Thursday, April 03, 2008

Childhood glory.

When I was a kid:

1. Whenever I drink soy milk (no milk for me, because it's not sweet-- maybe that's why I am so short. T___T), I will dunk my mouth into the mug so that I have a milk moustache! The aftereffects of watching one too many Dumex/Fernleaf commercial. And then I'll go around and ask everyone, "I cute or not! I cute or not!"

2. I wanted long hair so bad, but my mom refused to let me grow my hair-- she said I wouldn't know how to take care of my hair. So, whenever I played games with my sister, I'll steal clean towels from the linen closet, and placed it on my head and secure it with a headband-- the towel is my long 'hair'. -___________-

3. I loved it when my mom French-braids my hair-- she would do it on both sides on my head. However, I only get French braids for special occasions, because it takes too long; thus I'll only get my hair done up on birthdays and CNY and parties. One CNY, I remember, my mom was halfway braiding my hair, and she found FLEAS in my hair. T______T Has anyone had fleas before!! It was damn sad and scary, 'cause my dad told me I had to shave my head off. T____T And I passed it to my sisters as well. T_____T

4. I used to play "Alligator" with my sisters-- the king-sized bed in my parents' room was the 'ship', and we threw all the bolsters on the floor (the 'sea')-- they were the 'logs', whereby the victims could climb onto the 'logs' and be safe from the Alligator. Surprise surprise, little bossy me (eldest mah) would always order my sisters to be the alligator, and one of them would have to crawl on the floor wtf. I was always the princess, complete with the towel and headband on my head of course hahahaha.

5. When I was in primary school, I used to wear tights under my pinafore (because we play games during recess, remember Pepsi-Cola and skipping rubber band ropes!), and I had 4 favorite pairs-- one which is this shiny navy spandex one, a shiny hot pink one, a black one with a green bold stripe on either side, and this neon green one with side strips of stick figures alternately cycling, swimming and running wtf. AND, back then, I thought it was so cool if people could see my tights, and I always made sure that my skirt was a little hitched up so that my tights could be seen. -_____________-
Why the hell I thought that was cool is a very big mystery indeed. T________T

6. We used to go to Genting quite often, and we usually stay in Awana Highlands, which is this gorgeous apartments halfway to Genting, and it has a jacuzzi in the master bedroom. My sisters, cousin sister(s) and I will bathe together (we were really young la), and we would pour bottles and bottles of the complimentary bathing soap into the tub, and voila, BUBBLES! :D Then, we would take many many pictures but we would cover our bits with the bubbles HAHAHA. Damn saucy eh! And NO, I am not going to post up pictures of us. T___T

7. I was a very very shy kid, I was so shy I didn't dare to tell anyone when I need to go to the toilet. So when I swimmed in the pool, and nature strikes, I pee in the pool. T_____T
Don't tell me you haven''t peed in the pool before! I am sure most people have, right right right???

Ok la, the reason why I took a stroll down the childhood memory lane is 'cause recently I saw this picture tagged on my Facebook:

Click here for the full-sized image.
My primary school days.
My brother saw me uploading this picture, and he said: Wah why you so ugly that time! WTF.

You could even see a little of my green neon tights in the picture!!! T___T

Quick, what's your embarrassing/funny childhood story, tell me! :P


Anonymous said...


AND and I had fleas too! T_T I was in Standard 1 but luckily I didn't have to shave my head my mom and aunt damn patient sit through and pick through my hair for me T_T

Anonymous said...

u from puay chai? small world!!

Suet Li said...

eh why are we so similar! no. 3! (except that i didnt have kutu wtf) no. 5,6 and 7!!! heheheh except tht i wasnt shy, i was just lazy WTF

mustardqueen said...

I drank water in the pool cause I almost drowned. And thank GOD you're not in the pool that time... Wait, lake club's pool is interconnected...


eh why so cool wan you take pic in dewan? and no, I didn;t wear tights lor, I wear the bird bird panty brown colour summore granny bought and my friend saw *shy* I was fashion fast forward, after years, birds are damn IN. hahahahahahah

And and I like to put towel with headbands and take the longer side to cover my face cause I look like arabian princess wtf, only to notice that arabians are restricted to show their face to protect identities -__- I drank soy milk when my lips cracked open into 2 parts! =D

revel in me said...

aud: Hahaha to hell if I still look like that! T___T

And I didn't shave bald la! My dad brought back medicine, just put on the hair, wrap the head like a turban for 30minutes, and all the fleas will die! No need pick them out like monkeys HAHAHA.

nicole: I was trying to see from the pic how you could tell that it was Puay Chai, haha! YAAA, were you from there as well? Which year? I was from class of 97! :D

suet li: HOW CANNNN SO SIMILAR???? You mean you went to Awana and tie french braids, and you PULLED UP YOUR SKIRT TO SHOW OFF YOUR TIGHTS as well??!!! HHAHAHHA I am so amazed now! :P

mustardqueen: Hahahaha that's why I always damn emo when I accidentally gulp pool water. :P

alea amin said...

i still pee in the pool HAHAHAHA omfg why am i telling you this omfg this is why i often go swimming!

eh french braid took so long to do meh? i can do my hair for like 10minutes. hoho im uber talented wtf. i will tell my childhood stories sooon! interesting!

emmanuel said...

hahahahahahahahhahahaha....those were cute..did u finally get ur real long hair? the easiest way to send the fleas away was to go see a will apply same pwder he applies to

Anonymous said...

your primary school pic looks like hui ting now.

Anonymous said...

WTF how did you get fleas in your hair?!?!?! never bathe ah hor!

speaking of bathing, i used to hate bathing! i will go into the toilet, pout water on myself, count to 20seconds, then pour water again (to let ppl hear that i've "shampooed") then count another 20 seconds ("body gel") then come out! HAHAHAHAHHA but i still never get kutu leh!

eww about gulping swimming pool water! T___T now i damn paranoid to swim in tropicana la...submerging myself in that pool with don't know what ingredients mixed in skin! my skin!

revel in me said...

alea: WTFFFF why you still pee in pools till now!!! T___T Where do you usually go swim! I am not going there for sure wtf.

And haha, I have really really thick hair, so it takes forever to french braid my hair! And my mom does 2 sides-- usually it takes her 'bout half an hour? =/

emmanuel: Err, I have long hair now what! :)

anonymous: No la, Ting is way way prettier than that!

foongjin: Eh someone passes the fleas to me la! T____T

And HAHAHAHAHHA why your bathing story so damn kao funny! HAHAHAHHAHA! So cuteeee! But I can SO imagine it! :P

'Cause I used to do the same thing too. T__T