Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beauty is skin deep.

I just came back from a visit with a cosmetic surgeon.

More on it later.

I am traumatized now. :(



HAHAHAHHHAHAH WTFFFF I can' believe some of you thought I went for a nose job!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA.

Is it that I am so ugly that you all automatically assumed that I went for cosmetic surgery. T___T

Or is it 'cause I am so pretty that I looked as if I was surgically enhanced. Like Dawn Yang. *big shiny eyes*

My nose is already quite sharp (my mom calls it a nose hawk nose T__T), if I enhance it anymore, I would look like Jackie Chan wtf. And actually, all my life, I have been hating my nose, I have the exact same nose as my dad (and the small eyes too, boo), and I hated the fact that it was huge. In fact, it was such a facial feature of mine, that my aunties called me "Bi Zi" as a nickname. Which is NOSE in mandarin. T___T
Damn sad to be called "Nose" as a pet name ok. T_____T

Anyway, as I grew up, I came to realize that Asians generally have flatter noses, and that my nose was... unique, and even sought after. :) I get compliments on my nose quite a lot, but now to think of it, it's the only facial aspect of mine which gets praises, apart from my smile. T__T Nevermind, I'll take what I can get wtf.

Aiya, ANYWAY, the point is, I didn't go for a nose job.

And no, no boob jobs for me either, because standing at the lower spectrum of 5 feet, if I have big boobs, I would look like a stumpy melon tree. T__T
Waitamin, do melons grow on trees ar.

Sorry to create the drama, but I actually... had a mole removed.
Hahhaha, damn anti-climax.

Well, actually, it's not really a mole. When I was 17, I was playing with my mechanical pencil, and I accidentally stabbed the pencil lead into my arm, and I guess a little bit of the lead was embedded into my skin; because after that, it became this dark green-ish mole.

I have asked my dad about it, but he said it was okay, and I forgot about it. But over the years, I came to realize that the 'mole' was getting bigger bigger, and I got worried. So in 2005, my dad brought me to his friend, a cosmetic surgeon, to have my 'mole' checked out and to decide whether removing it was necessary. Nonetheless, then, the doctor insisted that there was nothing wrong with the mark on my arm, and that removing it would just leave another scar in place of the mark, making the whole operation pretty pointless. So I breathed a sigh of relief, and forgot about it again.

Nevertheless, recently, it has came to my attention again, and though I am not sure whether it has grown bigger, it has became a source of worry for me, and I asked my dad about it again; and this time, my dad agreed to let me visit the surgeon again to remove the 'mole'.

Said 'mole'.

It's not really that big, just that it has increased in size over the years (around 6 years or more). It is on the underside of my forearm.

Anyway, the cosmetic surgeon is a coursemate of my dad, and his clinic is at one of the most bustling shopping malls in KL, but you will never, ever find the place if you didn't pre-call the clinic-- because there are no signboards, no names, nothing! Of course la, if you are going to do plastic surgery, you wouldn't want people to know right! :P

In the doctor's office!

Haha, when we were invited into the consultation room to wait for the doctor, we (Teeny and I, she went there to remove a mole from her nose, totally unnecessary in my opinion, it's just her being extraordinarily vain :P) saw this hand mirror on the table, and we immediately thought that this mirror surely makes people look very ugly! So that during consultation, the patients will see a lot of flaws on their faces, and agree to have more surgeries performed on them, hee.
Why are we so untrusting. T__T

And I am hoping that my dad actually recommended us to one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the nation la. But knowing how stingy my dad is, he probably lead us to a pariah doctor or something. T___T


These are the actual things that they put into your breasts in boob jobs! Got sizes and different textures somemore!!! I was squeezing each and everyone, while my mom looked at me in horror, hahaha.

Erm, the silicone boobs actually felt quite fake. :(
Like, it's really... jelly-like, but not in a good way.

By the way, the doctor remembered me. :))) And he said that I looked SO SO different from the last time he saw me! (which was 3 years back). I took it as a compliment, of course; to hell if I didn't improve from what I looked like 3 years back. T__T

At first, the doctor took a look at my 'mole' and told (yet again) that I have nothing to worry about, and that removing will leave a scar. Then my mom pointed out that I have quite an obvious scar on my elbow (from falling down when I was 7, it's a tragic story T_T), and said that it should be ok. The doctor took one look at my elbow scar, and he said "oh, ok", while looking at my scar and sniffing distastefully. Haha, why this doctor so judgemental wan!

Anyway, the doctor told me that removing my 'mole' involves a simple procedure of simply shaving off the mark. Yeap, you heard me right, shave. I guess this is so that the doctor could determine how much to 'cut' off (because by shaving, you are removing the flesh bit by bit). And the whole operation would only take 5 minutes! So we immediately schedule to do it then and there, and the doctor slotted us into his little window of break before his lunchtime.

I was brought into this room which looks like a morgue. T__T And then asked to lie down. Like a dead body. T___T After that, the nurse placed a metal plate (with currents running through it) with clear gel on top under my left calf-- it was supposed to stop my blood from flowing. =/

Before long, the doctor started shaving! I kept my eyes closed the entire time, because I am freaking afraid of blood-- one of the main reasons why I didn't go into medicine, despite my dad's consistent duress. The doctor just kept on talking to me in the low soothing voice of his (btw, he has very smooth and supple skin although he is around the same age as my dad, perks of being a cosmetic surgeon wtf; eh free wor, jab botox into self wtf), to keep my mind away from the operation I guess.

Bu then, after a few minutes, the doctor told me worriedly that the 'mole' runs much deeper than expected; and that he was going to change his treatment. He had to stitch it up! T___T

I have never had stitches before ok, and stitches definitely meant scarring. :( When he was done, he gave me a light push, and told me so. I opened my eyes unwillingly, and asked him whether my wound looked disgusting (I didn't really know what he did to me, because my arm was given an anesthetic jab, and I couldn't feel a thing). He told me that it looked fine, so I took a look, and I saw 2 flaps of flesh on my arm being sewn together with a thin black thread!!!!!!

I nearly fainted.

And he told me that he would send a sample of my mole for pathology evaluation. WHAT IF IT'S SKIN CANCER!!! T____T I was damn distressed, though the doctor kept on telling me that it was nothing to worry about, that it's just procedure, and it's better to be safe. But still, WHAT IF IT'S SKIN CANCER!!! T____T

I will only know the results next week, when I go back to have my stitches removed. :(

And in case you're wondering, nope, the whole operation didn't hurt. Maybe 'cause of the anesthetics wtf. Maybe the jab might hurt slightly. Oh ya, that reminds me, damn funny, when I asked the doctor during consultation whether the operation would hurt, he told me that only the jab would hurt a bit. Then he went on "No one is afraid of a little injection right? Except for men!!"

HAHAHAHHAHA damn funny this surgeon, SO TRUE! Men turn into big babies whenever they are sick!!! When my dad is ill, he damn LOA, HAHHAA. And when my boyfriend is down with something, he is damn manja. :P

And my wound didn't hurt for most part of the day, though it is starting to feel a little stinging now. Kind of like... taut, if it makes sense. And my whole arm feels a little numb too. Maybe 'cause no more blood wtf. But overall, it's bearable.

My really pretty dress! Crotchet trimmings all over!!
Don't know why I wore so nice to see a doctor. -_-

SEEEE, the bustier detailing damn nice right! :))))

And this is how my wound looked like.

You can't really see anything, because the white plaster is blocking, but as it(the plaster) is really small, if I peer closely, I can see my stitches. =/ And currently, the whole middle part of the white plaster is bloody already!! Does it mean I am still bleeding????? Has anyone had stitches before? Is this normal? I asked my dad and he waved me off dismissively as usual. T_T And I am now using my left hand (where the wound is) very gingerly, because the doctor warned me that arm stitches split quite easily. :'(

Sigh, damn emo. Not to mention I am worried sick about the pathology results. :(

Omg, I just have a sudden thought! I've been having a slight cold today, what if I sneeze and all the stitches start unraveling and split open! T_____T


mustardqueen said...

heeeheeeheeeheee nose job nose job wtf... DID YOU WOUND CRACK OPEN??? Eh our plastic surgeon quite good hor... muahaha *spread rumours of me getting nose job wtfwtf*

alea amin said...


NOSE JOB?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Cosmetic surgeon?! For what????

Sorry I'm late but your birthday looks damn fun let's go karaoke soon and your red dress damn pretty!!

Anonymous said...

hey, i've been ur reader for quite some time! i must say ur posts are hilarious! btw, u went for a nose job before?( based on mustardqueen's comment). which doctor u went and hw much u paid for ? =)

Sophia said...

Why would you need a plastic surgeon?!

Anonymous said...

why? hope everything is fine *hugs*

btw, i read in your comment in the previous entry that you used heavy duty double sided tape for taping the dress??? won't that leave sticky tape residue on the material? cos i tried using thin double sided tape before and got the sticky stuff left on the top T_____T so sad.

Anonymous said...

ooh, i want to see! tell me, tell me!

Rileen Aya said...

hahahaha then the surgeon must be a fake :P

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Idiottt now people think that I went for a nose job! -__-

alea amin: Hahaha, no, mole job wtf!

jia meei:You like karaoke? <333 Let's gooooo!!!! :D And thank you, dear! :)))

anonymous: Haha, thank you, dear! <3 And nola, I didn't have a nose job! Haih, my sister ar, spreading rumors wtf. T_T But if you are interested to know about the doctor and how much I paid for removing the mole, I can inform you la! :)

sophia: That's a compliment right! :P

foongjin: You're so caring.. T___T And you have so much faith in me (that I wouldn't do plastic surgery wtf).. T___T Oh! Hmm, I used those thck tape, kinda like sponge.. It didn't really leave a mark. But maybe it's best to get those tape from Topshop? I didn't 'cause I am such a cheapskate. :P

jaclyn: How could you have believed that I went for a nose job! T___T

rileen: Teehee, you know me best! But he's real la. :D

Anonymous said...

i had stitches before...i had a tiny lump removed from my *ahem*buttcheek*ahem*...its not painful...but it kept bleeding that i gotta go back to the doctor twice to redo the whole bandage thingy...i din really take care of it during the whole healing process so there's dark scar now...regret regret!! >.<

Simon Seow said...

I have a tumor growing on my right ear. Still haven't check it out by a doctor. Hopes it's nothing serious.

miss vanity said...

lol .. i have mechanical pencil lead stuck in my right palm. i got so scared when i saw the nic tse movie when he had a mole on his palm n it meant that he was to be a loner for life ... then i remembered i jabbed it in accidentally and its not a real mole. -_-"

btw, did ur friend julie go to skbb ? i think she could be my long lost primary school mate. :P

Sophia said...

Haha how dramatic are you! LOL

I have a small piece of lead in my right thumb too. It's also a tiny green mark! I just realized that lately my thumb has been really creaky... as in, I can't straighten it cos the bone is really stiff omg maybe it's cos of the lead! :(

But anyway, doubt your stitches would split if you sneeze. I've known people with appendicitis and wore stitches and they sneezed and nothing split haha. It's even less likely that yours will split seeing as sneezing doesn't involve your arm? LOL HAHA omg you're so hilarious.

And I think if a cosmetic surgeon did your stitches, there should be very very little scarring! My brother once broke his glasses right into his skin right under his eyebrow from playing futsal (damn dumb right haha) and he had a plastic surgeon stitch it up and I can't even see a scar!

Happy healing :) Remember, no dark coloured food if you don't want it to be a dark mark while you're healing. And lots of white fish!

Schmae said...

Ouch! I got a cist removed frm my forearm a few years back too. After the surgery, I had EIGHT stitches okayy! T__T

I almost died that night because my room was freaking cold (aircon), and my stitches kinda contracted. -_- So yeah, it was blardy hell painful.

I hope yours is okay though. :) How many stitches btw?

Anonymous said...

omgg i swear that happened to me too! i stabbed myself with a pencil and i had that lead in skin mark for ages. then my mum made me get it out along with a mole. haha! but she was cheapskate and instead of a cosmetic surgeon, i just went to a dermatologist, which i bet wasn't even in his job description

Anonymous said...

Good thing you went to a cosmetic surgeon. I was practicing my stitching skills 2 weeks back. Believe me, you DO NOT want me near ANY patients. Was practicing on a bolster. Poor bolster...hahaha...But once I start working I'm going to have to stitch patients up - luckily Govt Hospt, they wont (hopefully) sue me..hahaha....doubt u have anything to worry about, the pathology report, i mean. Moles, congenital/acquired damn common lah...

mustardqueen said...

haha but create drama not good meh see everyone is so concern of our beauty... we have to "wan sek" with our faces one ok wtfwtf!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahAHAAHHA i cannot stop laughing wtf... Mole Job we got... -____- Dr. V is seriosly damn calm... He was humming " la di dum dum dum" while slicing my mole off T_T abit the too chill how... T_T

eggster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eggster said...

hey dear! first time commenting in your blog. LOL

i don't think the stitches would leave an obvious scar because late last year i went for a neck operation; i had stitches on my neck! i couldn't turn my head for almost a month (because the doc said if i turn too much the stitches might opened itself) and everyone laughed at me for being so robotic! : ( was so worried that it'll leave a scar on my neck until i was so damn careful with my food. NO soya sauce or whatever black sauce! it was kinda painful when i had the stitches removed but thats maybe cos it was on my neck?

all in all i guess it should be fine la. need not to worry so much. may your wound heal fastterrr! : D haha wtf so long my comment.

Anonymous said...

OMG I have the exact same mole!
The whole sticking a pencil into your skin thing...wow pretty minds do think alike!

So I should go remove my mole too?

revel in me said...

joycezhi: Eee, poor thing, why butt cheek wan! Did it bleed repeatedly 'cause maybe there's constant contact (like you have to sit on it and stuff).. But at least the scar's on the butt la, ideally only one person could see it, hahaha. :P

simon seow: Why you don't want to have it checked!!! Faster goooo. :(

miss_vanity: HAHHAHAHHAHA mole on palm means loner in life, hahaha why you so cute! Eh, have you watched those shows whether they said if you have 7 moles on the sole of your foot, it means you'll have good luck for the rest of your life! -____- And oh oh oh, I think Julie is from there! :P

sophia: Hhahahah what talk you! Your whole comment damn funny, ahhahaha. Creaky thumb, haha! And your brother isn't that dumb, my bf also, he has the same gash between his eyelid and eyebrow! From kicking football in his room and don't know how hit the doorframe.. -___________________- Men are such silly creatures! And the cosmetic surgeon said that the 'no dark sauce' thing is a myth!! But fingers crossed, no scar! :P

schmae: My heart shrunk a bit when I read that your stitches contracted in the cold, OUCH! :((( And 8 stitches sound HORRIBLE. T___T Haha, I think I have like 3 only, nothing compared to EIGHT. You're so brave! :D

jade: Hahaha how did you jab the lead into your arm! 'Cause when I tell people that I jabbed pencil lead into myself, they all laugh at me. :(((( Did the dermatologist did a good job? :P

ran: HAHAHAHHAHAHAH omg your poor bolster! :P Haih, ya la, the silver lining in my cloud-- YOU didn't do my stitches, hahahaha. But I saw the stitches (sneaked peeks at it), the stitches like quite lousy, jelujur kasar, hahahahahaha!

mustardqueen: Humming 'ladida' whi;e he did your mole, that's DAMNNNN scary ok! T___T

eggster: HELLOOOO my dear! :D Ouch, why did you need stitches on your neck! T__T Neck so tender, I can't imagine the pain! T___T But hahahah I had fun imagining you being robotic, hahah. Why am I so mean. :( And my doctor said that can eat dark sauce wor! He went PFFFFTTTT when my mom told me not to eat dark sauces. Is it a myth ar???

anon: Hahaha why pretty minds think alike!!! We all quite retard hor, why we stab leads into ourselves. T____T Everyone also laughed at me when they hear it. T_____T Hmm, I only removed my mole 'cause it was growing bigger, and I was afraid that some abnormality was going on underneath! At the moment, my mole that is removed is going through some pathology tests to make sure it's not cancerous or anything! :( But I reckon if your mole stays the same size (I know of MANY people who have the dark green dot from lead-stabbing), it's fine, 'cause like the cosmetic surgeon and my medicine student friends and family said: Moles are common, and moles in Asians are generally benign! :)

Sophia said...

Eh all doctors say all the eastern old wives' tales are myths but better safe than sorry right! :P They're practicing western medicine so confirm they'll poo-poo the traditional methods hehe. Like all the OBGYN will confirm be appalled that the Chinese tradition requires women not to shower for a month after giving birth hahahaha

Eh my creaky thumb is not funny okay! Especially when I first wake up, I'll be giving you one super retarded thumbs up :P

Julie Ann said...

haha..when i first read your post i was chatting with jac and we were guessing what happened to you. i suggested it was plastic surgery. nyaha

anyhoo, i love your pink dresss! : )

and will call you soon, need to arrange with joe : )

Anonymous said...

What other services does your plastic surgeon offer?

Do they have that skin peeling thing? I NEEDDDD

Btw,sorry I kept grabbing your arm last night. However, you really should know, I am known to have that

Healing touch ;)

emmanuel said...

i so hate goin under the knife just 4 lil stuffs like dat...

eggster said...

because i had lumps around my neck for about half a year. i thought it was nothing too serious until one day i finally gave in to go for a full body check up. the report doesn't seem too good so i got admitted into the hospital for a further detailed check up.

turn out, its a must (i was so scared because the doc said if i leave it for too long it might be cancerous in the future) for me to go for an operation to remove one of the lumps and send it for pathology evaluation before they could start giving me medication or whether to remove all the lumps if its too serious.

but its all good now after 6 months of medication. : ) about the black sauce thingy, like what sophia said; better to be safe than sorry! wheee

Anonymous said...

erm...i think wat sophia n eggster said is true u know...i never take care of my scar..so now its dark n ugly..its a the bottom of my butt cheek so still can see wen im wearing bikini...damn sad wei...T__T

revel in me said...

sophia: Really one month cannot shower??!! O_O I thought few days only... Omg!! And haha, thank god, I managed to refrain from eating claypot loh shee fun yesterday then! :P And I want to see your creaky thumb, HAHAHA!

julie: Hahahaha, why you all gossip about me! And yay, meet up meet up! <3

smalls: HAHAHAHHAHAHHA mmm babeh I love your touch! Err, I dunno whether the surgeon does the skin peeling thing, but he does hair removal! o_O And he wears crocs!!!! Fashion crime!! :P

emmanuel: Err, then what are willing to go under the knife for. -_-

eggster: OMGGGGG you have been through so much!! :(((( *hugsss* Actually my cousin went though the same thing too. :( Thank you you're okay!! *hugs again* And haih, how long must I not eat black sauce ar? I can't tahan for much longer... T___T

joychezhi: Hahaha, you're so cute!!! Ok la, I will refran from eating... T___T And maybe you tan yourself darker, so that the scar is less obvious wtf. T____T_

Anonymous said...

Hey! Like many of you, I have a stupid lead mark on my hand too. Been thinking of removing it but parents seem to think I'm crazy. Can you tell me how much was the whole procedure roughly? If it doesn't cost a bomb then I can go get it done myself =D. Somehow it looks really ugly now that I've noticed it again =/

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hey dear, what my doctor told me was that you don't really need to remove the lead mark, because it WOULD leave a scar... In my case, I removed it 'cause it was grwoing bigger over the years, and I thought it was cause for worry. :( The doctor's my dad's friend, so he charged me and my sister (she removed a mole on her nose) RM300, inclusive of the pathology tests; but I suspect that's not the market rate. =/ Nevertheless, if you're still interested, email me, I'll pass you the contacts of the clinic aight? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks babe for your explaination!
Yeah my mole never grew at all.

I just had a thought though.
People are paying to implant moles in their faces ala Cindy Crawford and we're paying to remove moles?

eggster said...

after removing your stitches; should be fine already la : )

HAHA, for your hand's-future-cantikness must survive! wtf

revel in me said...

xue: You're welcome! :))) Ya, if it doesn't grow, it is harmless! Almost everyone I know (of my era wtf) has those lead marks, we are too violent, haha. And are you serious, we can implant moles??? o___O

eggster: OH FUCK, I just ate black sauce today!! T______T I am destined to have ugly hands. T______T

Connie De Alwis said...

ouch! that looks painful! LOL! I would have loved to poke silicone boobs. I have a mole on my face that causes alot of mixed comments. I've wanted to get it removed because I can see it when I look down... ugh... but yeah, i'm worried about a scar too. and if it may change my feng shui or something.