being omnipresent in my house wtf.
And my kitchen at home now is sort of off-limits to me, because my grandmother reigns over it. -_-

Baby, you come over to S'pore when I have my own place next time la! *strong, hopeful smile*

Sigh, I feel damn bad now la.

Going to buy a copy of Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess now. :(


Sophia said...

How nice a boyfriend that cooks! Sigh I can't even count the number of times I cook for George now. It's probably like a hundred or something. Sheesh. And I can count how many times he's cooked for me on one hand! He's surprisingly good at making crepes so I get them for breakfast (in bed) if I'm lucky! And once, he wanted to cook the pasta I always make so I had to stand there and instruct him but he was so awkward in the kitchen he ended up getting scolded hahaha so pitiful right.

And if you're going to be How To Be A Domestic Goddess, you're only going to learn how to cook desserts! LOL unless that's what your bf wants? If you want a combo of mains, starters, easy dishes etc in it as well I recommend Nigella Express, or How To Eat. I hear good things about Feast too but I don't have that one yet :D Chef Wan has pretty awesome Malaysian dishes in his book too!

Sophia said...

*going to buy, I mean! Not be :P

Anonymous said...


ask him to open fortune cookie factory sure very laku wtf

Suet Li said...

YA DAMN SWEET!!! hahahha maybe he bought the cookies one so say the recipe hilang edi wtf but seriously fortune cookie damn sweet! i told barry and he took notes wtf

priya said...

ok, as usual my comments have nothing to do with the post (though, wtf, he threw away the recipe for the world's best chocolate chip cookies?? btw he should totally start a class for all the other bfs, haha)

what work, when?? i'm so lost :(

mustardqueen said...

ahem i still have the cookies recipe kept in my head ok!! use brown sugar instead of white sugar. And mix everything with tender loving care. then mix everything together bring to oven and bake with love hahaha wtf!! Imma bake cupcakes as well wish me luck

hahah aud's comment damn stupid open factory hahahaha

Anonymous said...

thats SO sweet!!
the fortune cookies thingy is the sweetest thing i ever heard..better than those in TVB series le!!
he got any brothers available??

Anonymous said...

man, that's so cute! you've inspired me to trawl around the streets of melbourne in search of a willing, adept chef!

alea amin said...



Eunice said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww. i love the fortune cookies thang!!!

revel in me said...

sophia: Haha, but you're such a good cook! You're destined to cook for people (ME! ME! ME!) Haha.. And aww, at least he tries right, and so cute la why you scold him, haha.

Haha I know, Jac has a copy of How to be a Domestic Goddess! Ooh, but now that you mention it, I'm a definitely going to consider getting those cookbooks now! Recommend more to me! :D

aud: HAHAHHAHAHHA what open factory!! Like, produce fortune cookies for boyfriends to pretend that they have baked ar! :P

suet li: Why you so cynical, haha wtf. I think it's really la, 'cause I saw those failed batches of cookies, he showed me, really damn black wtf. Haha, can my bf claim patent fees! :D

priya: Haha,he didn't know it's the world's best cookies, 'cause he ate all his failed batches till he was sick of them, so he didn't feel that they were good, so he threw away. -___- I am starting work in July, in S'pore! :D :D :D

mustardqueen: eh what kind of recipe in your head is this, so vague wan! Bake oreo cupcakes for me! <3

joycezhi: SERIOUSSS MEHHHH why everybody so impressed with the fortune cookies wan! Hahaha. But some of the TVB gimmicks I damn like lor, like send the proposal ring on a toy car to the girl! And the toy car is actually manoeuvred by the guy using a controller.. T______T
And haha, only son! :P

jade: Oooh, if you find a hunky chef, don't forget me! :D

alea: HAHAHHA what you mean everything so sweet nowadays HAHHAHHAHA what kind of retard statement is that! Hhahahaha. You're so hot no problem to find bf k. Suet and i already want to do you what wtf.

eunice: Haha, my bf's head sure damn big after this!! Thank youuuu! <3333

Anonymous said...

fortune cookies part is tooooo sweet! your bf damn romantic ah! my bf hates desserts and cookies and cakes! T____T WHY LIKE THAT ALSO GOT WAN! I also want home baked desserts! and my favourite part of a meal is dessert somemore! T____T

but er. i can't cook because i'm damn scared of the fire *coward*. hahahaha like you, when "we're" cooking, i'm usually relegated to chopping and peeling duties. and CLEANING UP also. *sigh* need to buy a pair of latex gloves to protect my hands already la. i keep forgetting hahahah. :P

Sophia said...

LOL okay books to recommend:
Nigella Feasts
Nigella's How To Eat
Jamie Oliver's Return of the Naked Chef
Gordon Ramsey's Makes It Easy

And since you're back in Malaysia, if you go to the homewares store previously known as "Is" on the LG floor of the new block... they have these Agnes Chang or something books and she has fantastic Malaysian/Chinese dishes. My mum has a few and I love copying down dishes from them.

And of course, Chef Wan's Simply Sedap (Part 1 and 2) hehe :D

Otherwise, is your best friend for searching for random dishes.

Anonymous said...

awww thats so bf feeds me indo mie all the time..apparently thats the only thing that he can whip up

Anonymous said...

there's a reason why i cannot date anymore. your bf puts all the guys in my life to shame! hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

After reading this I realised that Li Tat needs lessons T_T

Cooking lesssons and romance lessons

revel in me said...

foongjin: Haha, my bf doesn't have a sweet tooth too! But thank god when I order him to eat, he will eat, hahaha. And I am not scared of fire already k! *proud* And MUST wear gloves when you clean, I didn't in melbourne, and my hands were rough like tree bark. T___T

sophia: OOh, thank you so much dear! :D :D :D But for your directions right, new block of what? :P I really want to learn more dishes la, you make cooking look so easy! :P And I use sometimes, but I feel that it can be confusing at times, 'cause there are simply too many recipes. =/

kampungboycitygal: Hahaha, eh I got cook indomie for my bf! With egg somemore, should I add to my list ar.. *kiasu wtf* But at least he cooks for you right! That itself is a plus point already! :)))

jaclyn: Haih, maybe got some debatable choices in men before la *cough*, but your happiness is just a flight away! :P

jiameei: Hahaha he is already damn sweet la ok! What if he cooks you malay dishes ar wtf.

Simon Seow said...

Cooked instant noodle for supper almost every night.

Sophia said...

Haha oops. New block of OU :P

Sue Lin said...

WHOA! The fortune cookies idea is amazing!

revel in me said...

simon seow: You? Why so poor thing wan. :(((

sophia: Ooh, ok, thanks, dear! :)

sue lin: Haha, my bf sure damn big headed now. :P